Example of an Unfair Court Hearing which many Alienated Parents have Experienced

Many alienated parents have had UNFAIR COURT HEARINGS because some Judges, Executives and others with prestigious titles believe they have a sense of entitlement due to their control and power problems as many experts have shown. [http://www.palienation.org/background/]

Since they have this sense of entitlement they believe they do not have to follow the law like everyone else and can just rule with acts of intimidation and other forms of initiation of violence which includes lying, manipulating and deceiving others and not being REASONABLE or MORAL.

***If you try to help them be reasonable and see the facts and the law, and that parental alienation and other immoral and unlawful acts are going on; they BULLY and try to INTIMIDATE you with the goal of ultimately silencing you so they can keep acting like they are entitled doing immoral, unlawful things commonly for a profit or other benefits. This is their cycle and pattern of behavior as many experts have shown. [http://www.palienation.org/background/].
So just expect this.

Below are a few examples from my court hearing yesterday before Judge Claudia Silbar so you know what to expect as many have had similar experiences. [http://www.palienation.org/videos//]
None of this is legal advice, just my understanding.

At one point in the hearing Judge Claudia Silbar testified for my ex-husband. I couldn’t believe it. As the transcript shows from the April 2, 2014 hearing in her courtroom my ex-husband swore; “ I’ve been insolvent for years.” My ex-husband also testified at that hearing when questioned about his $37,000 of credit card expenses as follows: “How much would you say you probably got in expense checks over the course of the year?”
MARK. F. HASSMAN responded; “I have no idea, but a lot of money.”
Then when asked; “Would it surprise you that was around $37,000?”
MARK F. HASSMAN responded; “Not—Not at all.”

Yesterday, when I stated that we need discovery to determine other sources of income because it is unlikely a person who has been insolvent for years could get approved for a personal credit card with a $37,000 limit; Judge Claudia Silbar said that he got a bank loan or used a cash advance but there is no evidence of this; she just made it up.
When I reasonably said, WE NEED DISCOVERY to actually see how a person who has been insolvent for years would be given a loan or a cash advance of $37,000, Judge Claudia Silbar just ignored this reasonable request and told me if I speak above the court she will end the hearing and take the case off calendar if I don’t stop interrupting her.

BUT IT GETS WORSE: Then Judge Claudia Silbar ignored me when I asked how my ex-husband who has been insolvent for years got approved for his rent which she admitted is expensive and also his 2 recent Lexus Financial Loans for his 2 new Lexus vehicles; one for him and one for his new wife.
His wife is unemployed and collects unemployment but at the April 2, 2014 hearing she had a thriving company as the transcript and her earnings show; also not verified.

I reasonably said we need discovery so we can see the documents to see how he got approved. The law is not based on speculation as Judge Claudia Silbar stated at the April 2, 2014 hearing as the record shows but, somehow she believes she is entitled to speculate; which is typical of entitled people who think they are entitled to ignore the law as many experts have shown. [http://www.palienation.org/background/]

When Judge Claudia Silbar went through the 4320 factors I told her she was not considering many of my ex-husband’s sources of income like the Companies in California, Delaware and Pennsylvania which at the April 2, 2014 hearing discovery was conducted and she saw the records from these States and heard testimony from a Private Investigator about these concealed companies where my ex-husband is listed as an Officer. She ignored all of this again.

Judge Claudia Silbar also ignored both a 401k plan and a 401k profit sharing plan. The 401k plan was not completely and accurately disclosed on the judgment and the 401k profit sharing plan was concealed entirely from the divorce proceedings. My Notice of Lodgment received by the court on November 26, 2014 shows copies of both of these plans. At the hearing yesterday, my ex-husband talked about HOW HE TOOK OUT ALL THE MONEY from the 401k profit sharing plan.
Can you believe it!!!
I was shocked. This is all on the court record from the public hearing yesterday; December 31, 2014.
So my ex-husband ADMITS to stealing the undisclosed community property (taking out all the money from the undisclosed community profit sharing plan) and Judge Claudia Silbar IGNORES this.

I tried to help by saying to Judge Claudia Silbar, this was a concealed community asset but she told me that if I talk over the court one more time she will end the hearing.

I then said, I thought you, as a Judge always have an obligation to adjudicate concealed and unadjudicated assets and she said she is not going to discuss this and she has been over this before.
However, if she HAD been over this before in a lawful, objective manner then she should have known I should have received my 50/50 interest. It is my understanding it is against the law for a Judge to knowingly, intelligently and voluntarily ignore concealed and unadjudicated assets because this is a violation of Due Process and taking someone’s property and other rights away without giving them a fair hearing.

I also mentioned that the judgment is invalid because values, percentages of ownership and other material information is missing so there could not possibly be informed consent; but as expected, she ignored this too. This information was all part of my Notice of Lodgment received by the court and part of the court file.


Why would an honest Judge refuse to discuss concealed and unadjudicated community property and concealed and unadjudicated sources of income and refuse to divide and distribute them as the law objectively and reasonably requires which is 50/50 and hold those accountable for concealing community property and sources of income which is against the law?

There are many laws and cases about the requirements of complete and accurate disclosure and fair distributions and punishments for those who violate these laws. Furthermore, it is REASONABLE; assets from a marriage, especially a long term one like mine which was over 20 years are to be divided equally between the spouses.

IT IS NOT THE INTENT OF THE LAW that the spouse who worked as a Chief Financial Officer and is a Certified Public Accountant and received his MBA from Harvard and controlled the marital finances is allowed to take more than his 50% share and leave the wife who was the full time caregiver who nurtured the children so they have moral values, wonderful character and made many achievements and were leaders at their schools too and also promoted his career; to then be left financially devastated at the time of a divorce. It is common sense to know this is NOT the intent of the law in a CIVILIZED SOCIETY because this shows a LACK OF A MORAL and ETHICAL CONSCIENCE for someone to do this as any reasonable person knows.

IGNORANCE is not a defense of the law and my ex-husband is a Certified Public Accountant and Chief Financial Officer with an MBA from Harvard Business School and was guided and represented by an expensive Newport Beach Family Law Firm during the divorce so he knew or should have known he had an obligation to disclose all property, income and other interests the spouses have or may have an interest in so the net worth of the community estate can be established and then divided and distributed equally.

Unfortunately, as my prior experiences have shown when I sued my parents, sister and their lawyer regarding their use of my social security number for a grantor trust and also I have been told professionally by therapists and others; people like this have entitlement, control and power problems.
As I was told several times professionally by therapists and others, these types of people usually refuse to see the truth and make reasonable changes. Instead they choose to just continue to tell their lies manipulate, deceive, bully and intimidate others. They develop a lot of shame and have anger problems and many have alcohol and other problems too.

I also learned that God gives them many chances to rectify their mistakes. If they refuse, then YOU just keep bringing out the truth because God and truth always prevail; especially when it involves a loving Mother and her alienated Children.

Don’t concern yourself with them because God will take care of them as he pleases. Just keep bringing out the truth and remain in the struggle.
God helps and protects those who help themselves and others especially Children of all ages who have had their companionship with their loving Mother destroyed at the time of divorce with lies and schemes. Just show YOUR moral conscience and THERE WILL BE JUSTICE. This is the story of my life. It is a MIRACLE I survived from my seizures and all the emotional abuse I endured and still endure from my ex-husband and others helping him and also that my skills came back to me.

So have a wonderful New Year and keep bringing out the truth knowing that God is by your side. I speak from experience and many others speak from experiences like this too like Elie Wiesel, Viktor Frankl and many others. This also gives you a great sense of purpose, pride and self esteem.

Just EXPECT immoral and corrupt people to try to silence you with lies and other immoral acts like bullying, threats, manipulations, deception because they refuse to make positive changes and just continue with their immoral destructive acts. So what; just keep doing what YOU know is right which includes bringing out the truth so positive changes can be made.

As we begin this New Year remember “To make an end is to make a new beginning”-T.S. Eliot.
Ending Parental Alienation and the other corrupt and immoral acts that commonly go along with it would be a wonderful and very worthwhile end and a new beginning to enjoy in the New Year and thereafter for millions suffering from this emotional abuse and also for future generations.

So focus your mind and help yourself leave any situations of abuse you are in before you get very sick like I did and my children have shown they are too in many ways.
Don’t make excuses; just leave and you will realize so many beautiful things about yourself and others which you have been depriving yourself of by choosing to remain in your abusive situation.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation.org



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