Don’t you think it is important to face the truth; not to believe lies and understand that: “I am not what happened to me but what I choose to become” as said by the famous psychologist Carl Jung?

MY CHILDREN and other alienated children of all ages:
1) You don’t need to “raise yourself” or
2) Live without Motherly Love
This doesn’t make you strong; it makes you have many problems which can be avoided.

This afternoon starts Shabbat and in Israel many places are closed. People are supposed to ponder or think about important things and how they can make a positive difference to others as GOD intended.
I KNOW IT IS VERY HARD TO FACE THE TRUTH BECAUSE OFTEN YOU DO NOT WANT TO BELIEVE THE TRUTH. I did not want to believe the truth about my husband whom I loved very much.
I did not want to face the truth that he would destroy the love between myself and our children all for money. I was devastated but this is what the facts CLEARLY PROVE.

ONCE YOU FACE THE TRUTH you NOW have these problems under your control and can abolish them and MAKE A NEW POSITIVE LIFE FOR YOURSELF FILLED WITH TRUTH and LOVE. This is because you base your decisions upon the truth, not upon what is made up.

Making a new positive life for myself is what I have been trying to do but; I really miss my Children as any person with a heart understands. However, I can’t force them to see this horrible truth of Parental Alienation; they have to use their own free will and be WILLING to see it. I really hope and pray that they are willing very soon.

MY CHILDREN, my love for you is real, not pretend and I have always, as your Mother had honest INTENTIONS to teach you important lessons so that you can reach your beautiful potential that GOD gave you. I chose to stay home as your full-time Mother since we could afford it so I could shower you with my love and teach you these important lessons. ALL OF YOU ARE VERY BLESSED AS VERY CAPABLE PEOPLE.
I never put obstacles in your way to make your life difficult and I am so sorry for this Parental Alienation but exposing this truth is not an obstacle; it is YOUR KEY TO FREEDOM and LOVE because it is the TRUTH.
Please try to be strong and face it WHILE REMEMBERING that GOD NEVER GIVES US MORE THAN WE CAN HANDLE as my life proves and yours too I believe.
So, will you PLEASE TRY to contact me very soon and think about this on Shabbat.

I know you will be much happier with me back in your life. We will create new memories and this will help the pain disappear along with new adult love for each other. Why not try because you have nothing to lose and a whole lot of love, self-confidence and pride to gain?
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and brought you into this world with love. Your love should always be cherished by those you associate with and never taken advantage of by anyone.
Please try to contact me soon.
Love always,

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