Finding Love and Recognizing Abuse and Domestic Violence and Understanding the Difference

My friend, her Grandfather and his new girlfriend and then some facts on documents. More DOMESTIC VIOLENCE about how a corrupt father, step-mother and others ABUSE Children; instead of addressing their issues so they can learn to appreciate precious Children of all ages; especially as the holidays are upon us??? What will REASONABLE people think? Really now?

When I moved to Los Angeles I took an oil and watercolor painting class because painting is one of my hobbies. In the art class I met a wonderful woman and we have a great friendship. I talked to her before Thanksgiving and she was having Thanksgiving dinner with her family including her 93 year old Grandfather and his new girlfriend and she can’t wait to see this.
Well, I talked to her last night and asked her about her Grandfather’s new girlfriend. She told me that they make a nice couple because she is 92 and he is 93 and they enjoy each other’s company.

This is what I love about Los Angeles; many people really live life to its fullest and try to enrich themselves in many positive ways and take advantage of the many things this great city has to offer. As my friend said; her Grandfather and his new girlfriend can live to be over 100 years old and may enjoy each other’s company for many years.

So, don’t rush into a relationship because you too can live to be 92 or 93 and maybe even 100. Feel the “magic” and know that you have many things in common and will treat each other with respect, kindness and honesty and set other boundaries that you know are important to you; like if you want children or want to practice a particular religion.

So, don’t feel rushed and you will know when you have found true love and when it is not. However, don’t expect anyone to change their entire personality; if they are a liar and a cheater, expect them to continue to lie and cheat.

***Remember, being easily influenced is a positive thing ONLY IF you are influence by a person who has a beautiful, positive character and therefore does things that are in your best interest; not betraying your trust for their benefit. Plus, you must feel comfortable when you are with them and when you are not, you must feel comfortable that you can trust them. All healthy relationships are based on mutual trust and mutual respect; not control or secrets.

Speaking of secrets, do you know that an Income and Expense Declaration Judge Claudia Silbar referred to at the hearing on April 2, 2014 shows my ex-husband and his new wife were forcing two of our Children to pay over $500 each a month towards their household expenses when they were away at college.

More fraud? More lies?
What do you think the facts show?

Plus, my ex-husband and his new wife drive around in their new Lexus vehicles, travel, and afford many luxuries like what appears to be botox, breast implants and other expenses which reasonable people would consider luxuries WHILE FORCING YOUNG ADULT CHILDREN TO PAY THEIR HOUSEHOLD EXPENSES WHILE THEY ARE AWAY AT COLLEGE AND WHEN THEY HAVE THEIR OWN EXPENSES and many student loans to pay too.
What a Dad and a step-mother but this is what the documents, signed under the penalty of perjury show.

And for Judge Claudia Silbar and the Law Firms representing both my ex-husband and myself to ignore many invalid court filings including a judgment and ignore other sources of income and all agree, while ignoring the facts, necessary verification and the law and instead agree to reduce my spousal support to the jurisdictional level of zero when I have already been deprived from my 23 year marriage millions of dollars of retirement money, savings, investments, trusts, profit sharing and other community assets which is all on public record.
Judge Claudia Silbar even stated in her public courtroom on April 2, 2014; Mark F. Hassman is “ fortunate he’s remarried and his wife’s earning over $xxxxx a month. That’s why he’s presently at the time surviving.”
However, the numbers do not add up, there has not been any verification because discovery requests were violated but then not ordered to be complied with AND now said “wife earning over $xxxxx a month,” whose income kept increasing from her Company Mark F. Hassman mentioned many times on public records, is now collecting unemployment.

Does this sound like a plausible story?
Does this sound like there could be perjury, unemployment fraud, other frauds, and conspiracy?
What do you think the facts show?

*******It is such a disgrace they have involved my innocent Children who like me were and still are being emotionally tortured due to the PARENTAL ALIENATION and acts of INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE that is very well documented and so are my seizures.*******

This is just so horrible and evil but the truth will prevail.

I saw parts of an interesting movie yesterday called “Analyze That” which shows how someone in the mafia got tired of the racket and began leading a life of truth and justice and used his skills and knowledge and brought corrupt people to justice. Food for thought on this Thanksgiving weekend.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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