So why not have a SHOWDOWN on a FOLLOW-UP DR. PHIL SHOW and discuss many FACTS and SCHEMES which were not known at the time of this show in 2013?

***ALSO THE FATHER, MARK AND “THE HIGH PRICED CALL GIRL”, his mistress can explain WHY THEY LIED TO DR. PHIL since they have not tried to help me, Sara, reunite with my three Children as they told him they would.

They can also explain how they are committing MARRIAGE FRAUD  since they know Mark and I do not have a legal divorce contract and are therefore still married.

However, they pretend to be married and even file fraudulent tax returns.

Plus, now my ADULT DAUGHTER can discuss why she has refused and her father and his mistress, “THE HIGH PRICED CALL GIRL” have refused to help her get therapy for her ALLEGED HORRIBLE CUTTING PROBLEM. I called her college to try to get her help.

They can also explain why I, Sara the Mother, was the only one to blame for not knowing about this alleged horrible problem; not the father, brothers, doctors, physical education teacher, coaches, friends and teachers since living in Southern California we often wear short sleeved shirts and sleeveless shirts where this ALLEGED CUTTING PROBLEM would be obvious to many.

Is this just a very clear example of the BRAINWASHING which occurs in a Parental Alienation situation? It is so horrible that they force a young adult to go on National Television and lie.

The Daughter can also explain why she refused the therapy DR PHIL so graciously provided UNLESS I, SARA the Mother, TOOK HER WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK PAGE DOWN WHICH IS HELPFUL TO MANY. I, Sara along with other law-abiding Mothers HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH and why should my daughter try to control what I do? 
She can choose to not read the information but why try to control me and deprive others of the information if they want to read it? What was her TRUE MOTIVE; to hide and help silence the truth because she is controlled due to the Parental Alienation?

A Daughter Estranged: as the show explains:
Sara and Mark’s daughter, Julie, 22, (at the time of the show) agreed to come on the show and face her mother, but their two sons adamantly refused. Julie says she hasn’t spoken with her mother in over four years.

In a previous interview, Julie says her mother has left her hundreds of voicemails and emails. “She’ll address them to: ‘Dear My Wonderful but Mentally Abused Children with Parental Alienation Syndrome,’ telling me I’m sick, like, how long am I going to let my father control me? I need to learn to stand up to my dad, like, five, six pages long, just ranting, just all of her complaints,” Julie says. “I’ve just completely ignored her.”

Why not have my two ADULT SONS come on the show too and explain what I, Sara their Mother, have done that is so terrible that they have CHOOSEN to alienate me from their lives for over 8 years now? Did they just forget all the wonderful values, habits and lessons I taught them and just believe the lies? Is this all part of Parental Alienation even for YOUNG ADULTS?

“Mark started making me out to be a bad person, that I was crazy, that I was irrational.”
“Sara started more and more to get angry about things that made no sense.”

( Creating and perpetuating Parental Alienation as many COURT DOCUMENTS PROVE, he thinks this makes “no sense” for a Mother to get angry, especially when not understanding this is Parental Alienation and not understanding what is going on ? This is abuse terror, torture and oppression as any reasonable person knows and experts have proven.)

In a previous interview, Mark’s wife (no his mistress because we are not legally divorced), Mikel, says she felt threatened by Sara. She says after receiving ugly emails from Sara for several months, she also got a restraining order against her. “When someone is that unstable and that angry, you just don’t know what they’re capable of,” she says. (Really, not what the facts show? She is living off my money while perpetuating Parental Alienation, filing false tax returns and stealing my money and other assets so she can get NEW CARS, PLASTIC SURGERY like breast implants etc.).

Mark and Mikel say they haven’t had any contact with Sara in a year, but they’ve lifted their restraining orders in order to face her with Dr. Phil.

Mark tells Dr. Phil that he has always encouraged a relationship between Sara and their children but says Sara needs to make some changes before it’ll happen. (Really, not what the facts show).

Sara tells Dr. Phil that it’s been over five years (NOW EIGHT) since she’s seen her children. “I want to move forward with my children,” she says. “I’m a wonderful person, and I’m a kind mother.” Sara denies sending ugly emails to Mikel and says their restraining orders against her are another example of how they’re trying to alienate her from her children.

Think they will agree to have a follow-up show on DR. PHIL? 
Think they will want the truth with all the documents to come out on National Television since at the time of the first show many facts were not known and they tried to bully and harass me,Sara, as they HID THE FACTS AND LIED.


As always none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences including facts about those in the Establishment.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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