“Dr. Zhivago” and Parental Alienation

“Dr. Zhivago” is a novel written by the brilliant and insightful Russian writer Boris Pasternak. He won the Nobel Prize for this novel but, it was banned in the Soviet Union.
Many questioned why such a great literary work was suppressed by the Soviet government.
It was because the main character Dr. Zhivago was more concerned with the thoughts, feelings and well being of the “individual” not the “collective” group of the Russian Society and its Leaders who promoted corrupt and immoral ideology. He criticized Stalin, Collectivism and other similar Soviet ideology.

Dr. Zhivago (Yuri) constantly tried to express his own Individuality in a world that demanded Collectivism, Obedience, Forced Labor and other forms of Slavery as the Soviet Union did in many ways. It was a Terrorist, Collective Country focused on the well being of its Leaders at the EXPENSE of innocent Individuals.

This is no different than what I am confronted with in trying to ending the destruction of the sacred companionship a loving Mother has with her Children at the time of divorce called Parental Alienation in a society, including the Jewish Community; which promotes Collectivism for the benefit of its Leaders.

Yuri tried to express his feelings through poetry and of course there was no internet.
Because both factions of the Russian Revolution refused to acknowledge the Individual and only demanded everyone adopt corrupt and immoral Collective thoughts and ideas; not new, creative, positive thought-provoking ideas; Yuri realized he would not be able to survive in the new Soviet era because he could not be an Individual.

***If he remained in the Soviet Union; he could only be a robot expressing thoughts and ideas he was demanded to express.
Yuri was FORBIDDEN to use his own mind, heart and soul to express his OWN feelings and ideology.
***Unfortunately since 1970’s, implementing this same corrupt Collective ideology is what it takes to be a Rabbi and any other Jewish Leader as my own and millions of others’ situations of parental alienation have shown. [Stephen Fried, bestselling author: http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-rabbi-gerald-wolpe-aiding-parental-alienation/]

***If you can’t be immoral, corrupt, uncompassionate and manipulative then you do not qualify to be a Rabbi or any other Jewish Leader; just as you would not have been qualified to be a Russian Leader after the Russian Revolution which is when the story of Dr. Zhivago takes place.

Even when Yuri was a young man; he realized the Soviet Union’s political processes needed to be changed because educated people like his Uncle, just accepted the harmful ideology of the Soviet Leaders. His Uncle and everyone else repeated the corrupt Soviet ideology; PRETENDING to give the impression that they are intelligent when they are only unthinking COWARDS harming Individuals who have positive, independent thoughts.
They did not try to show their strength by standing up to this corrupt Soviet Collective ideology.

*** Author Boris Pasternak tried to show throughout the novel that the Russian Leaders sought power for themselves and TOOK ADVANTAGE of those who trusted them and believed their promises that they would have a better way of life.
It was all just an ACT; no different than the one the so called “Jewish” Leaders and “Jewish” Organizations have been carrying out for decades.
“Jewish” Leaders and “Jewish” Organizations have destroyed millions of relationships between a loving Mother and her Children because they have made “secret agreements” with the sick, alienating and often wealthy and influential father to destroy this beautiful companionship in exchange for monetary benefits and political connections.
[Stephen Fried, bestselling author: http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-rabbi-gerald-wolpe-aiding-parental-alienation/]
This practice still exists secretly today as these “agreements” are the 501(c)(3), Vow of Poverty and other similar “Charitable Agreements.” As my computer is hacked daily with threats, lies about me are spread on and off line; I was exiled from Sinai Temple in Los Angeles in 2012 and no one will even tell me what I did. This is all part of SILENCING those who want to stop the corruption and bring out the truth. In many ways we are living in a Communist country like the Soviet Union which did the same things as this novel shows.

***Pasternak shows that the corrupt, Collective Soviet ideology of the Russian Leaders CAUSED millions of people in the Russian society to suffer; just as Stephen Fried in his book along with millions of our own stories show the Jewish Leaders have CAUSED the same harms to their people in the Jewish society; particularly loving Mothers and their Children of all ages.

They both also try to SILENCE the Individual as Sinai Temple in Los Angeles and many other Jewish Leaders and Organizations have tried to do to me because I am bringing out the truth about their corrupt Collective ways and ideology.
The Soviet Union banned the book “Dr. Zhivago.”

Both the Soviet and Jewish Leaders lack morals and ethics and an inability to appreciate the consequences of their actions; how they are destroying the beautiful Individual minds, hearts and souls of the people in their society.
This is their sick and evil INTENTION because these Leaders want to be the ONLY people with the ONLY ideas in society and will lead a life of INITIATING VIOLENCE to do this until someone stands up against them and destroys this evil ideology, which is how the Soviet Union was destroyed.
This is also how sick, alienating parents think and act which is why it is important to stand up against them and stop them from manipulating and destroying innocent Children of all ages.

In the novel “Dr. Zhivago,” the Leaders were very unhappy, suffering people who did not have peace of mind.
They lived a life of manipulating and destroying people who expressed Individual thoughts forcing them to “conform” to their ideology. One Leader secretly tormented and threatened the daughter of the woman he was dating because this was “fun” for him; others resorted to alcoholism, and even suicide.
They were never reasonable, compassionate or collaborative and showed many narcissistic tendencies and JUST RAN THEIR GAME BEING EMPTY SOULS WITHOUT THOUGHTS OR FEELINGS; harming millions.

These Russian Leaders were puppets that carried out the corrupt and immoral ideology of the Collective Leaders of the Russian society like Stalin; WITHOUT ANY QUESTIONS ASKED for fear of being “punished” or forced to face other retribution. It is pure evil but a reality and part of history to learn from.

*********I, like Yuri, am an Individual. I am a loving Jewish Mother trying to fight the terror and corruption to save the minds, hearts and souls of millions of wonderful Children and their loving Mothers who have been ripped from each others’ arms and are forbidden to communicate and reunite.

Just like Yuri, I KNOW this is what must be pursued because any loving, compassionate, responsible Mother and person would not silently watch this evil destruction occurring in the Jewish Community and many other Communities in the United States and worldwide; as Yuri could not watch it in the Soviet Union after the Russian Revolution.

I have always been an Individual, refusing even as a young adult to accept the corrupt, evil ideology of my parents, sister their lawyer and others. I stood up to their evil ways, REFUSING TO SELL MY SOUL, which also helped millions by changing the “Kiddie Trust” laws.
Just like Yuri Zhivago; I also refuse to be intimidated by corrupt Collective Leaders and have chosen to live my life forging forward making positive changes.
Therefore, I also stood up to my ex-husband who wanted to do unreasonably, corrupt things; refusing to adapt his corrupt ideology which others have helped him enforce like the “Jewish” Leaders and “Jewish” Organizations with their “Charitable” agreements.
These agreements include emotionally torturing the loving Mother and her Children by destroying their companionship; among other corrupt acts.

********Where did Yuri’s and also my strength come from? At the beginning of the novel “Dr. Zhivago;” Yuri is standing at his Mother’s grave, crying because he realizes the love and stability he enjoyed from having her in his life is gone.

***This is the same realization millions of Children who have been alienated from their loving Mother (father) also realize; however, I have hope that many will reunite and heal beautifully being much stronger and wiser.

Anyway, all through his life, Yuri tries to recreate this lost love and security he had with his Mother which he lost at a young age; just like many alienated Children.
As a result, Yuri developed an obsession for sex, not love or as Freud and others have called it, an obsession for the “material object.”
***As easily predicted; Yuri’s first love took on the role of a Mother figure because this is what Yuri Zhivago always longed for; his Mother. *** Also, many women who don’t want to be equals tend to marry father figures who will “take care of them;” and there is little collaboration in the relationship; it is just following orders.

Any alienated adult Children reading this, like my own Children, please beware of this expected propensity so you can learn to reunite with your loving Mother and then seek loving, passionate relationships where you and your partner grow together enriching each other. Not where one tries to abusively CONTROL the other. (yes, you will each have your area of expertise, but that is not trying to control or manipulate; that is being helpful).

Anyway, since Yuri’s relationship lacked passion, he could not find true happiness.
***This is why narcissists cannot love because they look at people as Freud says, as a “material object,” to be used for their pleasure, regardless of how it harms their partner.

It appears to me that when Yuri’s Mother died, he had to figure out his values and ideology.
This happened to me too when I had to rectify the “kiddie trust” problem my parents, sister and their lawyer created for me and I no longer saw my parents and sister as loving and kind.
This happened again for me when I had to face the realization that my ex-husband was no longer the man I married and had adopted corrupt ideology.
Yuri and I both had to figure out our ideologies in life; our values and what we stood for. He wrestles with this all though the novel as adults do all through life as they are presented with new challenges.
This is how we grow wiser and stronger.

***Once you are forced to do this in life as many alienated Children are at a young age; you become very strong, courageous and fearless because you realize how important it is to ALWAYS CHOOSE to be an Individual and have Freedom to express your own thoughts and ideas.

This is the ideology our United States Constitution is based upon.
It is just shameful, many Leaders, Parents and others have strayed from this Individual ideology and have adopted a corrupt, Collective ideology like those of the Soviet Leaders after the Russian Revolution like Stalin, which Boris Pasternak so bravely and brilliantly wrote about in his Nobel Prize novel, “Dr. Zhivago.”

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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