Expect to see the Arrogance, Bullying, Rudeness and Disrespect by those creating and aiding in Parental Alienation

Expect to see the arrogance, bullying, rudeness and disrespect by those who create parental alienation and those aiding that parent in maintaining the parental alienation. Even when you are reasonable and civil and are just trying to understand why you have been alienated, not given financial, trust, 401k and other information you are entitled to; expect to be stonewalled and disrespected.
This is because these people and organizations are trying to hide their corruption that they have been carrying out for years. They are more concerned with covering it up than fixing the problem and ending the suffering. Pathetic beyond words.
You are not the first and only one they have treated this way, unfortunately.
This is why Parental Alienation has become an epidemic problem worldwide; since this corruption is repeated and repeated.

This is also why many of our precious children have become rude, disrespectful and uncivil; the sick, evil alienating parent and those aiding them are USING OUR CHILDREN to hide their corruption. If our precious children, even adult children, refuse to adopt their corrupt ideas and behaviors, these parents and others know how to hurt them- financially, emotionally and physically.

***Until the children become strong enough to STAND UP TO THIS CORRUPTION, they are forced to live with it which is emotional torture and abuse. I know many children are very smart but; they have to figure out how they can escape the corruption and often how to do this all alone. They are afraid to call the loving, alienated parent for help too.

***These corrupt, evil lawyers, judges, rabbis, priests, teachers, therapists, business partners, new step-mother(father) and others who are helping and have been helping the sick, evil alienating parent for decades, are a THREAT to our way of life. They along with the sick alienating parent are all a threat to love, peace, justice, civility and morality.

***Consequently, more and more youth and others in our society today have become bullies, unreasonable, unkind, uncivil, disrespectful, unhappy, lack a sense of a worthwhile purpose, lack self-esteem and a desire to think independently and make their own choices. They have become walking ROBOTS whose minds and behaviors have been programmed. Many don’t even realize this because they are not allowed to associate with those who would put such ideas into their heads. They just associate with those the sick alienating parent “allows.”

We have two choices:
1- Ignore this corruption going on in our society and worldwide
2- Try to help those in our society understand this corruption and emotional abuse called parental alienation and how millions of children from divorced homes are being harmed. Don’t be afraid to ask clergy, teachers and others why they won’t discuss parental alienation and maybe get other parents to go along with you to ask them. Let people in your community know what transpires.

***Get the message out how millions in our society are corrupt because they are emotionally abusing our children at the time of divorce by telling lies, false stories and making false claims about their loving mother (father) so they will alienate her/him.

***Can you imagine how hurtful it is to hear lies and false stories about your loving parent, especially a child or young adult trying to adjust to a divorce situation?

***What other choice does a decent, honest, loving caring person have but to STAND UP TO THIS CORRUPTION?

We must fight this corruption or it will continue and get worse as it has since the 1970’s when parental alienation was first discovered, named and shown by many experts to harm the emotional wellbeing of children and their loving parent.

***But, when these corrupt people WANT to destroy the emotional wellbeing of the loving parent so they can cheat her/him financially, Parental Alienation is a horrible way to do it but is common these days.
***By setting up financial instruments, secret trusts and other schemes to cheat the loving mother (father) out of her rightful share of the marital assets and get these corrupt professionals, rabbis and others to help them; and THEN take her/his children from her by telling the children lies and false stories so they think their loving parent is crazy or should be feared; of course any loving parent is going to be emotionally devastated.

***In a state of emotional devastation it is difficult for a loving parent to survive and get their life together as a single, divorce parent; let alone have the strength to go thorough documents to figure out how they have been cheated financially and how they were alienated from their precious children.
***This is exactly what these corrupt people and organization are banking on; that loving, caring, wonderful parents will never be able to figure out the corruption and even if they do, will never be able to prove it.

Well, guess what?

They were all wrong because my divorce judgment which is filed with the court and is an attachment to many court filings shows the corruption on its face.

This is even without many other documents which also show the corruption and the intent of many to cause it. Sometimes it takes a battle to win a war and what more important war could there be than fighting for the rights of children and loving parents and our right to be treated in accordance with our laws of individual rights, freedom, truth and justice for ALL. If there is a will, there is a way. I will NEVER give up on my children and millions like them and succumb to the corrupt and reprehensible ways of others. If not I, then who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation, Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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