Extortion? A Real Estate Fraud Scheme?

Here is an interesting email from the ex-husband Mark F. Hassman showing what appears to be EXTORTION. Mark F. Hassman copied in all the partners of Moote Pointe Properties, LLC and sent it to his ex-wife Sara Hassman. None of this is legal advice but is to help others in similar situations. Many of Mark F. Hassman’s statements in the email he knew or should have known are incorrect especially since he is a Certified Public Accountant, Chief Financial Officer and spearheaded the Jiffy Lube International, Inc. initial public offering and routinely focuses on details of agreements and other documents.

For example, Mr. Hassman knew or should have known the divorce agreement did not award each spouse an interest in Moote Pointe Properties, LLC even though he stated it did.
Mr. Hassman also knew or should have known Moote Pointe Properties, LLC was not included in the divorce agreement at all and was an omitted community property as the agreement clearly shows.

His email regarding Moote Pointe Properties, LLC states in pertinent part:
“The divorce agreement awarded 6.25% of the LLC to each of us, which represented an equal division of 12.5% interest that was owned. Basically a straw poll of the members showed they would not vote you in as a regular member. The agreement allowed for an economic interest to be conveyed without voting rights. That’s what you got & it complied with the divorce agreement. It really doesn’t matter since majority rules & 93.75% of the ownership has voted the same every point in time.”

“Your belief that the LLC’s assets are considerably greater than the liabilities is baffling. During the divorce you were repeatedly told that the LLC was underwater…You have been on the distribution list for the LLC filing for BANKRUPTCY. We need to raise over $1,800,000 from the partners & are also losing our building to our lender. The dismissal is required to transfer the building, nothing more. Your continued greed & ignorance amaze everyone. So the real question Sara is how you would like to pay $112,500 in to the LLC for your 6.25%??? Nobody will be buying out your worthless interest. Mark”

The partners of Moote Pointe Properties, LLC which include Mark F. Hassman who was the spouse who controlled the community estate, knew or should have known

Mrs. Hassman did not receive her community property interest in Moote Pointe Properties, LLC and Mr. Hassman knew or should have known Moote Pointe Properties, LLC was omitted from said stipulated judgment and therefore he and the other partners knew or should have known they should not have demanded Mrs. Hassman “pay $112,500 in to the LLC for your 6.25%???” This is not legal advice but a copy of the law:
California Penal Code §518 defines EXTORTION as obtaining of property from another, with his consent, induced by a wrongful use of force or fear, or under color of official right.

Since the divorce, Mark F. Hassman and his new wife received $60,085 due to a “Cancellation of Indebtedness of Income” from Moote Pointe Properties, LLC which they took all for themselves.

Do you think Moote Pointe Properties, LLC is part of a REAL ESTATE FRAUD SCHEME where debts are transferred to one Limited Liability Corporation and assets to another which are all owned by the same joint venture partners with an objective to maximize tax benefits, including capital gains, losses, 1031 exchanges etc.?
***Now several years after trying to extort $112,500 from the ex-wife and having Moote Pointe Properties, LLC declare BANKRUPTCY; Moote Pointe Properties, LLC’s INDEBTEDNESS HAS BEEN CANCELLED and MR. HASSMAN and the other partners now have passive income.

Mark F. Hassman testified at a public hearing in Judge Claudia Silbar’s courtroom that Moote Pointe Properties, LLC was omitted from the stipulated judgment by “mistake” however; Judge Claudia Silbar did not rectify this unadjudicated asset.

Also, Mark F. Hassman, the Family Law Firms representing the spouses, the Joint Venture Partners, the Accounting Firm which prepared Mr. Hassman’s tax returns or Mr. Hassman’s new wife have not tried to correct this “mistake” by and distributing to the ex-wife her community property interest and other related accrued interests.

As I continue to forge forward bringing out the truth regarding the various aspects of Parental Alienation; especially when the alienating father is trying to keep concealed millions of dollars of community property which should have been distributed to his ex-wife, the loving Mother. She was suffering from his acts of emotional abuse at the time of divorce due to the parental alienation and other acts.

Do you think this alienating father and others cooperating with him were trying to take advantage of her, thinking she would never recover and figure all this out and hold them accountable?

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation.org



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