Have the abusers, cheaters and liars with professional titles lost their mind? Who will be their Scapegoat for their criminal acts?

It appears they have LOST THEIR MIND; the liars, cheaters and abusers who have professional titles and act “charming” and are trying to SILENCE ME as I EXPOSE THE TRUTH.
Who do you think their SCAPEGOAT is going to be for their criminal acts?

My legal efforts continue to expose ALL THOSE INVOLVED in depriving me (and thousands of others in my same situation) of my legal, fundamental and civil rights to:
• Receive my 50 percent interest in the marital property including all assets, savings, retirement, many hidden corporations and other hidden interests amounting to millions of dollars;

• Receive my legally calculated alimony;

• Receive my  legal right to continue my companionship with my Children since I am a law-abiding person who is fit and very responsible and NO tests have ever proven otherwise.

• NOT have a judge issue fraudulent civil restraining orders and reduce my alimony to zero based upon her court-ordered therapist’s report which is fraudulent and made conclusions based; NOT on tests or clinical evaluations and opinions from other therapists but based upon MY EX-HUSBAND’S STATEMENTS, MARK F. HASSMAN who has NO PSYCHOLOGICAL EDUCATION and NO PSYCHOLOGICAL CERTIFICATIONS but offered his ridiculous, very malicious and unfounded opinion on my mental state.

***What an ex-husband (wife) can pay a court-ordered therapist to do illegally and unconscionably is truly horrible but this is WHY MILLIONS OF CHILDREN AND LOVING, FIT PARENTS ARE SUFFERING FROM THE ABUSE CALLED PARENTAL ALIENATION. 
***The corrupt judges, appoint their corrupt court-ordered therapist and then he is ordered to write a false and fraudulent report which the judge then uses to take away custody and visitation rights of loving fit, Mothers (fathers) INTENTIONALLY destroying love, self-esteem and creating many other horrible problems for the Children and also the abused parent.

Well all the corrupt people and organizations I have sued must be getting nervous. I have a hearing on Friday because corrupt and very immoral and unreasonable PHIL SEASTROM, one of the founders of the law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM swore that my complaint to rectify my fraudulent divorce so I have EQUAL RIGHTS as the law DEMANDS; is “BASELESS.”

But, it gets worse, PHIL SEASTROM is supposed to be “the man” who is going to save all those I sued and those I have not sued yet but are involved in this corruption, from being held liable for their corrupt, immoral and very unconscionable acts as the law demands. The law firm where he is senior partner SEASTROM &SEASTROM hired a corrupt law firm who continues to lie and is TRYING TO MISLEAD JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE for the hearing on Friday, October 16, 2015 involving the Los Angeles civil case in Superior Court case # BC580980.

Like I have always said; there is guilt by association meaning those who are corrupt, lie, scheme and manipulate others also associate with corrupt people who do the same; lie, scheme and manipulate others.

Well, the law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM hired the law firm NEMECEK & COLE. 
for their defense of my TRUTHFUL allegations based upon public records, California community property, other property, family law, Constitutional law and other consistent and compatible Federal laws.

I am thrilled because SEASTROM and also NEMECK are so blind and must think their “power” can dismiss my TRUTHFUL complaint because they keep filing more and more motions so that their malicious and fraudulent intent becomes clearer and clearer and as the law demands they must be held responsible.

Thus, it clearly appears to many of us that SEASTROM and also NEMECEK are bringing themselves closer and closer to 
JAIL TIME and MORE PUNITIVE DAMAGES. A law firm cannot represent a client in violation of the law without being held responsible and I am in the process of proving this AGAIN as I proved it with my lawsuit against my parents and their attorney when I was 27 years old. I have learned a lot since then too.

NEMECEK & COLE tries to make their client SEASTROM & SEASTROM sound so innocent saying in their motion which is a matter of public record that they did “nothing more than its representation of Mr. Hassman in the dissolution matter.” 
What about following the law in its representation and also what about its fraudulent and unlawful representation in post-judgment matters? NEMECEK & COLE can’t even get the basic facts straight but claim my complaint based on the law and public records like the stipulated judgment which their client SEASTROM & SEASTROM signed is “baseless.”

NEMECEK & COLE’s math also appears to be fuzzy math like my ex-husband’s who with the guidance and representation of SEASTROM & SEASTROM stole millions of dollars from me and now swears he is “insolvent” can only pay me $350 every 2 weeks of alimony while he pays for two (2) Lexus vehicles and other non-necessity expenses amounting to thousands of dollars each month. 
NEMECEKclearly appears to have lost its mind and tries to make up lies about me instead of reasonably mitigating its damages and its client’s damages.

Is NEMECEK & COLE trying to blame ME for THEIR legal negligence in missing a deadline? The hearing is October 16, 2015; I filed and served my response on September 28th which is many more than nine (9) days before the hearing. They missed the deadline for their response. Oh well, we will see what Judge White has to say. What about a Federal Court; a Grand Jury? This is getting very exciting.

NEMECEK & COLE’s lies and manipulations are very typical that I am confident Judge Elizabeth White will not be misled. If I am wrong; thanks to the supposed ‘savior’ PHIL SEASTROM I can take this case to Federal Court since it involves MY rights to Free Speech and Due Process.

PHIL SEASTROM seems very confused even as the Senior Partner of SEASTROM & SEASTROM because it is MY rights to free speech which have been denied by a LACK OF FULL DISCLOSURE required by community property, other property, family law, Constitutional law and other laws guaranteeing a spouse’s legal right to have a legal dissolution of a marriage contract and and  legal resolution of post-judgment matters like spousal support modifications. 

Those at the law firm SEASTROM are acting like the victim when they are clearly the predator as many public records show.

***Does NEMECEK & COLE and their client SEASTROM & SEASTROM think the law does NOT apply to ME so I DO NOT have any LEGAL RIGHTS and I must be a slave? My parents and their lawyer thought this too but I proved them wrong.

Do you think NEMECEK & COLE and their client SEASTROM & SEASTROM should try reading and absorbing my Verified Complaint, First Amended Complaint and Second Amended Complaint and then see if they still REASONABLY think my complaint is “baseless? ” 
However, if they really thought my complaint is “baseless”, they would NOT HAVE TO RESORT TO LYING.

As the web of lies keeps getting larger and larger for all of those who so foolishly get involved and so foolishly refuse to remove themselves by acknowledging the TRUTH; 
Who do you think their SCAPEGOAT is going to be?

A scapegoat will be the person who carries away ALL their acts of abuse, corruption, lies, schemes and manipulations and takes the “fall” or the “blame” while enabling the others to continue to “operate” as usual by Profiting from Divorce using Acts of Parental Alienation. Think it will be Rabbi David Wolpe?

Think I will accept this? If you do, you don’t understand how I LEARNED FROM MY MISTAKES.
I learned from my lawsuit with my parents that everyone involved must be held accountable and the public must be apprised of their acts.

As I did with my parents’ lawsuit; I helped change the “kiddie trust” laws and I plan to change some restraining order, custody and visitation laws and of course making parental alienation a very serious crime with very serious penalties for all involved.

This is reasonable. If you disagree with me; then please listen to Michael Jacksons very famous song “Heal the World” and try to realize that YOU are being very unreasonable. Here is the link.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWf-eARnf6U

As always none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my vast knowledge and experiences and all the lessons I have learned. 
Will you learn from yours too or keep suffering from yours instead? The Choice is YOURS to make, no one else.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;ww.PAlienation.org

Music video by Michael Jackson performing Heal The World. (C) 1991 MJJ Productions Inc.



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