For my youngest Son on his upcoming birthday.

I know you would never ever alienate me from your life unless you were threatened, lied to and made to believe I am someone other than the Honest, Loving, Fit Mother I am as the facts show. Plus, the facts show how both you and I and your siblings have been used and abused for a profit which I am proving in court. They try to deny me my right to Due Process so I may have to take my case(s) to the U.S. Supreme Court. to enforce my legal and constitutional rights and I welcome this opportunity.

I know you know and many photos, notes and other things show too; we had so much fun and I taught you many important and fun lessons. This includes now or currently since this DIVORCE AND PARENTAL ALIENATION CRISIS taking place NATIONWIDE is surely teaching you so much.

***NEVER FORGET how smart, capable and the beautiful personality you have. Remember how I taught you how to play tennis and you became a great player on your tennis team? 
You are also so kind and considerate of others and a great leader too; never bragging but helping others reach their potential.

Remember how you climbed to the top of the tower for the ropes activity and set the brave example for many others to follow and even did a dance at the top on the platform.

Remember our bench time and the tiny notes you made for me in the tiny envelopes you made? I have many notes and cards from you showing your beautiful values and character. I was very proud of your values and character as any Mother would be.

*** If your older siblings have changed; don’t you.

*** Always maintain your beautiful values and character. You can’t control what others do. You can only set the example for YOURSELF and if your siblings and others choose to be reasonable by admiring your kind, honest and compassionate values and character and being GRATEFUL to you for showing them the way, then that is wonderful. Otherwise, keep doing what you know is moral and just, as I do.

Then, others LIKE YOU will be attracted to you. Then you will have a nice group of friends with honest, kind and compassionate values who are reasonable and really care about you and your well-being; as my friends do.
You do not need and should NOT live among those who are corrupt, lie, deceive and think they are entitled to use and abuse others. These are sick and very unhappy people filled with many emotional and psychological problems as any reasonable, rational person knows. Get away from these people as I have and continue to do; even if these are your own family members. 
***If not, they will make you sick like them.***

Well, have a wonderful birthday and I hope this year you are not afraid to contact me so we can restore our beautiful and healthy Mother/Son companionship, now on an adult level. I am sure you have learned so much since I last spoke to YOU over 8 years ago; not the “Parental Alienation Syndrome you” that was forced to say certain things and behave a certain way.

Remember how much I love you too but as reasonable Mother, I must set my boundaries. As any reasonable person understands; I can only let you back into my life if you WANT TO BE kind, considerate and respectful and we discuss our differences in a civil manner as we used to; but now on an adult level. I cannot allow you or anyone else to make me sick again by being uncivil, rude and abusive so my seizures return. If this is what you WANT to do then I am better off in my life without you as any reasonable, sane person understands.

So, have a nice birthday doing things in a kind, civil and mature manner. 
Also, truth and justice is prevailing. I have a hearing this week which should reveal more of the truth and this sick nationwide CONSPIRACY to promote the NATIONWIDE DIVORCE AND PARENTAL ALIENATION CONSPIRACY. I am also preparing to file a Federal lawsuit which will keep revealing more of the truth and more of those involved. This is what a reasonable person does which I am doing as many facts show.

I am using peaceful means to enforce my legal and constitutional rights and holding those accountable so they will be prohibited from repeating these acts, harming others and teaching others to continue their illegal and abusive ways. This is the function of the legal system and what a person like me with the skills and knowledge should do to make our world a better place for honest, kind and compassionate people.

Understandably so, many Mothers suffering from Parental Alienation and a Fraudulent Divorce Contact never regain their health so they can enforce their legal and constitutional rights. Thus, I am so grateful I am able to be the one who will help myself and millions of others suffering from this NATIONWIDE DIVORCE AND PARENTAL ALIENATION CONSPIRACY.

This is also what a JEW does; makes our world a better place for honest, kind and compassionate people using our special talents, skills, knowledge and potential.

These are many of the lessons I taught you as your Mother as you know; I never taught you to be “obedient” to liars and others who are promoting corruption and immorality even if they pretend to be Jews and have prestigious titles and have a lot of money.

WEALTH is not having money and other assets; it is having honest values and character. As my Grandfather Ben taught me; if you do not have your honest values and character, you have nothing. 
***Hitler taught us that anyone can take your tangible valuables away in an instance.

So, have a wonderful birthday which I hope includes remembering your wonderful Mother and contacting her. Regardless, I continue to forge forward with my agenda to enforce truth and justice which hopefully one day you will understand and truly appreciate.

As always none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;


Parental Alienation Solutions

 Please note; my gmail account has been hacked again as all those involved in this conspiracy, as expected, keep trying to silence me instead of being reasonable and changing. As expected, they are losing their minds and getting very nervous too as they should.

So, if my SON or other children or others are trying to reach me, post a comment on my facebook page or call me. My number has changed and is a 707 area code. I know my children and others can find it if they want to. You can try to email me too.

If there is a will there is a way. So, don’t let these sick, abusers and corrupt people intimidate you. Just do what you know is moral and just and for my children, really stop believing all their lies and contact me. Love always.

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:




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