Fifty Shades of Grey or Fifty Shades of the Rainbow…your choice?

Fifty shades of Grey…should relationships be loveless, abusive and full of control, punishment.

Is this what a woman like myself signs up for when she signs a marriage contract?

So after about 20 years marriage my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN, who many experts have determined he is riddled with many and very serious psychological, emotional, power lust, control , narcissistic and other mental problems (but he earned his MBA from Harvard, made many business accomplishments with my help, support and love), decides to ABUSE and TORTURE ME and OUR CHILDREN, because I was “bad” because I refused to go along with his STUDENT LOAN FRAUD scheme and sign student loans since I knew we had millions of dollars saved in a defined contribution 401K Profit Sharing plan, investments, trusts and had many other sources of income.

So my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN increased my punishment by divorcing me and using lies and schemes to get our wonderful, moral and respectful Children I raised who I taught many important lessons of honesty, morality, responsibility, kindness and showered them with a tremendous amount of LOVE to believe I should be hated and abused and not only alienated from their life but to forget I ever existed.

Is this the world MY CHILDREN and millions like them want to live in including my Daughter; loveless and full of control and punishments because you are forbidden to use your beautiful mind and reach your beautiful potential because you must be “submissive?”

I did not sign up for this when I signed the marriage contract and you have FREE WILL to do what YOU WANT.

Do you truly want to live in this loveless, submissive, abusive world or are you ready and willing to join me in fighting for your rights and freedom and those of millions like you and me who have been placed in situations of others trying to use and abuse us, and trying to make us sacrifice our beautiful minds and potential so they can control us and treat us like their toy? There is no love, kindness, respect, freedom and of course there is not justice. The Abusers have to always be right or make you believe they are always right.

Do you want to be a thriving, happy and free INDIVIDUAL full of love and life or a corrupt, immoral, power crazy, abusive robot who preys on others and lives in a loveless world like MY mother, father, sister and relatives who I also fought because they tried and still try to make me “submissive” to them. I couldn’t file my own tax returns because they were using my social security number for unlawful things and my case helped changed the “kiddie trust” laws. But, they think they are still right and I am wrong because I refused and still refuse to be “submissive.” They can’t control me so for that reason they have alienated me for about 30 years now. When I look back I am so grateful I am nothing like them and have a beautiful mind, heart and soul and would never think of using and abusing anyone so they become “submissive.”

Is this what I signed up for when I signed my marriage contract?
NOW my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN keeps punishing me because I recovered enough from all the abuse and horror he has caused me and our Children to now have the capability to fight back. He doesn’t like that and neither does corrupt and immoral RABBI DAVID WOLPE and others at SINAI TEMPLE in LOS ANGELES, corrupt and immoral PASTOR RICK WARREN and others at SADDLEBACK CHURCH, other JEWISH and CHRISTIAN organizations who have my money and property that should have been distributed to me.

Others don’t like that I refuse to be “submissive” and continue to use my free will and independent mind and beautiful potential which God gave me like:
The Family Law firms which drafted, reviewed and signed the fraudulent and invalid stipulated judgment depriving me of a shared parenting arrangement and my community property which they have agreements to receive instead of me. They are SEASTROM & SEASTROM and THE LAW OFFICES of ALAN SHIFMAN who are also very corrupt and abusive along with THE LAW OFFICES OF HARRIS GONZALEZ and attorney KALEEN GONZALEZ who did unlawful and corrupt acts while representing me for a hearing where my spousal support was unlawfully reduced to zero. They don’t care that I have nurtured my Children and my ex-husband for many wonderful years so they thrived while I put my own career and hobbies on hold. All they care about is control, power and making me submissive to them and if I refuse, they will keep punishing me which they do daily as the court records show.

JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR does not like that I am not “submissive” because she sanctioned, signed and reviewed the fraudulent and invalid stipulated judgment and has agreements to receive my community property too. So every time I enter her courtroom she tries to make me be “submissive” by intentionally making unlawful, fraudulent and invalid orders to try to FORCE me to be submissive. Her latest is an act of forced labor and continuing to violate the law by refusing to promote justice for all by ordering a complete and accurate disclosure of the community estate and to adjudicate many community assets that the court file shows have been “purposefully concealed” and therefore have not been adjudicated as the law demands which she knows or should know.
She also unlawfully took away my spousal support (that is after already taking away my retirement, savings and other community property) again to try to force me to be submissive. 
JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR doesn’t care about Justice as her repeated acts of circumventing the law show. All she cares about is working with the “coalition” of “influential” people like my ex-husband who is a Harvard grad, Religious leaders who are nothing but abusers and crooks, law firms who claim to be honest and experienced like THE KIKEN GROUP and DALE KIKEN who unlawfully reclassified and removed community assets from trusts; CATE SCHOOL a “prestigious” boarding high school who abused my Son and made unlawful agreements with my ex-husband; wealthy and “influential” but corrupt Corporate Executives like MARJI KNITTER of MOOTE COMPANIES; her wealthy but corrupt brother PAUL MOOTE II; her wealthy but corrupt husband MJ KNITTER ; corrupt NICHOLAS SAMIOS and of Westminster, Maryland; corrupt Joint Venture Partners like STEVE MUROW; her corrupt court appointed therapist ALAN LIBERMAN; a corrupt 401k plan administrator also MARJI KNITTER; a corrupt and abusive new spouse MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY who claims to be a Born Again Christian; my ex-husband’s corrupt mother ELAINE ADELBERG from Baltimore; and of course don’t forget about the corrupt and abusive Religious Leaders and Organizations.

So, as I continue to fight for my freedom, I will never be submissive to these horrible and corrupt people and I will continue to use my mind and other resources God gave me to help myself, my Children and others like us. If they choose to be part of those who choose with their free will to try to force others to be “submissive,” in a loveless and abusive world then I will fight you too.
Let me warn you, I fight very, very hard and smart; but I fight fair in my world full of love, kindness, respect and freewill where everyone is encouraged to have freedom and reach their beautiful potential while being showered with love as we discover new things like the fifty shades of the Rainbow.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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