Gifts that could Change the World in Many Ways

Time you share together with those you enjoy being with is one of the best gifts; getting tickets to a show or event, going to restaurant, on a nice walk, rollerblading, playing scrabble, tennis or just enjoying coffee, tea or a glass of wine together.

However, since gifts are usually part of the holiday for most people, did you receive or give the gift that is supposed to change the world???
Did you receive or give someone a Drone?
Really, I am not joking.

Recently there was a drone expo in Los Angeles. You can fly these unmanned things for fun, not commercial use yet and take all kinds of photos but; you have to follow the law so you do not hit airplanes, skyscrapers or pedestrians.

I can just image the next hit movie or bestselling book about a drone that wanders into foreign territory and causes a war or wanders into a ladies locker room. Hackers will be passé, with drones you can get live footage in real time.

I think this is scary because privacy will be a thing of the past. You never know, you can be sitting on your sofa enjoying the sunset or out on your balcony and can be photographed.

Many are saying how drones will change our world in major ways. Well, you can get a drone for pleasure use for as little as $55 and I am told you can learn to fly it in about 5 minutes. Think we will need highways in the sky, especially in Los Angeles and other populated cities where there will probably be a lot of drones?

Think if the Rabbis, Jews and other religious leaders can figure out a way to profit using drones they will leave loving Mothers and their Children alone and stop taking donations from fathers at the time of divorce to conceal community assets from the loving Mother (their ex-wife) and stop destroying the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son relationship?

If not, maybe once the laws for commercial drones are passed, drones can be used to photograph Rabbis, Jews and other religious leaders making these horrific 501c3 agreements to deprive the Loving Mother of her property and her and her Children of their companionship and other rights.

***Maybe drones will force corrupt people to become moral since they know they will be photographed constantly. Time will tell in this new world with Drones.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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