DR PHIL, myself & others are trying to SHOW what Parental Alienation is

DR PHIL, myself and others are trying to SHOW the world what the child abuse of parental alienation is; not by only hearing what the divorced parents and children (which includes teens and young adults) say, but looking at their actions and how they behave.

As many of you have commented, loving, caring parents would be thrilled to have DR PHIL be the catalyst and help begin communications and reunification. It is in a child’s best interest to be loved by BOTH of their parents, not just one.
As Seth so beautifully stated: There is almost never a good excuse to alienate a child from a parent or parent from a child. It’s worse than rape. I know it’s child abuse, but it’s also cruel, unusual punishment and unconstitutional. Sara, you have my support and prayers. If you succeed, we all succeed. When I support you, I support me, my son and millions of us.

Mature, healthy adults do what is in the best interest of their children and work together to help them resolve their pain and also begin kind, friendly communications as is in everyone’s best interest and also they all said they wanted. We had this for many years before the divorce as I know many of you did too. Furthermore, the alienated parent is very willing and has asked the child how she wants these communications and wants to please her.

However, the alienated parent, since the filming of the DR PHIL show in August seems to be the only one willing to begin reunification even though the father, step-mother and child said they support this and want reunification too?

Many of you told me you have faced this issue too where alienating parents do not do what they say they will and the child seem to be controlled or has learned to lie too?

I am so grateful for what DR PHIL stands for which is to try to helping millions of suffering children and families by SHOWING what parental alienation is.

Please be strong for yourself and your children and expect criticism because we are trying to bring awareness to an abuse many have ignored for decades and as Ayn Rand said; “A man braver than his brother insults them by implication.” If we are not the voice of our children, who will be.

  -By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org


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