Has your Computer or your Alienated Child’s Computer been Hacked by those Trying to Manipulate Yours and Your Child’s Mind; like a Temple who has a 501(c)(3) agreement with your Ex?

Hacking has become a big problem.
Even the White House computers have been hacked.
Beware because if your parent or ex-husband has a 501(c)(3) agreement with a Temple; they may hack your computer because they want to keep you under their CONTROL so they can keep your MONEY or keep you ALIENATED from your children as the JEWS have been doing for decades. [Stephen Fried, bestselling author http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-rabbi-gerald-wolpe-aiding-parental-alienation/].
They try and make you feel all ALONE but that you can RELY on them as your friend. It is all a SET-UP. They like to get into your linkedin account, google + and other sites using aliases so they can defame you on line too.
Then they try to make you feel LONELY so you THINK you NEED them and will be more likely to do what THEY WANT.
Young BEAUTIFUL WOMEN like my daughter especially beware because Hackers love beautiful women and will send groupons and other messages regarding sex. You know many clergy have been known to have sexual issues and problems understanding what is appropriate behavior.

***The Jews and others may hack your children’s computers so they can keep you from reuniting with them by sending comments trying to influence them with lies and false stories. They don’t want alienated Children of all ages to listen to their REASONABLE MOTHER, they want them to listen to them who is WORKING WITH their alienating father and is paying them through 501(c)(3) or other “charitable” agreements.

Remember, Hackers want to continue using everyone and manipulating their mind since they love CONTROL and MONEY and they have sold their soul and WILL ACCEPT MONEY TO DO THESE THINGS as the bestselling author explains the JEWS HAVE BEEN DOING FOR DECADES.[Stephen Fried, bestselling author http://www.palienation.org/the-new-rabbi-by-s-friedchpt-2-rabbi-gerald-wolpe-aiding-parental-alienation/]

***They want to continue to make the children feel INSECURE so they are better able to CONTROL them.

It is pure evil.
They try to manipulate and control anyone who will let them and they PREY ON VULNERABLE PEOPLE like women and children for money and control. They are sick, uncompassionate PREDATORS who often work together with sick, alienating parents who are also PREDATORS.

***So, if you are an alienated child of any age; beware of comments and emails you receive.

Even on Pandora; they control the songs you hear.
They will also send you “doctored” or changed messages from news and entertainment sites to try to influence your mind too.
They change the headline.
Remember; RABBI DAVID WOLPE writes for many Jewish sites too. So beware of the Jewish sites and UNSUBSCRIBE.
Hackers many also send you shows to see with titles trying to influence your mind.
Many Hackers are very smart and creative and have a lot of PROBLEMS and want to waste your time and CONTROL YOU. This is fun for them and some get paid for it too.

It is sick manipulation but this is what evil people do for MONEY and CONTROL instead of trying to help a loving Mother and her children reunite.

***Remember, they are sick people and do not know how to love and do not have compassion. They just use and abuse people instead of getting the help they need.

I personally have a hacking problem with RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE in LOS ANGELES and his bosses and other Jewish organizations don’t care.

Obviously, he doesn’t care either and they all know this is illegal and not what Jewish teachings represent; they represent helping Children and their loving Mother grow their relationship not destroy it. Destroying the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Child bond is not religious as any reasonable person knows.
***So if you have become friends with someone on line since the divorce; BEWARE!!! Especially my DAUGHTER because they love BEAUTIFUL YOUNG WOMEN!!!***

The reason RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE in LOS ANGELES and other JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS and their LEADERS do not care if RABBI DAVID WOLPE hacks computers is because he tries to hack people’s computers so he can influence their mind and collect charitable contributions for a number of causes which he thinks the person he hacked is interested it.
What a business!!!

They act like your friend so you tell them many PERSONAL things about yourself and then they USE this information to influence you without you knowing when you think you are just getting typical emails.
This is why HACKING has become such a terrible problem.
Remember Rabbis are trained therapists too and know how to get people to divulge information. I consulted RABBI DAVID WOLPE in person years ago but he refuses to stop hacking my computer; I have overlay and see his facebook home page for a second as I navigate to different sites on my cellphone too.
This is what HACKERS DO.
They are truly sick but refuse to get help.

***RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE in LOS ANGELES thinks this is fun and acts like your friend on line when he is trying to SCAM YOU. All this is well documented by the way and many, many people are doing this which is why HACKING has become such a terrible problem.

Hackers have it down pretty well and even try to make you feel committed so you don’t back down if you agree to give a contribution.

So be very, very careful if you ever decide to give money on line.
It is better NOT TO.
Do not give money on line unless you are sure who you are contributing to and the money is going to the cause you want; which is very difficult to verify.
Hackers may even send you “groupons” or “yelp” ads from their “friends” to promote THEIR businesses and causes as they all work together so be very careful when you buy things on line and read the fine print.

***Often it is more rewarding to give your TIME and NOT YOUR MONEY.
I volunteered at a camp and at a school downtown in the city of Los Angeles and it was very rewarding and I helped many children.

Just remember to “Verify and then Trust” what you heard on line before you rely on the information. (not Trust and then Verify as Ronald Regan said years ago but not regarding the internet, of course.)

Don’t believe the lies and how others are trying to make you feel INSECURE or that you should rely on them or feel a certain way towards them or have certain ideas.
They are professional SCAMMERS and MANIPULATORS.

***Life in the age of computers… Just be smart and reasonable both on and off line and don’t believe their sob stories and how they are so DEPRESSED and SICK or work at an ORPHANAGE and need YOUR money.

***It is really nice to live life with the negativity removed!!!

Get rid of all those people who refuse to be respectful, civil, kind and honest CONSISTENTLY and you will feel great!!!

This includes not believing comments and emails on line unless you KNOW the person who sent them.
***Do they have good intentions?
HACKING HAS BECOME A PROFITABLE BUSINESS. Many who have horrible morals and stand for abuse and corruption have become hackers; so expect this and just don’t respond to them.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org



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