Happy Thanksgiving and a special note to My Children

Hope your Thanksgiving was as thankful and peaceful as mine and you appreciated the people you were with. Have you ever been to Thanksgiving Yoga? Well it was great!!!

***TO MY CHILDREN: If you believe I have ever taught you any worthwhile lessons; if you believe I have helped you make any of your many accomplishments; if you believe we can possibly enrich each other in ANY way now that you are adults; then I ask you why on this Thanksgiving holiday do you refuse to acknowledge that I even exist? Is this reasonable?
Do you HONESTLY think I am just a worthless Mother, without a heart or positive, productive mind who cannot enrich your life in ANY way?
If so, why?
Isn’t it REASONABLE we discuss this in a respectful, civil manner?
Have you been blaming me for things I never did or could never dream of doing?
Has your father and/or Judge Claudia Silbar threatened you?
Did Judge Claudia Silbar threaten you in that meeting without me and with only your father where she swore under oath you disregarded her advice and “had no interest” in reuniting?
I find that very, very hard to believe you would disregard the advice of a Judge and also your father’s who swore he was at this meeting; especially knowing our beautiful relationships up until the time of the divorce as the facts clearly show.

Did you father explain to Judge Claudia Silbar why he wanted to keep us alienated at least until some Statute of Limitations period ends?
What this means is after the Statute of Limitations ends; I can no longer claim the millions of dollars of concealed and undistributed community assets which should have been distributed to me but instead your father took them all for himself. He even took the Assets from several Trusts and approximately 2 million dollars while I was suffering from seizures and anxiety as a letter clearly shows and is in public records and discussed at public hearings along with other documents.

Judge Claudia Silbar never said WHY you “had no interest” in reuniting and, to my knowledge, Judge Claudia Silbar has not tried to use her skills and expertise as Judge Sfekas did many times and would have done in this situation too, in an effort to understand why you “had no interest” in reuniting and begin the reunification process.
AS JUDGE SFEKAS FOUND MANY TIMES; the Children were being threatened and were AFRAID to reunite which clearly appears to be the situation in our case too.

You know Parental Alienation has been going on for decades and the Jews and other Religious Organizations and Schools like Cate School help with their 501(c)(3) or other agreements to “hide” community assets that should have been distributed; all in violation of many laws. My website discusses this on the “Jewish Child Abuse” page and on some of the posts along the left side of every page.

All of you PLEASE don’t be afraid to tell me the truth about what was discussed at that meeting with Judge Claudia Silbar and your father but; where I was knowingly, intelligently and voluntarily excluded and the meeting was not listed on the docket either.

As Judge Sfekas, my wonderful Grandfather Ben, Eli Wiesel and other renowned authors taught me; it is not in the best interest of honest, kind, compassionate people and our society to remain silent. This only protects corrupt, lying, cheating people. Instead you must enforce Justice and Freedom by bringing out the truth. Please tell me what happened in this meeting.

Please remember, I am here for you over this Thanksgiving holiday and always IF you can be reasonable, civil and respectful so we can mend our beautiful relationships with the TRUTH. Are you grateful for ANYTHING I taught you and ANY of times we shared together? If so, why do you act like I do not exist.

Love always, Mom***

I just love Los Angeles because there are so many great things going on and at reasonable prices too. My Thanksgiving Dinner was not the traditional menu and instead I had grilled chicken breasts with a variety of sauces, grilled salmon along with fresh string beans, brown rice, very sweet persimmons and other delicious foods.
I didn’t have cranberries this year; but it was a great dinner and so was the company.
I posted a photo of some of this great Thanksgiving Dinner. As you can see Los Angeles has great markets with fresh items reasonably priced too which I am very grateful since I am trying to survive without any spousal support and also savings, retirement accounts and other investments from my 23 year marriage because MY EX-HUSBAND TOOK THEM FOR HIMSELF with the help of others; WHILE I WAS HAVING SEIZURES AND TRYING TO COPE WITH ANXIETY AND DISTRESS. This is what many facts show.

***I am so grateful I am in a much more peaceful, honest, kind, respectful environment without those who try to take advantage of others.

I am very grateful I have learned to cope with my anxiety and distress and I have the facts which show the truth. Truth and Justice will prevail as history has shown.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! If Thanksgiving Yoga comes to your area, you may want to check it out. It is fun and also makes you feel great and grateful!!!

Also there was a terrible accident at the intersection near my apartment and there were all these ambulances. We heard the crash and it was horrible and one of the cars was a wreck. I hope everyone recovers and please take good care of yourself and don’t let others abuse you; let others show you kindness, honesty, compassion and love and you do the same for those who DESERVE your precious time. Control those things in life which you can; this includes your choices because this is reasonable, will make you happy, independent and be filled with self esteem.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation.org



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