Have Any of you SEEN MY CHILDREN?

Emergency Post-9/9/14
  I just realized that I have been leaving voice mail messages for my Children for many months but; they were being re-routed to one of my ex-husband’s “associates.” I also believe the same has occurred with my son’s emails.

Do you realize how horrible this is for a parent who not only destroys the relationship between a loving Mother (father) and her Children but; then listens to the voice messages with his “helpers” or “associates” so they can plan their next move to harm them?

I believe that due to my fraudulent divorce and the fact that I have uncovered this massive civil conspiracy with the use of “Religious” Organizations, Non-Profits 501(c)(3), Vow of Poverty and other agreements, student loans fraudulently obtained and other horrible offenses with many organizations and individuals, my children are being even more intimidated and those involved are trying to do more horrible things to prevent the truth from coming out.

This is what those evil and sick people who create parental alienation and those who help them do; especially when they are trying to conceal MILLIONS of dollars from a community estate that my ex-husband controlled who is a certified public accountant, Chief Financial Officer and a Harvard MBA graduate.

I don’t know if my daughter has been sold into slavery of some form and like my son who I posted those horrible photographs, is also being forced to live outside on a cement floor on a bare mattress without any sheets, near wires and other unsafe conditions and being forced to do other horrible things. My oldest I believe is also being forced to do horrible things.

If anyone has seen my children or knows of their whereabouts, would you please let me know. Their names are Stephen, Julie and Michael Hassman. Many thanks, SARA

I will NEVER give up on my Children and millions like them. My wonderful Children would never alienate their loving Mother from their life unless they were being threaten, forced or brainwashed. This is happening to millions and I will not standby and ignore it. I will keep trying to bring out the truth.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation.org



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