Giving Evil a new Face and Comments for Rabbi David Wolpe to please stop Hacking my Computer. Address the Truth, stop Trying to Silence the Messenger. Terrorists do this.

Giving EVIL a FACE so they can be held accountable and THE COMING OF A NEW REALITY.

JUST LIKE THE GERMANS WERE HELD ACCOUNTABLE to the Holocaust victims and their families due to murder, suicide, illnesses, abuse, for years lost to slavery and terror, for intentionally causing very serious emotional and physical oppression and distress and for the theft of assets and personal belongs; I am holding my ex-husband, the family law judge, law firms, religious organizations, the court-appointed therapist, business executives, his new wife and others for the same harms and some additional ones.

JUST LIKE THE GERMANS, INCLUDING HITLER AND HIS HENCHMEN; does my ex-husband and all those helping him to: 
1) hide my 50 percent community property interest worth millions and 
2) keep me alienated from my children…

REALLY think they will not be held accountable?

Have they become that delusional?

It appears they have based on their demurrers they filed and some of their ridiculous statements made WITHOUT any supporting evidence or facts. 
EXPECT THIS because liars, cheaters, abusers and manipulators CAN’T provide the facts because the facts show the TRUTH which liars, cheaters, abusers and manipulators are trying to hide.

They KNOW I have not received my 50 percent community property interest in an estate worth millions and its disposal is a mystery too.

They KNOW I am a fit, loving, law-abiding Mother who was deprived of a lawful custody and visitation arrangement.

This is what HITLER DID; he separated wonderful, fit Mothers (fathers) from their children of all ages and abused them. 

Cate School with the knowledge of my ex-husband, his new wife, Sinai Temple and others physically and possibly sexually abused my son and all of the defendants have abused my children by keeping them alienated from me and some may have sexually abused them too. This is what Hitler and his Henchmen did.

A NEW REALITY IS COMING. After WWII there was the emergence of Israel; well now there is going to be the emergence of new precedent where: 
1) charitable agreements cannot be used to hide community property and 
2) where parental alienation will be deemed a very serious crime with very serious sanctions for those who create and promote it.

These are very necessary and reasonable changes because they promote JUSTICE FOR ALL.

***You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model which makes the existing model obsolete.

This is what I have done and clearly explained in my legal complaints which is why a new reality is coming.

So, does the suit make the man (woman) or does the man make the suit?

Do the judge, rabbi and pastor in their robes, executives in their suits, a therapist, school administrators, teachers and new wife in their outfits define their position or do they go along with the corrupt establishment and follow the unreasonable and harmful acts corrupt and evil people demand they follow?

Will they allow themselves to work behind a veil where they promote an image and hide the TRUTH behind the veil? OR,

Will they use their position to enhance the world in positive ways for all, not just for themselves at the expense of others? If they do the latter, the man will define the suit as an independent free thinking, reasonable person; if they do the former, then the suit will define the man.

So far, all those I have sued have promoted parental alienation and my fraudulent divorce and therefore have allowed the suit the define them because they have intentionally and willfully taken advantage of the opportunity to EXPLOIT a loving, kind, law-abiding fit Mother and her three Children as a myriad of facts show and continue to show. This is clearly evil, corruption and reprehensible behavior as any reasonable, sane person knows. 
This is why a new reality is coming.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based on my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

  • Parental Alienation Solutions Also, Rabbi David Wolpe; please refrain from telling me to “pipe down” as you have done in the past and from tagging me in to X-RATED sites. I am not interested and also this is not what a sane and reasonable Rabbi should be doing. He should be discussing and writing about Parental Alienation and reuniting children of all ages who have been alienated from their loving, fit, law-abiding Mother (father). Don’t you believe in equal rights and justice? If so, show me, the world and the court too. Why not begin right now to show us? What are you waiting for? For more harm to be suffered? IF YOU ARE ANGRY BECAUSE I AM EXPOSING THE TRUTH, well that is too bad, re-evaluate your thoughts and behavior with a qualified professional. You should praise me for exposing the truth and ending parental alienation so others will not be harmed.
  • Parental Alienation Solutions This comment is for RABBI DAVID WOLPE… David will you get out of my computer and stop hacking it as I have asked you many times; this includes my Pandora radio. You know or should know I am NOT “your girl” because as I have told you many times I am not interested in abusers, manipulators and dishonest people with depraved values and horrific character as you continue to show you have. Got it? I hope so.
    Again, why have you refused to give sermons, write about and discuss in public the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation and have refused for years to reunite me with my three Children even though you know I am a law-abiding fit mother? You know I am holding you and others at Sinai Temple accountable as my facts clearly show. If the Jewish Mafia chooses to kill me; my facts are a matter of public record. Why not be rational and reasonable and lead the way to a major transformation of the use of charitable agreements and combating not encouraging parental alienation even if this means breaking from the collective group of corrupt Jews? Are you a strong individual or a corrupt, coward? Your actions will show me and the world and the court too.
    Parental Alienation Solutions You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model which makes the existing model obsolete.
    This is what I have done and clearly explained in my legal complaints which is why a new reality is coming.
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