Due to incrimination of evil, crooked and malicious JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and my evil, crooked and malicious still legal husband MARK HASSMAN; today (now yesterday due to being hacked and unable to get onto the internet); Friday July 13th, 2018 was a wonderful day for those of us who support Ending the Epidemic problem of Parental Alienation which commonly involves Modern Slavery of the alienated children of all ages; Fraudulent and Criminal Divorce Judgments and Restraining Orders and other criminal and malicious acts.

At yesterday’s hearing, I could not believe JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’S opening comment where both myself and also my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN was there too as a party. As the record will reflect, JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR said talking to me, that since I am “indigent” she is going to appoint an attorney for me. Wow!!! I could not believe my ears and how stupid, yes, stupid this comment was for the following reasons:

a) As my recent Writ of Mandate clearly states beginning on page 18 my “spousal support should be reinstated to $4,300 a month per the divorce judgment in Exhibit 5 which was reviewed, signed and filed by JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR on May 7, 2010 as said judgment proves on its face. (if they are claiming the divorce judgment is valid, then the court-ordered spousal support contained therein must be enforced since there has not been financial proof presented to the Court to prove said order should be modified.)”

b) Continuing, page 19 of said Writ states that my “spousal support was unlawfully, criminally and maliciously reduced to ZERO by JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR on April 2, 2014 without any financial proof of his (MARK HASSMAN’S) “insolvency” and needing to eliminate and then reduce Petitioner’s (my) spousal support from the amount stated in the divorce judgment as said husband/father swore under oath. FINANCIAL PROOF OF NECESSITY is REQUIRED by California Family Code §4320 and other laws BEFORE JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR can Lawfully grant a spousal support modification request based upon Alleged Financial Necessity.”

c) Page 21 of said Writ states: “Petitioner (me, Sara Hassman) has reasonably been trying to resolve these very important legal matters by exercising her FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT to redress her grievances by filing lawsuits and motions. Showing great Abuse of Power; Exhibit 11 includes a copy of the 12/06/2017 minute order stating on page 1 that JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR convicted Petitioner of being a vexatious litigant even though there has never been any due process as to the alleged five (5) unmeritorious motions or lawsuits Petitioner filed as mandated by California Code of Civil Procedure § 391.”

d) “Exhibit 8 of said 9/30/2016 minute order also proves on page 3 that JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR convicted Petitioner of being a vexatious litigant. However, as court records again reflect; the alleged five (5) unmeritorious motions or lawsuits were never disclosed and adjudicated as mandated by California Code of Civil Procedure § 391,before a judge can legally convict a person of being a vexatious litigant.”

e) IN ADDITION TO ALL OF THIS EVIDENCE: my August 18, 2017 motion and notice of motion requested that:
“JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR reinstate my spousal support of $4,300/month per the divorce judgment filed 5/7/2010, (by Judge Claudia Silbar) retroactively with interest from 4/2/2014 when JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR unlawfully and maliciously reduced it to zero.”

f) When JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR criminally and maliciously granted my horrible, idiot and evil husband MARK HASSMAN’S request to hold me in contempt for requesting to reinstate my spousal support of $4,300/month per the divorce judgment filed 5/7/2010 because he alleged that I never filed or tried to file a vexatious litigant form; I then filed my request to Presiding Judge Margines who must decide if a convicted vexatious litigant can move forward with her motion.
Presiding Judge Margines denied my request even though he knows or should know it has merit and he is criminally and unlawfully denying me of my FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT to reasonably redress my grievances. A Wife and Mother is not a Slave and is legally entitled to receive her legally calculated spousal support. SPECIFICALLY, I included MARK HASSMAN’S new address and information that he had BOUGHT A CONDO and obviously was not “insolvent” as he swore under oath he was and also swore because of his “insolvency” he needed to reduce my support to zero.

Further, Harvard educated and Chief Financial Officer MARK HASSMAN who has negotiated many contracts and agreements for decades knew he was required to NOTIFY THE COURT of his new address, he knows or should have known he was also required to NOTIFY THE COURT that he is no longer “insolvent” as he swore under oath and therefore as he swore, he needed to reduce my spousal support to zero and then to its current amount of $700 a month. HE MUST DILIGENTLY AND TIMELY REPORT HIS FINANCIAL CHANGES TO THE COURT. This is reasonable too.
MARK HASSMAN now is no longer unemployed as he swore on April 2, 2014 that he was.
Now MARK HASSMAN has a very good job and is earning IN INCOME ONLY, OVER a quarter of a million dollars, YES over a quarter of a million dollars IN INCOME ONLY and knows or should know he can pay the $4,300 ordered spousal support stated in the divorce judgment; aside from giving me MY community assets he has been living on along with his girl, mistress, high-priced call girl with the breast implants my money and assets paid for; or whatever you would like to call her; HER son and disgracefully my children and others too are all living off MY community assets while I am “indigent” as JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR stated.

Thus, JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR knows or should know that one of the reasons I am “indigent” is because I have not been receiving the $4,300 of spousal support she ordered in the divorce judgment she signed ALONG WITH receiving my 50% interest in the community estate which was never established, divided and distributed as the divorce judgment she reviewed, signed and filed proves which is a clear violation of California, Federal and Constitutional laws, as any reasonable person knows.

I commented that JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR was BIASED like PETER STRZOK because she disregards the facts and evidence which is all in the record.

But the incrimination gets worse for this horrible beyond words JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and my horrible beyond words still legal husband MARK HASSMAN and those aiding and abetting them. I guess they think that I am like a video game and it is fun to see how many times they can strike me and watch me get up, (stronger too).

Thus, when I asked evil, delusional
JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, at the hearing today (now yesterday due to the hacking) POINT BLANK if she was going to reinstate my spousal support to $4,300 as the divorce judgment states she said:

Is she saying her law firm who received these filed documents and also Judge Charles Margines never told her about my motions to have my spousal support reinstated to $4,300 a month as the divorce judgment she reviewed, signed and then filed states?
Is she also saying she doesn’t remember these hearing regarding my $4,300 a month spousal support requests
that she doesn’t remember holding me in contempt, convicting me of a vexatious litigant and sentencing me to 10 days in jail because of my requests to reinstate my spousal support to $4,300?
I am not joking; this is what evil, delusional JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR stated at the end of the hearing while my evil, delusional still legal husband MARK HASSMAN stood by and did nothing.
I really can’t believe that they are that MALICIOUS, EVIL and DELUSIONAL that they have failed to understand that it is a MIRACLE that I have been able to promote OUR REVOLUTION with all of my motions and lawsuits and also that they think they will get away with their terror. I guess they still think they are Gods and can control the world.

When I asked for the minute order; evil, delusional JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR said it will be mailed to me like all the others. I told her all the others have not been but she insisted they always had been. AGAIN JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR IS DELUSIONAL because when I came home, and I am very organized, I checked and the June 11, 2018 minute order where she sentenced me to jail for 10 days was never sent to me. So, I called her office today at 4:47pm after I had verified that I never received that minute order and no one answered. Her Bailiff told me today that it takes about a week to receive a minute order because they are backlogged. Really, other courts are more efficient; think she will make up facts? Anyway, I will request that this June 11, 2018 minute order be sent with the one from today, July 13, 2018; which should be in about a week. Think I will get it?

Evil, delusional JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and also my evil, delusional still legal husband MARK HASSMAN and those in the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY and RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE obviously think they have a right to:
1) violate the laws; 2) manipulate the evidence and; 3) try discredit me and; 4) ruin my life
Well, we shall see. I think this is a moral inversion because they are so delusional they can’t see how they continue to incriminate themselves and each other beyond a reasonable doubt.

But it gets more incriminating. Why do I need an attorney because I am “indigent”? Wait until I tell you about the motion evil, delusional JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR made today (now yesterday due to the hacking of my computer) as the “Court’s Motion.” Also, when I reasonably asked this question she told me I was speaking out of turn and this was a “warning” and if I do it again she will hold me in contempt. I guess JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR is so delusional that she doesn’t remember that I have Constitutional rights to due process which includes understanding a new stunt of what she is now trying to charge me with so she THREATEN ME that she will send me to jail again. This is all on the record from yesterday’s hearing. As a felon, they can keep all of my assets they stole from me and continue running their Conspiracy and Enterprise thereby destroying the lives of millions of loving, law-abiding Mothers and their Children and some Fathers too.

Since this post is getting long I will write about this NEW STUNT next time but; I will give you a hint by attaching evil and delusional JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’S “Court’s Motion” and the docket from yesterday. It is so unintelligible and ambiguous. She knows or should know she cannot LEGALLY deprive me of my CONSTITUTIONAL and other LEGAL rights with her STUNTS like these.
In addition, my idiot evil still legal husband
MARK HASSMAN who is a Harvard grad and a Chief Financial Officer with decades of experience negotiating contracts and other legal matters knows or should know he is LEGALLY OBLIGATED to rectify the harms he has caused me and not just stand there and act like the evil, delusional, idiot he truly is while obviously believing he is some kind of God who can harm Humanity and get away with it too with evil, delusional JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR in his pocket; Yes, IN HIS POCKET as the facts clearly prove.

The CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY and RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE must really be under pressure since they refuse to acknowledge that it is a MIRACLE that I continue to prove that they are intentionally and maliciously promoting Parental Alienation and denying me of my legal and Constitutional Rights as a loving, law-abiding divorcing Woman and Mother and millions suffering like me from this Epidemic problem of Terror. They obviously want to silence me and want me to just go away so they can continue to commit their crimes against Humanity.
Stupid is what stupid does.

So have a great weekend knowing that OUR REVOLUTION to End Parental Alienation is thriving. I just love Los Angeles. Last night, a very good friend of mine and I had a delicious bite to eat at this Asian restaurant near her office and then we went to our favorite coffee shop which brews many varieties of coffee with the method where the coffee floats upward, against gravity. This is like all of us supporting OUR REVOLUTION; our deeds are floating upward and know that GOD sees all that we are DOING to help restore America and Humanity with truth, love, equal rights and justice for All.

Please see my facebook page for the documents cited. Sorry for this inconvenience.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org
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