FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL and OTHER TREACHERY and ABUSE committed towards another person is tantamount to treachery against God Himself because…

Honesty and kindness is a way of life and not an occasional act, as any reasonable person knows. This relates to how a person cares for others and our world as this personal example shows.

FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL and OTHER TREACHERY and ABUSE committed towards another person is tantamount to treachery against God Himself because God defends the defenseless as the Torah and other religious books teach (Parsha Nasso).

This Torah section specifically discusses that the sins of SWEARING FALSELY, STEALING ONE’S PROPERTY and DOING ACTS THAT ARE NOT IN SOMEONE’S BEST INTEREST blemishes their soul forever UNLESS that person who swore falsely, stole and committed other abuse and treachery:
1. makes restitution to his or her victim by returning the money with interest and repairing other harms caused 
2. so the person is whole again
3. AND voluntarily confesses his or her sins.

This is also common sense and civility.

The rationale of these three steps is that by taking someone else’s money or causing them other harm, DENIES that God acted justly in blessing this person with these things or characteristics. Thus, the sinner diminishes the awe that honest and kind people feel for God. 

With that being said I want to share a story about my very good friend Cindy who I wrote about, about a week ago regarding her epilepsy and her beautiful testimony she gave at Metro Calvary Church. []

Since that time she was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance due to a terrible seizure. When she became coherent she called me and asked me to please come to the hospital and to bring a note pad to take some notes for her because she keeps forgetting things. Cindy and I have physical, health, family, hobbies and other amazing similarities.

Cindy considers me her spiritual Mother or adopted Mother because her birth Mother died when Cindy was a young child. Her Mother was a loving, caring Mother who Cindy misses very much. I consider Cindy my spiritual daughter or adopted daughter because I lost my children whom I raised and showered with so much love and kindness since they have chosen to believe the lies and false stories told to them since the time of my divorce over 7 years ago. 
My Children who are now young adults, know better than to believe the lies and alienate me from their life because:
• they know I have exposed many of the lies with my lawsuits (Los Angeles County Superior Court case # BC580980) and also 
• they know I have an honest, compassionate character and I have been a law-abiding person my entire life of over 50 years.

***Thus, since Cindy lost her Mother and I lost my Children, Cindy and I have found each other to fulfill these roles in each other’s lives which I think is beautiful.***

So, I spent all day at the hospital yesterday with Cindy and also last night sleeping next to her on two chairs. She would have done the same for me, I know.

Many wonderful and concerned people from Metro Calvary Church came to visit Cindy including Pastor Steve, his assistant Rich, Rich’s wonderful wife Grace and also Cindy’s dear friend Nicole. It was so nice for me to meet them and they visited with Cindy for a long time and I could clearly see how much they really care about her as do I.
While Grace and Nicole were visiting; Cindy twice blacked out and became incoherent and froze. When she came to, she did not remember. This was very similar to some of my complex partial seizures at the time of my divorce inflicted by my ex-husband and my 3 children with their harassment, disrespect and belligerent behavior which is very well documented. When I got away from them and their abuse, my seizures went away.

When Grace, Nicole and I brought these blackouts to the nurses’ and then doctors’ attention, they were not concerned. When Cindy woke up this morning, this happened several times lasting over 10 minutes each time which doctors and nurses witnessed. Again to my shock, they were not concerned and refused to even hook her back up to the brainwave machine and be concerned.

Reasonably, I asked the doctors to please contact my epilepsy doctor who cured me, so she could give her opinion after reviewing Cindy’s tests and medical records.

Using Authority vs. Reason which is so prevalent with the judges, law firms, executives, Sinai Temple, Saddleback Church and others who have stolen my money and property from my divorce and still refuse to help me reunite with my children and start discussing the abuse and torture of parental alienation which I and millions of other Mothers have been facing, I found happening at the hospital.

The doctors and nurses said that since I was only Cindy’s dear friend and not her power of attorney, they would not contact my epilepsy doctor for a second opinion even though what I was asking was reasonable. Cindy’s father, who in MY opinion over the years, views Cindy as a burden and really does not care about her well- being was contacted because he is Cindy’s power of attorney. He should be so grateful that myself, Pastor Steve, others from the Metro Calvary Church and other friends of Cindy’s really care about her. Instead of agreeing that a second opinion from my epilepsy doctor who cured me and/or others would be extremely helpful; he ordered that Cindy could not have ANY visitors and that I had to leave. This message was given to me by nurse Holly and then I called Pastor Steve to let him know who of course was shocked. What kind of father is this?

Doesn’t this seem like another situation of control and possibly narcissism? It is definitely unreasonable and not in Cindy’s best interest. Many of us want to help Cindy get well again and to ban us from seeing her in the hospital is just horrible and uncompassionate to say the least. Cindy is just all alone with just her father and those he permits to visit even though Cindy is an adult.
***You either agree with the abusive one in charge or they try to silence you. So what else is new?

***Unfortunately, Cindy does not have the physical or mental capability to take on her father but after reading this Torah portion; I am confident that Cindy will be fine because God will defend her.

With great sadness, Sara

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, it is based upon my knowledge and experiences. I want this information exposed so others are aware. Do you think hospitals like to have Cindy and others like her keep returning to the hospital since their insurance will cover their visits? Do they really not want to cure them? What do the facts show?

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation .org

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