Have I discovered the Jewish Mafia? Are they promoting Parental Alienation and Profiting?

Have I discovered the Jewish Mafia and corrupt professionals who willfully cooperate with these Jews?

Are the Jews and these other professionals working together to steal the wife’s 50 percent community property that she should have received at the time of the divorce but because she was so distressed from their acts of parental alienation of destroying her companionship with her children with lies, schemes, abuse, threats and other unlawful acts; she trusted all of them?

Wouldn’t you trust several rabbis, a pastor, your own lawyers, a judge, the court-appointed therapist and even your ex-husband who has a legal obligation to disclose all the community assets and any separate property and other property and is a certified public accountant? Would you expect all of these professionals to break the law?

Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple for years has used the internet, like many gangs do, to send messages and hack my computer and follow me so he can try to destroy me emotionally and also financially so he and others at Sinai Temple can PROFIT FROM MY DIVORCE using their “charitable agreements” unlawfully. (501c3, vow of poverty etc.) They hide community property and launder money with these agreements.
Think I am the only one?

Think this is why Rabbi David Wolpe’s wife divorced him around the time social media became popular?
Has he done other unlawful or immoral things on line too?

Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, who is on one of President Obama’s councils regarding religion, has refused for years to respond to my emails and voice mail messages regarding Rabbi David Wolpe’s hacking; why I have been banned from going to public and private events at Sinai Temple when I am a law-abiding citizen and known for my honest values and character.

ARE THESE JEWS TRYING TO SILENCE ME since they know I can prove that my divorce is fraudulent and they are profiting since they have MY community property and have refused to return it to me even though I have requested many times?

Why won’t Rabbis give sermons and write about the epidemic problem of parental alienation that has been going on in the Jewish community for decades?

Why won’t synagogues have lectures, discussions, classes and other events about parental alienation that has been going on in the Jewish community for decades?

Why won’t any Jewish journals, newspapers and magazines write about the epidemic problem of parental alienation that has been going on in the Jewish community for decades?

Why are all these Jewish professionals and organizations ignoring the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation?

My case BC580980 in Los Angeles County Superior Court shows many are profiting.

I just filed the first amended complaint so many of these facts are now part of public records and I will be posting many facts so people can educate themselves and others about how these Jews and professionals are profiting from divorce using parental alienation and other corrupt acts.

As the Jewish author Eli Wiesel said; you must never remain silent because your silence helps the predator/abuser and harms the victims even more.

So, I will continue to bring out more and more of the truth even if the Jewish mafia doesn’t like it.

If they kill me; all the facts are part of public records so it will be easy for someone to expose the truth and seek justice.

Using parental alienation as a means to make loving, fit mothers (fathers) and their children of all ages severely emotionally distressed and steal community property is abuse for the children and the loving, fit, alienated parent and is a crime.
If you doubt my words, just watch.

If you have ever seen the famous and classic movie “Cool Hand Luke” with Paul Newman; one must never sacrifice their honest and reasonable values to the corrupt establishment who may seem “prestigious” but are nothing but criminals as my case also shows; just watch.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, just based on my knowledge and experience.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solution, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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