Email sent to defendants in LASC case #BC580980 who are hiding the truth and committing other unlawful acts

The defendants are going to have to answer some very difficult questions where the truth is clearly apparent from documents and tax returns. Truth will prevail and so will justice. 

Here is the email:
Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Are you thankful you are not in jail yet?
All of you should be receiving two (2) packages from me this week. So I am not falsely accused again of being in violation of the proof of service (ie. Marshall Cole and others), if you have not received these 2 packages by Friday, please let me know.

These packages are not holiday presents because as you know or should know, the net worth of my community estate worth millions of dollars pursuant to tax returns and other documents was never established and therefore never distributed 50/50 between myself and my husband Mark F. Hassman (we are still married due to the fraudulent divorce judgment and he is a polygamist).

I also only receive now spousal support of $350 every 2 weeks which was granted without the establishment of the net worth of the community estate and my husband’s personal net worth which is unlawful. Consequently, I cannot afford to buy you any holiday presents because I am suffering from financial difficulties as reasonably expected.

Do any of you know yet where the disposal of the net worth of the community estate of millions of dollars was made? Do you think it disappeared into thin air? The divorce judgment does not state the disposal either. Do you think you will find some of it in your Christmas stockings or as part of your Hanukkah gelt? If so, you know it is stolen property and belongs to me.

Well, on that note, the question of the moment seems to be: “To be or not to be.” To be honest or not to be honest and instead continue to incriminate yourselves and each other. Do any of you read classic literature? If so, you will know this quote is from Shakespeare. Regardless, I hope you do not think you are entitled to keep my money and property and reasonably stop making unfounded or using Phil Seastrom’s word “baseless” excuses.

Also, why do I have restraining orders in effect?

Think these issues will go away? Think again.
Let me know if you have not received these 2 packages by Friday.
Your adversary,

As always none of this is legal or any other advice.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; 

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