Filing POLICE REPORTS will help Stop Abuse, including Parental Alienation, Domestic Violence and other forms of Abuse

How to STOP millions of WOMEN AND CHILDREN, like my Children and myself, from being victims of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and other forms of ABUSE.
When you have ADULT children, a loving Mother (father) cannot file Domestic Violence or any other police reports for them.
They have to do it THEMSELVES. (This is not legal advice, just common knowledge the police dept can give you).

So, although reunification is extremely important to me since this is for the well being of my children and also myself and I love them dearly; my focus is to RECTIFY MY FRAUDULENT DIVORCE which will bring out the abuses too.

…In the meantime; my very smart and reasonable Children (and other Children too) may and should file DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and other ABUSE POLICE REPORTS BY JUST GOING TO THEIR LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT (or filling a report ON LINE). I know my youngest Son was forced to live in those horrible living conditions at the California Boarding School as many photos and emails show.
***My Son was a MINOR then and 1)his father, 2) his step-mother and 3) the California boarding school had the responsibility to PROTECT HIM, NOT ABUSE HIM.
Furthermore, others who knew about this like RABBI DAVID WOLPE and RABBI RALPH RESNICK of SINAI TEMPLE in LOS ANGELES, had and still have duties and it is “not religious” to allow abuse of any kind.

I also have an email asking my children’s step-mother MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY if there has been SEXUAL ABUSE and she refused to answer.

If any of you were SEXUALLY ABUSED or ABUSED in any other ways, for two reasons you must report this to the POLICE by filing a POLICE REPORT: 1)so you can end the abuse and stop it from reoccurring against you or others 2)and also so they can get the help they need.

I believe my daughter has been sexually abused along with my Son and there have been incidences I believe of Forced Labor, Debt Servitude and other abuses due to over $210,000 of STUDENT LOANS they were forced to apply for and have this huge debt especially now that my ex-husband, their father MARK F. HASSMAN swore under oath many times he is “INSOLVENT.”

My Adult Children have the responsibility of paying all these student loans unless some concealed assets are being used which again will be disclosed in my lawsuits. Like I said, my lawsuits will bring out the abuses too but my Children too must file the police reports so this abuse can end and never reoccur. My lawsuits are focused on my fraudulent divorce and the millions of dollars of concealed assets and where they were distributed.

Whatever abuses went on; adult children, including my own, file a POLICE REPORT about it so you can STOP IT.
It is easy.
You can file a police report on line or just bring any documents or information you have to the police station in your area and they can help you file the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE REPORT against: 1) your father, 2) your step-mother and 3) the California Boarding School and 4)file other REPORTS of ABUSE for what others did and still do to you; 5)including intimidating you from contacting your loving Mother thereby FORCING you to submit to the very well documented EMOTIONAL TORTURE and TERROR of PARENTAL ALIENATION. []

***IF YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE NOT BEING FORCED TO ALIENATE YOUR LOVING MOTHER; then please let me know what I ever did with my clean record my entire life and my good values and character that makes you think you need to alienation me forever and we cannot reasonably work out whatever you are concerned about… which happened all of a sudden around the time of the divorce. This is very well documented too.

This is all DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND ABUSE against your 1)father, 2)step-mother and the 3) California Boarding School since you are their PAST RESIDENTS; even if you no longer live with them even part time and this happened several years ago.

Also, check with the police and they will tell you the allegations for those like 4)Rabbi David Wolpe and Rabbi Ralph Resnick of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles and other Jews and 5)others who KNEW ABOUT the abusive living conditions and other acts of abuse but allowed the abuse to continue especially for FINANCIAL GAIN.

The evidence shows Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, the California Boarding School and others have “agreements” with your father and also that your step-mother MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY is tied into them too. She has refused to amend her joint tax returns and has done other things which the IRS and others are aware of. Why would she do this especially since she claims to be “religious?” Where is her compassion since she is a mother too and her children are not being treated this way.
Furthermore, many documents show your “insolvent” father and step-mother claimed and still claim you for TAX BENEFITS and FORCE YOU TO PAY SOME OF THEIR HOUSEHOLD EXPENSES, which shows FINANCIAL GAIN.

*** It is also abuse that your “insolvent” father and step-mother are using you for FINANCIAL GAIN while forcing you to alienate your loving Mother who has had a clean record her entire life. This is a form of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE because you have a Constitutional right to have a Companionship with your Mother and also they are DESTROYING LOVE which shows EMOTIONAL ABUSE and TORTURE and sickness. []

***Although all of my Children’s actions have not been reasonable; their actions are very typical of those suffering from Parental Alienation and I understand.
Again, why are my Children afraid to contact me?
There is not any reasonable reason and to the contrary it is very UNREASONABLE especially in light of many fraudulent acts their father has committed; as just one example shows; Case #11HM10952, California Harbor-Newport Beach Facility which the judge dismissed and expunged from the record due to their father’s heart wrenching baiting and inducing me and I missed all of their graduations due to his evil acts of showing a CLEAR PATTERN of DESTROYING LOVE and the sacred MOTHER/SON and MOTHER/DAUGHTER relationship. []

Remember, it is NOT REASONABLE or of “SOUND MIND” to want to live in those horrible conditions at the California Boarding School in VIOLATION of the School’s clear policies in their handbook and even have your bed and blanket taken away as your father, step-mother, and school administrators and advisers REPEATEDLY APPROVED as their emails and other acts show.

You KNOW this is not reasonable and my very smart and reasonable Son never lived like this before the parental alienation began when I was part of his life. Many documents say my Son “wanted” to live this way which is not only unreasonable but shows abuse in many ways.
He is very smart and reasonable and would not want to live this way and also do other things many documents show he did.

But as an adult, be responsible and REPORT this abuse so you can STOP IT and get the abusers the HELP they need so they cannot repeat it to you or anyone else.
***Remember, I also have many photographs and emails that show Domestic Violence, Emotional Torture and Other Forms of Abuse.
Also, I have many photos and emails showing your “INSOLVENT” father MARK F. HASSMAN, your step-mother MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY, the Administrators at the California Boarding High School and RABBI DAVID WOLPE and RABBI RALPH RESNICK of SINAI TEMPLE in LOS ANGELES and others all approved and permitted this DOMESTIC VIOLENCE situation to persist at the California Boarding School and/or elsewhere too.
It upsets me every time I look at them.

Since many have and continue to help my “INSOLVENT” ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN conceal millions of dollars of assets and income which is well documented on many public records; thinking they will get away with keeping MY assets; this will simultaneously reveal the Domestic Violence, Emotional Abuse and other Abuse issues too.

My Adult Children and other Adult Children should just go to the Police Department in their area or go on line and file a Domestic Violence Police Report with all the horrible things they forced and continue to still force you to do; this INCLUDES being forced to stop communicating with your loving Mother for FEAR of harm; financial or otherwise.
***They are not helpless like the abusers try to make them believe.
All of MY CHILDREN are smart, reasonable adults.
So, EMPOWER YOURSELF and file your POLICE REPORTS for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and other ABUSES done to you and continue to be done to you like intimidating you from contacting your Loving Mother, who has had a clean record her entire life and is known for her good values and character.

As we know from the Abuse cases brought against many Priests and others; it takes years for abuse victims to realize they have been abused and then years for them to develop the strength to file a Domestic Violence or Sexual Abuse Police Reports. By then, the abusers may have passed away.
This is what Rabbis, Priests, Abusive Parents, Step-mothers (fathers), Schools and other PREDATORS count on.
This is why they look for Children, Young Adults and Adults, especially Women going through a divorce or other difficult situations to abuse them because they are less likely to ever have the strength to FILE A POLICE REPORT with their LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and other ABUSE to stop the abuse for themselves and for others.

***The people who had a responsibility to PROTECT these Children; like the custodial father, step-mother and California Boarding School, have abused them. It is pure evil and corruption and this MUST be stopped.

Remember, you can be an Adult and also FILE A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE POLICE REPORT with your LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT for Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse or other Abuse that happened YEARS AGO.
It is just in most situations; another Adult, like a loving Mother, cannot file a domestic violence, sexual abuse or any other police report for another Adult, like their Adult Child. A loving Mother can only file a police report for a minor Child. (This is not legal advice, just common knowledge you can get from your local police department).

So, if you are an Adult who has been abused by a parent, step-mother or those at a Boarding School or others including those who permitted this abuse like Rabbis; go file a POLICE REPORT with your LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT. (you can do this on line too but try to go into the police dept if possible so you can talk to them).

It is easy to do.

Take control of your life and do not let these ABUSERS and PREDATORS intimidate you from exercising your rights to have freedom and not be abused.

PROTECT YOURSELF and others by going to your LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT and filing a police report for domestic violence and abuse which INCLUDES INTIMIDATING YOU FROM CONTACTING YOUR LOVING MOTHER.

Abusers will not stop abusing until you FORCE them; they are psychologically and emotionally sick.
***If they were able to UNDERSTAND love they would not be able to abuse anyone because it would horrify them.

These sick Abusers do not have any compassion so they can keep abusing others instead of addressing their own psychological issues.
They DESTROY LOVE and instead control others to do what they want instead of allowing others to have freedom and express their TRUE feelings. They think they must control to receive love and attention not realizing this is not love but abuse. They are very delusional and sick but refuse to get help.

If you are an Abuser, TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE by getting help and rectifying what you have done.

If you have been abused; TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE by filing a POLICE REPORT about the abuse which is EASY TO DO.

*** Do not let these ABUSERS and PREDATORS intimidate you from exercising your right to have freedom and not be abused.
PROTECT YOURSELF by going to your LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT and filing a police report for domestic violence and abuse so you will STOP THE ABUSE.

***We need to help protect ourselves and in the process make our world a better place for ourselves and others.

Adults, which includes young Adults must be responsible and file their own POLICE REPORT so they can stop being abused and not worry that the abuse will ever occur again.

I am a responsible Adult and doing my part by RECTIFYING MY FRAUDULENT DIVORCE which will also bring out the ABUSIVE ACTS since it is all part of the FINANCIAL GAIN and my millions of dollars of concealed assets and the substantial amount of STUDENT LOANS. It is all connected.

I am confident my reasonable and very smart Adult Children and millions like them will do their part by filing their POLICE REPORTS for Domestic Violence and other Abusive acts including being THREATENED not to contact their Loving Mother since around the time of divorce.

This is part of being a responsible and reasonable adult; AS I LEAD THE WAY FOR MYSELF, MY CHILDREN and OTHERS TO FOLLOW.

If not I, then who?

More, Especially for My Children:
Rectify what has been done to you and continues to be done as I do the same for all of us. So why is it you do not want to reunite with me and even communicate with me? What are you afraid of? Please help me understand since this is reasonable to try to understand and rectify the alienation.
Love always, Mom

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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