For Judge Claudia Silbar and also to Help Others Understand Parental Alienation and other Divorce Issues

For JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR who will hopefully read this before the hearing on Wednesday, December 31, 2014.

This post should also help others understand some of the issues of parental alienation and why many have stated they have had unfair rulings in court.
This is not legal advice just the facts of my case as many public hearings in Judge Claudia Silbar’s public courtroom show along with the case file and other documents.

Why as a Judge and also a woman do you want to deprive me of receiving my community property interest and my lawful spousal support award based on the net worth of a completely and accurately disclosed community estate from my 23 year marriage (really longer because we are not legally divorced yet)?

Why also do you refuse to rescind the restraining orders against me since I have had a clean record my entire life of over 50 years and I am known for my good character and values? The restraining orders my ex-husband and his new wife requested and were granted without a rational basis have prevented me from attending my children’s graduations and other celebrations. My Children also think I have done something terribly wrong which you know I have not and you also know restraining orders are issued ROUTINELY without a rational basis.

As you know I raised my Children and taught them wonderful values and enriched their lives in many positive ways. As a result, they made many accomplishments, had self esteem and were poised to enter the world and face their challenges as teens and young adults at the time of the divorce when our relationships were suddenly destroyed based on lies and machinations of my ex-husband.

As you know, THERE IS NO RATIONAL REASON to alienate me from my Children and deprive us of each others’ companionship.
Why didn’t YOU pursue the line of questioning when you stated at the April 2, 2014 hearing that you met with my “boys” in-camera and they had no interest in reuniting with me?
Why didn’t YOU use reasonable diligence and inquire WHY they had no interest in reuniting with me; are they being threatened, or bribed?
It is reasonable that an honest, qualified therapist who practices safe haven therapy and therefore keeps our reunification sessions confidential so my Children are not fearful of any repercussions from expressing their true feelings that then the Parental Alienation will end as the Judge I clerked for knew and you should know from all of your experiences too.

Why would YOU refuse to order this therapy so I can reunite with my Children or AT LEAST rescind the restraining orders and hold my ex-husband and his new wife ACCOUNTABLE for being PROACTIVE in helping us reunite. My ex-husband and his new wife already told DR. PHIL on national television that they were in favor of our reunification so both of them should WELCOME this opportunity to be held ACCOUNTABLE to help make the reunification happen.

Also, Your Honor, since YOU reviewed, signed and filed the stipulated judgment you had to know it is invalid because Declarations are missing along with other documents. Also the dates the Declarations were served are in violation of the law and were not amended to correct this. Therefore as YOU knew it was legally and financially impossible for the net worth of the community estate to be established, discussed and agreed upon by myself and my ex-husband and then divided equally and fairly.

Also, as discovery will show, the community estate was not disposed of either because my ex-husband made 501c3 and other agreements with Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple and Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church and agreements with others like Cate School, the non-profit California Boarding High School which cooperated with my ex-husband and his new wife in ABUSING MY MINOR SON as photographs and emails show.

Did YOU ask my Son about this in your in-camera meeting?

As discovery will show, our family residence and our other homes which were omitted from the stipulated judgment which YOU reviewed, signed and filed are some of the community assets that were assigned to these religious organizations via these 501c3 and other agreements. I am surprised YOU did not realize the stipulated judgment was missing a family residence when you reviewed and then signed it. Did you think we lived on the street?

Remember, at the time of divorce I was recovering from the emotional abuse my ex-husband inflicted upon me resulting in my seizures and other health issues.

Furthermore, the judgment lacks the “sufficient particularity” required for the property that was disclosed to be identified by “a person of reasonable and ordinary intelligence.”
Therefore, it is clear from the face of the stipulated judgment that I could not have had a “meeting of the minds” or given an
INFORMED CONSENT to the terms of the stipulated judgment even though YOU reviewed, signed and filed it and the law firms representing myself and my ex-husband drafted, reviewed and signed it and my ex-husband who is a Certified Public Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, who received his MBA from Harvard and spearheaded the Jiffy Lube International, Inc. initial public offering in the 1980’s and since then has negotiated many multi-million dollar agreements and hired the Newport Beach Family Law Firm to guide and represent him, also reviewed and signed the stipulated judgment.
I reasonably relied on all of you since I was trying to cope with my emotional distress at the time of the divorce as many documents show and you were aware of too as the transcripts show.

So, Judge Silbar, why do YOU refuse to set aside this invalid stipulated judgment and all the post judgment spousal support modifications you made based on this invalid judgment?
By thus far refusing to set aside this invalid stipulated judgment and all the post judgment spousal support modifications; YOU know or should know you are depriving me of my due process and also my property and my constitutional right to have a companionship with my Children.

I and others are confused as to why YOU signed the invalid stipulated judgment, made post judgment spousal support modifications based on this invalid stipulated judgment and why YOU refuse to rectify these errors which are not harmless.

I hope YOU understand now and at the upcoming hearing on December 31st rectify these issues by reinstating my spousal support and ordering discovery so the stipulated judgment can be set aside and the declarations can be amended along with a new stipulated judgment or new order so that I am no longer deprived of receiving my property and other interests from my marriage of over 23 years.

Then the divorce will be able to be completed since it is not yet completed due to these invalid documents.

This is justice and my understanding of what a Judge is required to enforce in her courtroom, for all.
Sara Hassman

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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