For Children of all ages who have alienated their Parent at the time of divorce; including my own Children.

Do you really believe the lies you have been told about your loving, law- abiding Mother (father) and that she really ALL OF A SUDDEN CHANGED?

Why haven’t you contacted her so you can have a civil conversation about why you believe you must alienate her from your life since that would be reasonable behavior?

Why won’t you give her your contact information so she can contact you and you can intelligently resolve this alienation?

Have you BEEN THREATENED that if you contact her, you and/or she and/or your brother or sister will be harmed? If so, don’t believe the lies and contact your Mother because she will be able to alert the authorities because this is TERRORISM and ABUSE. Your Mother is smart and knows what to do.

You have legal rights to live in FREEDOM so don’t be afraid to protect your rights.

In my situation, my lawsuit clearly lays out the facts so if anything should happen; your father, step-mother, religious organizations, law firms, judges, court-appointed therapist, business executives, schools and others will immediately be suspected since they clearly have a motive so they can profit.

Do you HONESTLY want to alienate your Mother and go along with the abuse and corruption?

Don’t you know that it is against the law for you to hide assets and income from your Mother? Do you think YOU have a right to receive HER property and income from the marriage instead of her even though this is not what the law allows? Does the law NOT apply to you? Is this democracy?

Do you think your father, law firms, Jewish and Christian Organizations, schools, judges and others have a right to receive YOUR MOTHER’S property and income and deprive her of receiving it? This is against the law and ignorance of the law is not a valid defense especially for ADULT Children. 
So, I strongly suggest STANDING UP FOR YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS by contacting your Mother and helping her receive HER property and income so her divorce is legal. This is reasonable and also moral behavior as I hope you have moral values and good character and have not adapted depraved morals and habits.

I know I have and I am sure most Mothers have raised their Children so they had good values and character before the alienation. 
Thus, as Mothers we should be PROUD of ourselves for how we raised our Children. If they have CHOSEN to change and have ALLOWED THEMSELVES TO BE INFLUENCED BY CORRUPTION, we are not at fault.

A person can teach someone what TO DO as well as what NOT to do. So have peace knowing you did and CONTINUE to show your Children what TO DO. This is what a wonderful Mother and Person does. If our Adult Children want to continue to alienate us then know that they have poor values and are weak since they refuse to stand up for morality and being lawful. In my situation, if my Children came back into my life with poor values which includes lacking in respect, civility and other reasonable behavior; I will get sick again and this I will not allow.

I just hope my Children cannot confess under oath that they have been involved for years now in hiding or stealing my property, income or other interests. I hope they realize that sick and evil people will try to IMPLICATE them to keep them UNDER CONTROL; BUT GET AWAY FROM THEM. Stop believing their lies!!!
Become self-reliant and learn from these lessons, including Guilt by Association. Evil, corrupt people try to BREAK YOUR SPIRIT so they have control over you. 
They try to build trust for the MUTUAL BENEFIT of the GROUP and try to make you feel SPECIAL. 
Please realize this so you do not feel “special” with them in jail too.

My documents show the theft, abuse, fraud and other illegal acts without any REASONABLE DOUBT.

It is never too late to change your immoral, corrupt ways and stop believing the lies and instead enforce your legal rights with the TRUTH.

As we approach the New Year; I hope you contact your alienated Mother and honestly discuss the reason for your sudden alienation. 
This will help you in many ways because your Mother LOVES YOU and your father and the others who have perpetuated the Parental Alienation just want to USE YOU.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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