For all of my Children especially my Eldest Son who will be celebrating his 27th birthday soon.

I have not seen him or communicated with him in over 8 years since the time of the divorce proceedings. Initially, he refused to respond to my emails and voice mail messages and then changed his email address and phone number.

Thus, I do not know where he is or what he is doing and his father and others refuse to help us begin communicating again which is PURE EVIL as any loving, law-abiding Mother and person knows.

All of my Children including my eldest Son celebrating his birthday soon, had been respectful, kind leaders setting the example for others at their schools to follow. THEY CARED about people, important, worthy causes and participated in many hands-on charity projects. 
As just one example of the beautiful values and character my Children had, my eldest Son celebrating his birthday soon, often went to a nursing home and played chess with one of the residents. At the end of the school year when my Son was graduating and would not be returning to play chess; this very kind and appreciative man gave him a special coin from his coin collection to show his appreciation.

These chess games were not just about the game; they were about the companionship and relationship which developed and the many important and fun things they both learned from each other. What a beautiful way to spend time.

IT IS VERY HEARTBREAKING FOR ME to realize that my Children, all three of them, who are very bright, and used to be compassionate, respectful and kind; at the time of the divorce proceedings over 8 years ago and since then, SUDDENLY have refused to communicate with me and help me expose the truth and obtain justice for not only ourselves but for millions suffering from Parental Alienation and fraudulent Divorce Contracts.

All my Children who are now adults, know I have been deprived of receiving my property, savings, retirement, income and other assets from my marriage which is still on-going due to the fraudulent Divorce Contract where the net worth of the community estate, its division and distribution were never disclosed in violation of the law and know I was also deprived of custody and visitation without any legal or rational basis. I was very sick at the time the fraudulent Divorce Contract was signed, due to the very well documented Parental Alienation and was taken advantage of.

I have been a law-abiding citizen my entire life and no tests were ever performed to show otherwise and I am NOT a danger to anyone; rather I am a HUGE ASSET to anyone who focuses their mind and listens to and implements what I encourage and practice myself.
If since the time of the divorce proceedings my Children, without any legal or rational basis, SUDDENLY decided they did not want to have a relationship with me; THEN WHY NOT EXPLAIN their rationale so we can reasonably discuss this as a loving, law-abiding Mother and her Children should WANT to do. 
This is what wise, mature people do; they just don’t cut their Mother out of their life WITHOUT FIRST having a sincere, meaningful discussion to try to resolve whatever the issues are.

It is one thing to CHOOSE to suddenly alienate your law-abiding, loving, wise, compassionate Mother from your life at the time of divorce proceedings and thereafter, but it is another thing to STEAL her assets which she should have received at the time of the divorce proceedings and thereafter. This is criminal and as Judge Sfekas and others taught me; the laws must apply EQUALLY to everyone. 
Do you think you are so special and entitled that you do not have to follow the laws?

My mother, late father and sister thought that too and were wrong. If you doubt my word, get a court order to open up the case file and you will see. They would have gone to jail had the judge not encouraged them to settle with me and they finally listened. All this is in the case file.

***My three Children (and others too), if you think your father and those in his evil, corrupt, collective group will protect you; you are very mistaken. IF THEY CARED ABOUT YOUR WELL-BEING, they would have already ended the Parental Alienation which would have ended many of your problems, whether you CHOOSE to face this fact or not.

FORGETTING THE TRUTH will only give you more shame, anger, less self-confidence and many other problems. You will not have peace of mind and not be able to love. Many experts and history too have proven this. Your relationships will be empty because you have CHOSEN whether you want to realize this or not, to close off your heart. This is what has happened to your father and all those in his evil, corrupt, corrupt collective group who rule with authority and not reason, compassion and love.

FORGETTING THE TRUTH is NOT the answer to repairing your problems. FACING THE TRUTH is the way to repair your problems and take back your heart, mind and soul.

*** I can’t stress enough to you to stop believing the lies. You know me and know I am not the type of person your father and others in his evil, corrupt collective group have tried to make me out to be.

***AS I TAUGHT YOU, don’t be indifferent to important issues in your life and don’t be afraid to challenge those in positions of authority with facts.

***Not only will this make you proud of yourself, it will heal you and heal others who do not have the health or capability to challenge those in positions of authority themselves. THIS IS WHAT I TAUGHT YOU TO DO. This is love, compassion, empathy, respect, reasonableness and love. 
Yes, I taught you how to love and I hope you now remember those lessons and bring them back into your life instead of continuing to believe the lies. All of you are very bright and can do this if you focus your mind.

For my eldest Son, as you approach your 27th birthday, I hope you realize the important lessons I taught you and how foolish you have been to alienate me from your life.

Correct your mistake and lead the way for your younger siblings to follow you. Be the big brother that you are capable of being and use your mind, heart and soul to help you too. This is wisely and honestly using your potential which I hope you do as an adult now of almost 27 years.

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.-Carl Jung
As always none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences including facts about those in the Establishment.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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