Happy Holiday!!! At this time of year please remember for our children’s sake and so many others that our heart should be used daily and kept open. Many could use our kindness, compassion, knowledge and even our smile?

Don’t be afraid to use your heart and SHOW that you care, are kind and even love others.

*** If you treat others as you want to be treated, then you will get your heart back into shape in no time, functioning beautifully and growing stronger.

Just show a truthful, sincere effort to help others in POSITIVE WAYS, never promising things you cannot do or do not intend to do.

Also, don’t waste your feelings and efforts on someone who does not value them. Just move on in the New Year and find those who respect and value YOU and your feelings; want to share positive thoughts with you and do kind and fun things together with you. No Excuses.

 ***Exciting news to start off the New Year; I, Sara Hassman, as founder of Parental Alienation Solutions have been selected for the first leading article in the 2014 year for the online publication of a remarkable survivor of abuse, Darlene Janice Harris. This online publication is just one of many accomplishments Darlene has made in trying to help victims of abuse.

Her publication, “And He Restoreth My Soul”www.andherestorethmysoulproject.org was founded to educate the community on various abuse issues as Darlene understands the vital importance of breaking the abuse legacy or cycle and teaching children, teens, young adults and adults to adopt positive behaviors and shed the abusive ones they have been taught and carrying out. Darlene diligently seeks out others in the industry to write on various topics for her very popular, informative and motivational publication. I am so touched and honored that not only was I sought out, but; Darlene and her organization selected me and my foundation Parental Alienation Solutions to be her very first feature for 2014.

This article will post in January and I will provide the link. In the meantime, please check out Darlene’s online publication as it will provide you with valuable information for yourself and to share during this holiday season and throughout the coming New Year.

Again, Happy Holiday and I thank so many of you for your comments, ecards, friend and linkedin requests, recommendations and just your good wishes and support.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation.org



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