Expect the Lies and Unreasonable, Harmful Behaviors

Expect the lies, unreasonableness and harmful behaviors but know you are strong and are building not only your own strong character but also your children’s character by setting such a wonderful example for them.

EXPECT these sick abusive parents and those sick, abusive others who aid them even by turning their head, to try to SILENCE  and DEFAME us.

***For centuries, EVIL LEADERS and SICK ABUSIVE PARENTS and THOSE AIDING THEM have tried to silence and defame anyone who questions them.  Even for such a reasonable question of :

“Why have you been refusing to talk or write about the harms of parental alienation so our precious children, their families and our society can be empowered and not fall prey?” So horrific beyond words.

***This is the problem; evil leaders, sick parents and those who aid them. They are:


 ***This is tyranny not democracy.

So what, we are strong and PROUD and will keep going because we cannot and will not give up on our precious children and the freedoms of democracy!!!

The laws of democracy and individual rights prohibit emotional torture and brainwashing as ANY reasonable person should know.

God and the truth will prevail as we keep bringing more and more awareness with the activities we do and with the people we meet. By doing this we are also putting our new life together with kind, caring, compassionate people who are deserving of our time, energy and love.

Don’t buy into their abusive and unreasonable behaviors. Instead keep getting stronger and stronger so when your children return to your loving arms, you will know how to help them. 

If not I, then who?

It will be beautiful as you “begin again,” creating a mature relationship since they are older.
(1)- Parental Alienati

on Solutions Video page- http://www.palienation.org/videos/
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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