Don’t believe it is ever your DUTY to suffer; this is manipulation and a way of making you become an UNTHINKING, UNCARING, UNLOVING AND UNREASONABLE but an OBEDIENT ROBOT. TO MY CHILDREN SPECIFICALLY…

Each one of you is very capable and can become honest, reasonable and caring people AGAIN if you choose. I can only help you if you reach out to me and are WILLING to stop believing the lies and live as you did WITH LOVE AND HONESTY.

To stop being an OBEDIENT ROBOT and CHANGE BACK to when you cared about yourself and others, thought clearly and were not afraid to ask questions and learn; you MUST FIRST BE REASONABLE by getting away from those who want you to remain their OBEDIENT ROBOT. 
You have to want to stop living as a savage beast, beggar and instead use your potential to be responsible, honest and make worthwhile accomplishments.

Also, ANY OBSESSIONS or BAD HABITS you have picked up must be “unlearned” and replaced with meaningful and productive ones which will bring back your self-esteem and pride and get rid of your shame. 
If you have shame you have anger and cannot have self-esteem and pride as many philosophers and other experts have proven.

You will FEEL ALIVE AGAIN once you tell these evil terrorists who are promoting the Parental Alienation and other criminal acts to go to hell and you get away from them so they no longer control you or those you associate with. As Franz Kafka proved in “The Trial;” if someone controls a person you associate with; they will control you too.

Be reasonable and make up your mind that you want to live in the World of Love with me and others like me.

People, or really I should be more accurate and call them savage beasts, terrorists and obedient robots; they cannot survive long with their lies and schemes in their made-up reality. They lose their character and special potential like my Mother and other Family members did years ago.

Don’t be hard on yourself because you will not be able to understand everything at once, even your own feelings. It takes time but always do what is honest, moral and just and be proud of yourself for doing so. Never do anything which makes you feel ashamed. This is the SECRET TO BEING HAPPY, CONFIDENT AND PROUD OF YOURSELF. Also, keep an open mind so you learn new things daily.

JUST FOCUS YOUR MIND and you can do these things.

However, if you ESCAPE with alcohol, drugs, the computer and other obsessions; you must get rid of them BEFORE you can focus your mind. Also, you can’t truly love unless you can focus your mind and no longer want to escape with obsessions.

Don’t listen to those who tell you that being INDEPENDENT AND USING YOUR MIND is evil because they just want to continue to use and abuse you. 
Fight these evil predators; don’t let them destroy your beautiful character which includes making you feel guilty for getting away from them. 
The WORLD OF LOVE is a much better place to live. I know because I have lived in both worlds as I grew up in the world of corruption and have left it twice now since my (still) husband decided to enter it after about 18 years of marriage.

Obtaining JUSTICE includes teaching people how to obtain their own FREEDOM and WHY THEY SHOULD CHOOSE TO DO SO. 
No STRATEGY CONFERENCE is needed; you just do what is reasonable and caring. Then everything will fall into place. Remember, the first step is to get away from those who want you to remain an OBEDIENT ROBOT. Then you can be free to do what is reasonable.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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