Fake tears, stolen delayed tax refunds of $350,000 verified by IRS; concealed family homes; refusal for over ten years to give me our children’s contact information even though he swore I was an “integral part of their positive upbringing”; claiming my job of being a licensed caregiver for a woman with Parkinson’s disease from morning till night two days a week is “not a real job” and more evil, idiotic, hateful, incriminating statements and acts by my Harvard educated still legal husband MARK HASSMAN and JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR at the recent hearing. They both look and act like they already have one foot in the grave and are headed to the Ninth Circle of Hell since they refuse to rectify their evil and terror.

As Dante explains in his famous poem “Divine Comedy;” the Ninth Circle of Hell is reserved for the worst of the worst. Solzhenitsyn also confirms this in his classic novel “In the First Circle.” 
As any reasonable, compassionate person knows; you can’t commit a worse sin or crime than separating a loving, law-abiding Mother from her children and depriving her of receiving her property and other assets at the time of divorce so both she and her children suffer from the terror, torture, abuse and oppression of Parental Alienation. 

Parental Alienation includes Modern Slavery of the alienated children of all ages and their alienated Mother or Father; Fraudulent and Criminal Divorce Judgments, Restraining Orders, Vexatious Litigant Convictions and other criminal and malicious acts being carried out by a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY and RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE which includes Judges, Law Firms, Executives, Religious Organizations and their Leaders and Members, Other Nonprofits including Schools and Universities; Bank of America; the Court-appointed Therapist and others.
         Modern Slavery involves forcing the alienated children of all ages to commit criminal and immoral acts and criminally, immorally and maliciously depriving the alienated Mother (or Father) of her property and fruits of her labor thereby treating her like she is a slave and has no rights. 
My divorce judgment ON ITS FACE proves this “modern slavery” along with other public records including but not limited to the recent September 12, 2018 hearing in crooked and evil JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’S court.

Continuing with the prior two posts regarding this recent September 12th hearing:
I want to explain the development of the various “strategies” of my evil, crooked, heartless and malicious still legal husband MARK HASSMAN and others in the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY and RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE which promotes Parental Alienation and refuses to stop.
        The 1st strategy was to try proving that I am a felon by requesting and having granted against Me restraining, stay-away and other protective orders WITHOUT any legal basis. 
This strategy set the stage for their 2nd strategy which was to hold Me in contempt of these orders with lies and false allegations so that I could be deemed a felon and they can then keep all of my millions of dollars of assets they have stolen from me. However, their false allegations have made Me and OUR REVOLUTION much stronger WHILE their criminal and malicious acts and malicious intentions have become clearer and clearer. This is how evil, crooked predators destroy themselves and honest, loving, law-abiding people obtain Justice. 
As MARK HASSMAN swore at this recent September hearing; not one law firm will even represent him despite all of the millions of dollars he stole from me and those he has from his own 50 percent interest in the community estate. It appears that because MARK HASSMAN is so evil, crooked and heartless in his treatment of his own wife of over 20 years and his own children as the IRREFUTABLE FACTS in public records prove; they are probably afraid that they too will be harmed BY HIM. Plus, why would a law firm want to go up against Me and the Truth and think this will be profitable and good for their reputation?
      Amazing, with all of the millions of dollars of stolen money and other money and assets, MARK HASSMAN still cannot be happy. He still has to continue the Parental Alienation and complain that I am some “elephant in the room” WHEN HE HAS THE ABILITY TO END IT ALL. 
As I stated in court, why is MARK HASSMAN refusing to DISCLOSE the net worth of the community estate, its division and its distribution? 
       Why is MARK HASSMAN refusing to RECTIFY the divorce judgment so that he and I can AGREE to these required facts and have them INCLUDED in the divorce judgment whereby it will then comply with the laws and we can be LEGALLY DIVORCED? 
        Instead he cried to very evil and crooked JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR who did not order, upon my reasonably request, that this stipulated judgment which she reviewed, signed and filed, be set aside or revised so that it complies with the laws including those of Equal Rights.
     Instead JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR made a moral inversion when she stated that I am the spouse full of hate. What is wrong with HER?
***** Why is it hateful to exercise your First Amendment Right to redress your grievances so that love, family, truth, equal rights and justice can be maintained since these are the values and principles the Democratic Republic of the United States was founded upon? JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR should EMBRACE what I am doing; not call it hate. It appears she is very confused and needs to step down from the bench since she obviously is not administering justice fairly as the laws require. She appears to have HER OWN BRAND OF JUSTICE.

The 3rd strategy was to allege that the Community Estate was worthless but MARK HASSMAN or others must have realized, based upon joint tax returns and many other documents, that this was a very ridiculous strategy.

The 4th strategy which is the one they played at this September 12, 2018 hearing, is to take away all of my spousal support, knowing I never received ANY of my assets from the Community Estate including retirement and savings which is evil, cold, heartless and criminal. 
Think this is why MARK HASSMAN can’t find a lawyer to represent him? Think they want to represent an evil predator like him AGAINST ME who has the TRUTH ON MY SIDE?

MARK HASSMAN was so foolish he swore he found a “new assets” but it had some debt attached but since he is such and “good boy” he paid it all off; AGAIN JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR did not demand any documentation for this so it is more ridiculous rhetoric and lies. If it was true, why not present the documentation so it becomes IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE? Because He can’t, there is none.
*********Why would I need an EMERGENCY RESTRAINING ORDER WHEN IT HAS NEVER BEEN DISPUTED that I have been a loving, law-abiding Woman and Mother and never had any criminal problems until the time of divorce when MARK HASSMAN hired the law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM and he paid this law firm to carry out its “formulated litigation strategy” to: a) have restraining orders requested and granted against me and; b) to also reduce my spousal support c) as its founder and senior attorney PHILIP SEASTROM swore to in his PERSONAL declaration dated August 5, 2015. THIS IS ALSO IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE which I again stated at the 9/12/2018 hearing.
It will be interesting to see what my attorney PAMELA SHAFFER of Laguna Beach comes up with at the hearing in a few weeks on September 28, 2018.
AGAIN, why JUDGE CHARLES MARGINES the presiding judge of this court ALLOWS crooked, evil and biased, not impartial JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR to remain on this case and on the bench is also a violation of my Constitutional Rights to be able to have my grievances heard before an impartial judge. 
****But, to make matters more incriminating, what will PAMELA SHAFFER, Esq. with 25 years of experience say AND HAVE DOCUMENTATION TO PROVE was the lawful reason she AGREED with the Ex Parte (emergency) Restraining Order with the attached Child Custody and Visitation Order which Commissioner and Judge LON HURWITZ granted on June 5, 2009? 
****What will she also say and PROVIDE DOCUMENTATION TO PROVE that it was in my best interest as her client to have all matters of this case assigned to crooked, evil, and biased JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR. 
****Also, why after the June 26, 2009 hearing when this June 5, 2009 Restraining Order with the attached Child Custody and Visitation Order was made permanent by JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, did Pamela Shaffer with her infinite wisdom having 25 years of experience, NOT REQUEST a peremptory challenge on my behalf?
       Even I know this should have been done and I do not have 25 years of legal experience as PAMELA SHAFFER, Esq. does. This is why I hired her because I thought she would diligently represent me using her legal experience. Boy was I wrong and she is a mother herself; disgraceful beyond any words.

MARK HASSMAN’S fake crying combined with real crying. 
MARK HASSMAN is really upset and may really be crying. He never, ever expected that I would be able to beat him at his own evil game of Parental Alienation by exposing the TRUTH so he and his cohorts can all be held accountable. Further, I can then set legal precedent so millions of us and also future generations will not be terrorized by Parental Alienation. 
However, MARK HASSMAN’S tears are also fake because if he TRUTHFULLY WANTED to end this “harassment” he calls it he could by AGREEING to set aside or rectify the divorce judgment so it complies with the law. 
Overwhelming facts prove that he just couldn’t divorce legally by following the laws which in California is easy. There are just 3 steps: 1) each spouse must AGREE to the value of the community estate, 2) Agree to DIVIDING IT pursuant to the law and then; 3) DISTRIBUTE IT according to the law which is 50/50. 
This includes the delayed tax refunds, our homes and other concealed assets I mentioned at this hearing which both he and JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR ignored.
I don’t think HER BRAND OF JUSTICE is playing very well with the FEDERAL AUTHORITIES and others who are INVESTIGATING THIS CASE and all the criminal, illegal and malicious acts being carried out not only against Me but also against the Government and by Government Officers and by those with Government licenses.

MARK HASSMAN had to try to take advantage of Me. He had to CREATE PROBLEMS for Me since I would not OBEY HIM, and then USE OUR CHILDREN and FORCE THEM TO OBEY HIM.
Is this why he refuses to give me their contact information since they will admit to BEING FORCED TO ALIENATE ME AND HIDE ASSETS AND INCOME? ALIENATING ME IS NOT NATURAL AS I HAVE BEEN PROFESSIONALLY TOLD and any reasonable person knows.

MARK HASSMAN has chosen thus far to try to destroy me emotionally and financially as I was professionally advised he would do. 
Too late, the facts are all in public records and all over the internet and like I said in court; if necessary I will die fighting to End Parental Alienation because I will never succumb to these evil predators thereby becoming one of them. 
I will continue to use my education, skills and experiences to promote truth, love, family, equal rights and justice as many reading this post are also doing as OUR REVOLUTION is thriving. So have a nice weekend and keep spreading the truth so others do not fall prey.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org
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Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).

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