Federal Racketeering Laws are very brutal. A Racketeer is one who obtains money illegally with acts of fraud, extortion, money laundering, emotional abuse, malicious prosecution, abuse of process, abuse of power, bribery and other crimes and immoral acts. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is what I am referring to and applies to my defendants and others who have aided them including HORRIFICALLY MY THREE (3) ADULT CHILDREN who have been turned into criminals by my ex-husband and others in this Parental Alienation conspiracy.

Federal Racketeering Laws are brutal because the U.S. Attorney takes the position that the acts of fraud, extortion, money laundering, emotional abuse, malicious prosecution, abuse of process, abuse of power, bribery and other crimes were malicious, premeditated intentions of a sophisticated, well-organized gang or conspiracy.

These criminal and immoral acts of my nefarious and very well-educated defendants and those aiding them are easy to prove by merely looking at the FACE OF: 1) the divorce judgment; 2) personal declarations of lawyers, my ex-husband, the court-appointed therapist; my eldest adult son and others which are filled with perjury and admit malicious and criminal motives; 2) tax returns; 3) trust documents; 
4) many illegal judicial rulings and; 5) other documents in public records from my divorce and related court proceedings.

No witnesses are needed to prove these crimes including racketeering and OTHER immoral, outrageous acts intentionally and maliciously carried out by this conspiracy.

The Federal Racketeering Law INDICTMENT will include many uncontroverted charges supported by indisputable evidence including bribery. There are many people and organizations which intentionally and maliciously are remaining part of this Parental Alienation conspiracy which has the intentions of carrying out many crimes and immoral acts that disgracefully they can have their own wing in some jail.

MARK HASSMAN, my ex-husband and father of our three (3) children, along with all my other defendants and others involved in this Parental Alienation conspiracy; I am begging you to please spare my three (3) now adult children.

****** MARK, IT MAKES NO SENSE TO TAKE OUR VULNERABLE CHILDREN DOWN WITH YOU. Admit the brainwashing, emotional abuse, parental alienation lies and schemes which should mitigate the damages for our three children, even Stephen who has the most to mitigate. Maybe he has become such a menace to society that he should not be spared but, our other two (2) children definitely should be.

In addition, MARK why not use your Harvard business school negotiation skills and years of Chief Financial Officer experiences to help our children reunite with Me so we can End the Parental Alienation which has been going on for eleven (11) years now; despite the fact that your email in public records states that I, Sara Hassman, their full-time stay-at-home Mother was an “integral part of their positive upbringing.”

The indictments will be forthcoming unless you End the Parental Alienation; Fairly compensate me for the racketeering and other crimes; Restore my clean criminal record; and Send me the documents I need to make Aliyah in Israel so I can become an Israeli citizen and live among my Jewish brethren and others who value love, honesty, respect, peace, equal rights and justice.
Events are going to unfold rapidly and expect other indictments besides Grand Jury indictments.

As my life proves; I live as a loving, honest, compassionate, law-abiding Jew and person proudly using my education, skills and experiences to help make our world and humanity a better place as GOD intended. This is called Tikkun Olam in Hebrew. 
One of the greatest illusions of this world is the Illusion of Separation (Albert Einstein) or in other words, a disregard of the “Pebble Effect.” 
Understand and be aware that what goes on here in my life in Israel will effect what the nefarious people and organizations in this Parental Alienation conspiracy did and continue to maliciously do. 

This “war” is not a profitable business anymore so I highly recommend that all my defendants and others involved in this Parental Alienation conspiracy get together and mitigate your damages by Ending the Parental Alienation; Fairly compensating me for the racketeering and other crimes; Restoring my clean criminal record; and Sending me the documents I need to make Aliyah in Israel.

THEN STOP YOUR BUSINESS PRACTICES OF RUINING THE LIVES OF LOVING, HONEST, LAW-ABIDING MOTHERS AND FATHERS AND THEIR CHILDREN WITH ACTS OF PARENTAL ALIENATION BY helping to CRIMINALIZE THIS TERROR in America and Israel as many countries have already done. You have nothing to lose but your unhappiness and obsessions which you use to try to hide the truth. Now is your opportunity to live the truth and help those you have harmed so your legacy will not be ruined.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,www.PAlienation.org



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