Emotional Maturity does not include keeping secrets and harming others for your own satisfaction.

As people go through life, especially those who are reasonable and want to enrich themselves; they learn from their experiences and from the people they meet. 
Wise people never stop learning and growing so they are always enriching themselves by doing more activities, reading, meeting new people and becoming more mature in their thoughts and ideas.

You learn from people what to do and what NOT to do. 
So if you were raised in a world of corruption like I was or find yourself in that world due to Parental Alienation; you can learn from people many things you do NOT want to do for yourself and just take the few positive things about those people into your life.

Thus, if you become a parent and are loving and very compassionate; you want your Children to grow up to be INDEPENDENT so they have their OWN positive thoughts and ideas and know how to do many important things on their OWN. You do not want to make them dependent on you so they have no self-confidence and are just a puppet; but you want to always be there to guide, love and support them.

***This was the reason I started my website and Facebook page; so I could guide, love and support my Children from a DISTANCE as we live TOGETHER through this horrible abuse called Parental Alienation. Even if my Children choose to ignore my posts; I know I have done all that I can to guide, love and support them as a loving and caring Mother. I wish I had a mother who cared about me as much.
As your Children mature and the people you meet in life hopefully grow in many positive ways too; they will hopefully choose to face their challenges because this will make them grow stronger and wiser.

Keeping SECRETS some may think is acceptable but; this will only stunt your emotional growth and self-esteem. The secrets a person keeps tells a lot about that person’s character. Weak people often keep secrets because they do not want to face their challenges.

As the time approaches when I will put more evidence on the public record involving the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACIES OF THE ESTABLISHMENT involving religious leaders and organizations, a judge, law firms, the court-appointed therapist, a private school, executives, joint venture partners, my ex-husband, his new wife and others regarding:

• Promoting a fraudulent divorce judgment showing they have stolen the Mother’s money and property (mine) and violated many of her legal rights;

• And showing they are promoting Parental Alienation so the Mother and her Children are so distraught that they are more easy to abuse and control;

I was hoping that living through the court hearings and filing court documents that those involved would GROW OR MATURE INTO PEOPLE who would be able to ADMIT THEIR SECRETS to not only save their own soul but to help save millions of Children and their parents who are suffering from Parental Alienation and a fraudulent divorce judgment. This would also help future generations.

I guess that I MUST FACE THE FACT that some people choose to never mature emotionally and instead choose to continue abusing Children of all ages and their loving Mother (father) at the time of divorce so they can PROFIT FROM DIVORCE at their expense.

You always hope your Children you have raised and those who touched your life in some way will mature into worthwhile and caring people and especially will not harm innocent Children. However, we can only control what we do.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice. It is based upon my knowledge and experiences in life.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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