Have I found the World of Love and Peace and am I learning how to love and trust again too? Should I choose to give Love a chance AGAIN after eleven years now or stifle it before it even has a chance?

Also I wanted to mention that any AGREEMENTS to stifle or destroy Love are unenforceable and invalid. Thus, if you are an alienated child and have made such an agreement, it is not enforceable and you can disregard it. So have I found LOVE AND PEACE after eleven years?

To begin, there was a wonderful group who came to the Zman Midbar Eco Spirit Lodge for Peace for a conference for several days. I had very interesting conversations with some of the people and had a nice time after dinner on Shabbat enjoying the moon and the stars with a few of them. In Israel you can see the planet Jupiter very clearly and we have the beautiful view of the lights of Jordan too.

I am also learning many new Middle Eastern recipes. The other day I helped make homemade sweet potato and white potato gnocchi with a coconut milk, celery and truffle sauce.
It just melts in your mouth and everyone really enjoyed it. Yesterday I cured some green olives from the olive trees here. They should be ready to eat in about 3 weeks. When preparing all these dishes in the large industrial kitchen here there is usually great music playing, sometimes Israeli, sometimes American, and it is such a fun atmosphere. Sometimes someone plays the piano too.

I love the outdoors and a friend and I planted some rose bushes and did some other gardening which was fun. I guess I take after my wonderful
GRANDFATHER BEN who also enjoyed gardening. (Kef is fun in Hebrew and I have been having a lot of Kef. Here are some other kef things I have been doing).

Another friend of mine gave me a wonderful Hebrew lesson the other morning. I had all these words and phrases and he helped me organize them in a way which is easier to memorize. He also helped me with the male and female congregation of words. We do not have this in English.

I have a nice grill by my front door and I think tonight a friend and I are going to grill some meat, chicken and fish. We were going to grill last night but we decided instead to go to Arad (about a 5 minute drive) to this very nice Chinese restaurant. We had delicious soup and shared some salmon sushi prepared in many different ways with different vegetables. Some even had delicious light tempura on the sides. 
***I remember when my children and I used to make sushi together. That was really “kef” too.***
For those who have asked; I look the same and will attach a photo of me in Wadi Rum, Jordan which is where many famous movies have been filmed, including Star Wars. It is a beautiful place. Also, my cat is doing fine. During the day he loves to jump through the window and sleep on my bed.

I also have a wonderful exercise routine. I hike often and there is a very steep mountain which I walk up and down almost daily. I walk forward, backwards, sideways and enjoy the view while getting exercise. I have attached a photo of this mountain. I have also attached a photo of a friend riding his bike up the mountain and you can see my shadow. This is the same friend who I garden with and who plays the piano when many of us cook and also relax with the beautiful mountain, Dead Sea and Jordan view.

I just love the kindness of the Israeli people here. For example, the bike my friend is riding up the mountain was recently bought by the owner of this resort. When they were doing errands and saw the bike, the owner bought it for him. The owner thought it would be more convenient for him to come to the resort to work having an electric bike than taking the bus or waiting for a ride. The owner knew I wanted some tuna fish so he bought it for me when he was doing errands and often takes me places too. The buses are nice here and convenient and I also ride them and usually have great conversations.

I am really enjoying my life in Israel and I hope all of you are enjoying your life too. If not, make a change like I did.
Everyone is always welcome here and I live in peace and love. I made my points in public records in American and have LEFT ALL OF THAT BEHIND. Here I am enjoying my life of PEACE AND LOVE and you are welcome too.
There is so much to enjoy here and I am ready to take a chance on love again. It may not work, but it may.
The second time after a divorce or death of a spouse is very different from the first time because of prior responsibilities and also areas which may need healing.

***Also, I have personally found that many have ruined relationships, including marriage, because they value Money over Love.***
Many esteemed musicians, authors, poets and professionals have written that: “Money cannot buy Love.” AND that “Love can Heal.” 
Often money complicates the situation and makes people with the money angry when they cannot use their money to buy everything they want. They do not want to spend the time learning to heal themselves so they can Love.
I FORGIVE MY Parents, Sister, Relatives and my Husband and Children who all CHOSE to take the money and disregard My Love BUT I FORGIVE THEM ALL. I really hope that one day they can LEARN TO LOVE as my Grandfather Ben stressed to me, is so very important. 
But to love you must accept the TRUTH from your past and UNDO any hurtful habits you learned and REPLACE THEM with positive ones which help you and those around you GROW in worthwhile ways. 
Then you will NOT HAVE ANY SHAME for what you did and will have a CLEAR CONSCIOUS and WANT to help others learn to love too and reach their beautiful potential [as GOD intended, I believe because I believe in GOD but there are other explanations too.] This is also what my years of therapy taught me.

IT IS A MIRACLE I have survived all of this DESTRUCTION OF MY LOVE and have the desire and capability to try to learn to love and trust again. It may not work, but I think it is worth a try.

***Don’t deprive yourself of a life of love…instead get the proper therapy so you too can learn to love again or at least be willing to Give Love a Chance.

A person with Love in their heart, especially a loving alienated Mother or Father, will welcome you with open arms and willingly begin a new relationship with an alienated child. 
So any children reading this don’t be afraid to GIVE LOVE A CHANCE, especially since you are older and wiser now. 
Remember, no one is perfect but I am sure alienated parents have good intentions and want to have a loving and caring companionship again so for your own happiness; do not continue to DEPRIVE YOURSELF of your alienated Mother’s or Father’s Love. GIVE LOVE A CHANCE, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE. Maybe money, if you made a deal for money but ask any person you respect and look at history too, even your own family history; MONEY WILL NOT BUY LOVE and DOESN’T MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY. Also, deals to destroy love are not enforceable because they are against public policy in both America and Israel and many other places too.

So Go Love, Trust and Beginning Again with GOD walking by our side. Also, to see the photos just go to my Facebook page by clicking the “f” in the circle at the top of each page of the website.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.org



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