Happy New Year and do you realize how special you are?

Happy New Year!!! Do you realize you are a very responsible and kind parent because of what you have done and continue to do? Although many of us may not be with our children, we should be happy knowing that we are:
• Giving them time and space to see the truth,
• Are the wind beneath their wings, showing them a better way to live is with kindness, truth, having discussions and compassion; not arguing, fighting, being angry, deceiving and uncaring.
If you were with your children now, since they are under the influence and are being emotionally manipulated and tortured with lies and misrepresentations by their sick parent and their allies; they would not be respectful or kind to you.
Also, it is very difficult to reason with them as they refuse to even accept basic truths and want to continue to believe the lies and argue. They have built a barrier against our love and everything we stand for. Always send your love though, because when our precious children are suffering is when they need our love the most.

Although their uncivil behavior is not their fault; you deserve to be around people who treat you in a kind, civil manner and who appreciate and value your wonderful character and love. Those who don’t are not worth your time because they will only aggravate you and cause you to suffer. Plus, how can you respect a person who intentionally causes another to suffer and is untruthful and unkind?
So, I hope you begin this New Year knowing how special you are and the wonderful example you are setting for your children.
You have picked yourself up and are doing wonderful and worthwhile things. You are also meeting kind and interesting people and creating a new life for yourself. This should be applauded.

***Facts don’t cease to exist just because they are ignored. When our children want their freedom and are tired of being angry, controlled and deceived; they will reach for our hand and fall into our loving arms.
Then we will have so many wonderful things to share as then they too will be filled with kindness and love.
Happy New Year!

Also, have started updating the website “About Us” page and so far have received very positive comments. More changes coming.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation.orgSee More



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