Going to the Mattresses takes on a new meaning with Parental Alienation

Going to the mattresses is from the “The Godfather” and is when the mafia goes to war with a rival clan or family. It meant they would stick together, keep their heads down, create an alliance and secretly work together to accomplish a goal. The goal is one the head of the family has and as the head of the family; he enlists the rest of the family to help him accomplish this goal. They must agree to help or they are punished or even killed.

Parental Alienation is a similar alliance.
The sick, evil alienating parent through means of intimidation, lies, false stories and schemes creates an ALLIANCE AGAINST THE LOVING PARENT.

***This sick, evil parent is “taking the children to the mattresses” against their own loving mother (father) which is so horrific beyond words; as millions and millions of us worldwide know.

Instead of divorcing in a reasonable, mature, honest way and leaving the children out of the divorce; the sick, alienating parent needs a SCAPEGOAT. Instead of being reasonable and admitting that due to some HIS(her) financial failures and HIS(her) other mistakes the family needs to cut back their expenditures like private school and vacations; this parent decides and plans how to create the Parental Alienation to SAVE HIS EGO AND IMAGE.

To accomplish his goal of saving his ego and image, this sick, lying, cheating parent makes himself a VICTIM by saying the loving parent has become very crazy so he (she) must divorce her (him) AND as a result, the family can no longer afford these luxuries because I now have all these legal fees.
In order to get the children to believe him; he makes up lies and tries to make the loving parent look crazy.
This is why when the children cuss and show great disrespect to their mother and the mother reasonably gets angry; the alienating father reacts outrageously by telling the children to call the police and run to their rooms because their mother will hurt them; even though the mother is not violent and does not have any history of violence and is very loving.
***This evil alienating parent is trying to accomplish 2 things:
— make the loving parent very distraught (it worked with me because I started to get seizures and other health problems);
—and also to confuse the children so they believe the lies that all of a sudden their wonderful mother (father) has become crazy.
As a result, which was the sick alienating parent’s purpose, the children believe they need to “divorce” their mother(father) too and ONLY listen to their father (mother) who is SAVING US from our wonderful mother who has become horrible.

This is also why millions of us have restraining orders since they are routinely issued without the parent needing to show any rational basis.
This is also why millions of us have had criminal lawsuits with false and fraudulent allegations filed against us that have been thrown out by the judge.
***They are the TOOLS commonly used by evil, abusive alienating parents trying to make us, the loving parent, look crazy and JUSTIFY to the children, his business partners and others that he needed to get divorced to get away from his “crazy” spouse.
As the facts show, he (she) has tried to make the loving parent look like she (he) is crazy when she is truly kind, caring and wonderful. ***The sick, alienating parent is really the crazy one and very, very mentally sick and evil.
The sick, alienating parent’s planned schemes are just a bunch of lies aimed to cover-up HIS(her) mistakes, his cowardly behaviors and ego so he does not have to admit them. Instead, he can continue to act like he is perfect and a God, a savior to the children and others. It is all lies and machinations and pure evil and corruption.

However the alienating parent continues to make up lies so the loving parent can take the fall and be the scapegoat. The loving, alienated parent is blamed for ALL the problems the family has now. The evil, alienating parent constantly reminds the children that they TOGETHER did the right thing in getting rid of her (him) and must continue to alienate her so her evil will not return.

***The sick, abusive parent acts like he is the children’s savior when he is truly abusing them, telling them lies, making them confused and develop many other problems due to his intentional destruction of the wonderful parent/child relationship with the loving parent. The children also believe they cannot go to their loving parent for help because they believe she(he) is crazy.

***However, the sick alienating parent is the one the children should alienate; not the loving mother(father). But, unfortunately, it often takes the children, even adult children, years and a lot of pain before they figure this out; the TRUTH. By creating this alliance based on these horrible lies and schemes, the precious children are taught and really believe that their loving mother (father) should be feared and hated and should be eliminated from their life forever. But it gets worse.

***The sick, evil, abusive alienating doesn’t stop here. He (she) often enlists others in his alliance so they can all intentionally “go to the mattresses against the loving parent”. He tries to create his (her) own mafia.

***For example;

-Do you really think the very expensive and prestigious law firm my ex-husband hired did not know how to file the correct legal documents and complete a divorce in accordance with the law?

-Do you think they did not know they needed to disclose, not conceal millions of dollars of assets?

-Do you really think the law firm I hired also did not know how to file the correct legal documents and complete a divorce in accordance with the law?

-Do you think they ALSO did not know they needed to disclose, not conceal millions of dollars of assets?

-Why do you think a letter between these 2 law firms states; “if either party purposefully concealed assets…?”

-Do you also think the judge did not notice that the required legal documents were not filed appropriately or that the required financial disclosures were not made either?

-Do you think the accounting firm blocked my communications so they would intimidate me and also thinking they would not have to give me any financial information?

-Why do you think millions of us have had unreasonable and unjust experiences with judges and lawyers?

The sick, evil, abusive alienating doesn’t stop here either.
Why do you think, all of a sudden after participating in many events, volunteering and even making small contributions to a synagogue I have been prohibiting from going there ever again but; have not been given any reasonably explanation for over almost 2 years now?
Also, I was told when I appeared at the door, going to pray at the service. Why didn’t they reasonably call me and tell me what I was doing that was so horrible instead of security telling me at the door? ***It is outrageous to take my rights away like this especially for Rabbis and other religious leaders. Are they trying to make me appear crazy and someone to fear and alienate? Dr. Phil even questioned this occurrence on the show.

These are just a few examples as schools, therapists, doctors and others are enlisted too to join this evil and corrupt “alliance” to make the loving, caring alienated mother (father), look like she (he) is crazy and should be feared and hated.

So, “going to the mattresses” now takes on a new meaning since millions of us have been alienated by our precious children who have joined the corrupt “alliance” their evil, sick and abusive father (mother) has created.
***Using children this way is horrible beyond words especially at a time of divorce when the children and parents need more love and support and are more vulnerable.
***What do you think the ultimate purpose of the alliance is?

-To completely destroy the loving parent so she (he) is so heartbroken that she cannot think straight and often gets sick as a result?

-To completely make the loving parent financially broke, even denying her of retirement benefits, so she must become homeless and walk the streets?

The facts speak for themselves and after 6 years now I finally had the strength to go though my divorce file and figure out this situation and how I could have possibly become so financially and emotionally devastated.
***Well, when there is an alliance filled with people you expect to be honest, kind and reasonable but are just the opposite; you understand the DEPTH of this parental alienation and corruption. This is millions of our stories and it must be told so we can end parental alienation and other corruption.

We must be the voice for our precious children and millions of loving parents.
If not I, then who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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