***Sara Hassman, Founder of Parental Alienation Solutions is featured in the February issue of Foster Focus magazine. Are You an Enabler? Sara Hassman, returns to Foster Focus with some information to determine whether or not you are an enabler.

Foster Focus Magazine is filled with many other very informative articles for you too.

We all stand proud and stand together trying to help our precious children and make the world a better place.

***Exciting news to start off the New Year; Sara Hassman, as founder of Parental Alienation Solutions is featured as the first cover story in 2014  for the online publication of a remarkable survivor of abuse, Darlene Janice Harris.

This online publication is just one of many accomplishments Darlene has made in trying to help victims of abuse. Her publication, “And He Restoreth My Soul”     was founded to educate and help the community and create a more loving, caring and peaceful society.

Please click the link above and see the cover story about Sara Hassman, Esq.,founder of Parental Alienation Solutions  and other very informative articles in this publication.                                    What a great way to begin 2014

* Since the DR PHIL show was taped in August and then aired on November 1st, we are working together to show the behaviors of those suffering from a form of child abuse and emotional torture called parental alienation  by showing:

1. You cannot not believe the words of the sick, not bad, abusive parent, even spoken to DR PHIL on National television

2.  The behaviors this sick parent and those aiding him or her are causing our precious children to want to alienate their loving parent.

3. Lies about their loving parent, not actual true situations are also causing these precious children to alienate their loving parent

4. This sick parent and those who aid this parent refuse to set the example for our precious children to follow by being kind and respectful to the loving, alienated parent.

5. These precious children are adapting the abusive behaviors of their sick parent and those aiding this parent like a step-mother. They are treating this loving parent in uncivil ways as they see their sick parent and those who aid him or her do; like a step-mother.

6. The sick, parent and those aiding them are not reasonable and will not even agree for years to reunification therapy .If the therapy is ordered or they say they support it;they actually try to interfere, disrupting its effectiveness.

7. Our precious children continue to suffer even though they could see a school counselor or educate themselves about parental alienation, brainwashing, and emotional torture. Often it is because these children are in denial or are forbidden to learn about these subjects.

8. Children are reasonably having trouble unburying their beautiful memories with their loving parent who they have alienated without therapy and encouragement from this sick parent. This prevents them from healing so they can end the emotional torture and child abuse associated with parental alienation.

DR PHIL is a true advocate for bringing awareness to the child abuse of parental alienation as millions of us are so grateful. A sick need to control is one of the common characteristics of alienating parents as DR PHIL is showing. This is a huge step to bringing awareness to the child abuse of parental alienation. Understanding the mind control aspect is vital to understanding how the abusive, alienating parent creates and perpetuates the parental alienation and how we can empower children, so they do not become victims and teach others how to help these children heal.

I am so grateful for DR PHIL for not only bringing awareness to this abuse but also so graciously providing reunification therapy for myself and my beautiful daughter to help understand and resolve why my daughter continues the alienation even though she told DR PHIL she wants to renew our relationship and have me back in her life. This will help millions of us who are suffering from parental alienation, our society and future generations as we bring awareness which should enable us to make legislative changes and teach children how not to become prey and teach others how to help them.

Archive of DR PHIL show

– Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder


* This Friday night , Nov 8th at 6pm pst, I, Sara Hassman, will be following up on the DR PHIL show as the guest on the radio show“Can You Hear Me Now.” We will be discussing many comments and concerns.

You can listen to the show and participate on your phone by just calling in at   (714) 816-4679, this Friday November 8th at 6PM pst.

 Archive of DR PHIL show

* NEWS RELEASE. Dr. Phil  Show on Parental Alienation where Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder  is the guest for the entire hour is airing Friday, November 1st. Check your local television listing for the time and channel in  your  area  and  Tune in.

Dr. Phil wants a 2nd show after Sara has reunification therapy with her daughter in March which he is so graciously providing.

Sara Hassman hopes the show brings awareness to the child abuse of parental alienation.

Also, maybe a well-connected, well-funded individual or organization will want to help bring awareness to this child abuse affecting millions so the laws encouraging parental alienation will be changed.


*Sara received an endorsement of her website and national campaign from the renowned Doctor and Parental Alienation expert, Les Linet, MD: 

I heartily endorse the goal of changing, laws, policies and the frequent general perceptions by others that enlist certain people to aid and abet alienating parents in turning children against the targeted parent. Indeed, some of those who aid and abet do include teachers, administrators, religious leaders, doctors, counselors, lawyers, judges, friends and associates of the alienating parent.

Parental Alienation Syndrome is a form of child abuse, and the damaging psychological effects on these children have been documented. I share the moral outrage that our courts do not impose fines or sanctions against those who participate in such destructive behavior against children and against the targeted parent. I agree that courts should fine or sanction both the alienating parents who flaunt court orders and those who choose to help such parents in their alienating crusades.


* Sara Hassman attended a meeting at Congresswoman Karen Bass’ office regarding legislative changes to discourage the child abuse of Parental Alienation.

Currently, many laws encourage this abuse by giving financial and tax benefits to the abusive parent and those who aid him or her.

Congresswoman Bass’ legislative team is reviewing the notes from the meeting and requested that Sara Hassman contact them before Thanksgiving to discuss possibly implementing these legislative changes.


* Sara Hassman was just taped for the DR. PHIL show on Parental Alienation which will air sometime during his upcoming Fall 2013 season. Very exciting and bringing awareness to the child abuse of parental alienation.


*Sara was invited back again as the guest on the blog talk radio show “Can You Hear Me Now,” with Annie O’Sullivan and Kelly Behr due to the huge success of her first show.

More challenges of those faced with Parental Alienation as well as possible solutions were discussed. Here is the link to the archive of last night’s show, October 4, 2013 as well as the first show:

Last night’s show: …

First show:

Many are greatly benefiting from learning this information and also knowing they are not alone. They are experiencing many of the same behaviors and emotions that millions are experiencing.

Stay strong, we are bringing awareness and making a difference!!!


* For the first time ever on Monday, September 9th at 10am pst, A Fine Time for Healing with host Randi Fine, Sara Hassman was featured as her first expert guest ever.

Here is the link to this empowering broadcast: This show brought to light a widespread form of child abuse and emotional torture that for many years has been swept under the proverbial rug, even by many Rabbis. This child abuse and emotional torture is called parental alienation.

 Randi Fine, the host, is very popular with over 20,000 listeners worldwide & Sara Hassman is honored to be chosen to be her first guest ever as they discuss this serious form of child abuse and emotional torture called parental alienation.
Some comments from broadcast:
Dear Sara:
Good job on the show.  Congratulations.  It’s  hard to get a lot of the topic in when you’ve only got 30 mins, but you did  great.
Talk show host Bill Murray; Stop Child Abuse Now.
Great show Sara!!! Will have you on again. Host Randi Fine

*Sara will be speaking at the Exchange Club of Culver City on Tuesday, September 10th at 12noon. Everyone is welcome to come for lunch and the speech. See Exchange Club website for details at:

*Link & Comments from Sara’s last night’s radio show-STOP CHILD ABUSE NOW
From host Bill Murray
Everyone thought you did a terrific job, and we enthusiastically support you and your work. I know there will be an alliance with you as we move forward, supporting all you stand for.
Episode  654 (the other episodes are very enlightening too)
Sara Hassman was the guest for the entire 90 minute radio show with Bill Murray for Stop Child Abuse Now, Thursday, Sept. 5th at 5:00pm – 6:30pm  pst discussing many parental alienation issues.

Please call in at 646-595-2118; chat room, to talk to Bill and his panel on a regular basis as they discuss important child abuse issues like parental alienation. Sometimes, Sara Hassman is even a panel member.


* Sara’s article on parental alienation was just published in  Intentional Conscious Parenting: …


*Sara Hassman’s article on parental alienation was featured in Foster Focus Magazine. They will also be featuring another one of Sara’s  articles in their October edition. Sara is the founder of Parental Alienation Solutions. You can view her published article here:…


*This morning, Sara Hassman interviewed with Kelly Cozzone from the National Family and Parenting Examiner at  

Kelly Cozzone, a very accredited journalist with a wide following, will be writing a two part article on Parental Alienation Syndrome coming out in early September . It will be featuring many comments from Parental Alienation Solutions’ website and its founder Sara Hassman. We will post the link when the articles are published.


* Today, Sara Hassman participated in a discussion with other activists from around the country who are working to bring about positive cultural changes for children and families. This was sponsored by Stephanie Mann of Safe Kids Now. They are collaborating  to help millions of abused children and their families so this form of child abuse and emotional torture is no longer  perpetuated and the millions of children and their families can heal.



*Can You Hear Me Now w/ Annie O’Sullivan on Parent Alienation with Sara Hassman of Parental Alienation Solutions, Friday August 22nd at 6pm

Call in to speak with the host (714) 816-4679, every Friday at 6pm

* Sara Hassman, founder of Parental Alienation Solutions was interviewed by Mike Austin, the host of the nationally syndicated show Radio Dad which will air mid September.  Mike Austin has been a voice actor and radio personality for over 30 years and great information can be found at Please check it out, mothers too.

A daily, 2 minute feature about being a good dad. Radio Dad shines the spotlight on the high, noble calling of fatherhood of which issues of Parental Alienation often arise.
From new dads, to grand-dads, if the subject is fatherhood, Mike covers it with expert guests, authors, celebrities and sports figures.
If you have any questions for Mike please feel free to contact him at
Mike Austin | Radio Dad , Direct Line: 608.314.7824; Radio Dad logo.jpg


*Sara Hassman’s article on Parental Alienation was featured in Foster Focus Magazine.You can view it here:…


*Janie McQueen-Career journalist, author and expert on divorce, gamesmanship,  women’s issues and children’s literacy, published Sara Hassman’s blog. Check it out at:




*Writer/Book Reviewer/Author of “My Children, His Victims” and “Your Children First” Ica Iova wrote a touching and thought provoking article about  Parental Alienation Solutions, its mission, and the serious problem of parental alienation.

Here is the link:

*Sara was invited to attend a national meeting with other lawyers, activists, and politicians who are working to get to the root of the problem of Parental Alienation through legislative reforms. The legislative reforms will help these millions of suffering children and teens realize their freedoms under the Constitution and other laws.


*Sara will be speaking at the Exchange Club of Culver City on September 10th at 12noon. Everyone is welcome to come for lunch and the speech. See Exchange Club website for details at:

*Sara collaborates with various individuals and organizations including a very prominent NY attorney who is interested in joining Sara in speaking engagements. Together, they would create a very powerful event as both of them are very well versed in the harms, legal aspects, and other issues of parental alienation.