Fraud? Perjury? Federal Offense? Giving different financial information to a Judge and a Bank or Financial Institution

When someone under oath tells the Judge information to try avoid paying spousal support (alimony) and then gives different information to a Bank or Financial Institution to obtain a car loan(s); not only is this IMMORAL but it is my understanding this is FRAUD, PERJURY and a FEDERAL OFFENSE.

This is what my ex-husband clearly appears to have done repeatedly so I was advised how to resolve this.
I was advised to contact the judge who is Judge Claudia Silbar and request a subpoena to obtain the past history of payments made on various accounts for his car loans and also to obtain the credit application.
This will track cash flow, income sources and other information to PROVE (or not prove) the FRAUD and PERJURY that my ex-husband lied because he DIVERTED FUNDS that were ordered to be used to pay my spousal support from a stipulated judgment which is a contract or agreement and instead these funds were used to replace a paid off Lexus SUV (paid off with $21,500 “gifted” from his friend who owns a Company) and to buy a new Lexus for his new wife.

I was told the Judge will cooperate because otherwise this could show she is AIDING AND ABETTING in the fraud and also to deny such a request is unreasonable because a Judge has an obligation or duty to adjudicate the facts and the payment history and credit application(s) will provide the facts.

It is my understanding and also common sense that the law does not INTEND for an ex-husband to deprive his ex-wife from his long marriage of over 20 years of her spousal support by:
1) Encumbering himself with luxury vehicles so he cannot afford to pay her spousal support and also
2) Depriving his ex-wife of receiving her community property interest in community estate which he controlled; by TRANSFERRING and HIDING her property with the help of a Judge, Law Firms, an Accounting Firm, Joint Venture Partners, Religious Leaders and Organizations, Schools, his new wife, his mother, Corporate Owners, Executives, Therapists and a 401k Administrator.

Also, I was told which is also reasonable and common sense: that for religious leaders and organizations like Rabbi David Wolpe/Sinai Temple of Los Angeles and Howard Lesner their Executive Director; Pastor Rick Warren/Saddleback Church and others to use their 501c3 agreements and other agreements to accept money and property from an ex-husband at the time of divorce and thereafter to HIDE the money and property from the ex-wife is INCITING immoral and unlawful behavior which IS NOT a RELIGIOUS EXPRESSION.

This immoral and unlawful behavior by these “religious” leaders and organizations and what IRS has been trying to crack down on for a long time.

To marginalize a divorced woman this way like she is a second class citizen and does not have rights and these “religious” organizations can hide her money and property is not what our laws in the United States promote. Our laws promote Justice for ALL, which means a woman has a RIGHT to receive her property and other interests from her divorce and they do not have a right to hide them from her using agreements with an Unlawful and Immoral INTENT and PURPOSE.

As I forge forward bringing out more TRUTH and all the Professionals and Organizations involved in harming Loving Mothers and their Children at the time of divorce by AIDING AND ABETTING in acts of Parental Alienation and Fraud by depriving a Loving Mother of receiving her property, income and other interests from her divorce which they will share and also from destroying her companionship with her Children so they can abuse them too.
Religious? Unlawful Incitement? Legal? Moral?

As always, none of this is legal advice or advice of any kind.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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