Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you lived in a world where those who pretend to love you really ACTED like they DID love you whereby they tried to help you become an honest, compassionate, responsible, confident, law-abiding person and only expected respect and kindness in return?

This love describes the Mother I have been to my Children and the person I am to many as MY ACTIONS CONSISTENTLY SHOW. 

My love and my honest character and behavior is why judges, law firms, religious organizations, religious leaders, executives, nonprofit schools, the court-appointed therapist, my husband, his mistress and others have been trying to silence me so I am unable to expose the TRUTH about their hatred, abuse, terror, intimidation, oppression and other corrupt acts they continue to commit so they can profit, while pretending to love.

Can you think of a more heinous, vicious, evil act of making Children which includes Adult Children, LEARN TO HATE their loving, law-abiding Mother (father) by telling them lies, implementing schemes, having fraudulent restraining orders and threatening them if they dare try to associate with their loving, law-abiding Mother?

Can you think of a more heinous, vicious, evil act of religious organizations and religious leaders, judges, law firms, executives, nonprofit schools, the court-appointed therapist, the First Lady Michelle Obama who claims the well-being of Mothers and Children is her legacy, the father, his mistress, relatives and others; where they for over eight years now have ignored the lies, schemes, fraudulent restraining orders and threats so that the Children CONTINUE to wrongfully hate their loving, law-abiding Mother (father)?

What has become of the values Americans represent including our Leaders who are supposed to honestly guide society to improve the general welfare?

IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT FOR ME TO CONTINUE my fight to end the abuse, terror, torture and oppression called Parental Alienation and the illegal use of 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit agreements which are commonly used together to make the loving, law-abiding Mother (father) both emotionally and financially devastated, TO PRESERVE OUR AMERICAN VALUES AND WAY OF LIFE.

***I MUST CONTINUE to use my knowledge and skills to expose the facts, many of which are already in public records, so that the foundation of our country, which was founded upon the beliefs of truth, love, compassion and democracy, will continue to thrive.
It is reprehensible that still in the year 2016, a loving, law-abiding Mother cannot even:
1. rescind the fraudulent restraining orders,
2. have judges and other experts care to try to figure out why her children suddenly alienated her at the time of divorce, and 
3. rescind the fraudulent divorce contract and order that a new one with the net worth, its division and distribution be fully disclosed in accordance with both the letter and the spirit of the law.

It was NEVER THE INTENT OF ANY LAWS IN THE UNITED STATES to deprive a loving, law-abiding Mother of her assets, custody and visitation at the time of divorce.

It was NEVER THE INTENT OF ANY LAWS IN THE UNITED STATES to have the assets of a loving, law-abiding Mother SECRETLY REDISTRIBUTED to religious organizations and religious leaders, judges, law firms, executives, nonprofit schools, the court-appointed therapist, the First Lady Michelle Obama, the father, his mistress, relatives and others, EVEN THE CHILDREN.

With that being said, I have learned to cope without even knowing about my Children, who until the time of the divorce had wonderful values and character but since then, have CHOSEN to let their father, his mistress and others destroy them and their beautiful relationship they shared with me.

I have also learned to enjoy living in my world of love, compassion and respect. I have made some wonderful friends with outstanding values and have some remarkable professionals who help me also.

This past week, I went with one of my very close friends to the fabulous Van Morrison and Tom Jones concert at the famous outdoor arena called The Hollywood Bowl. Both of these elderly artists performed for about an hour and a half each, and their voices and other talents are still very obvious. Van played the saxophone, harmonica and other instruments along with singing and Tom sang many of his hit songs. 
The woman sitting next to me was a dancer from Hollywood and danced to many of Tom’s songs. She was great too.

Before the concert my friend and I had a nice, delicious and healthy dinner and then she told me I had to try this ice cream place she discovered which was on the way. It was fabulous!
We went to SALT & STRAW in Larchmont. 
Usually there is an hour wait but we got lucky. 
As my friend recommended, I ordered 2 half scopes and tried their all-time special of honey lavender ice cream. I also had some roasted strawberry with toasted white chocolate ice cream. 
My friend also had the honey lavender ice cream and had strawberry avocado. There were many monthly specials which included all kinds of pumpkin ice creams. You can taste the ice cream before you order too.

If you have never been to SALT & STRAW and live in the Los Angeles area or are visiting; I recommend going to this ice cream place and then walking along Larchmont Avenue which has some cute, fun boutiques. It reminds me of Main Street in Ojai.

While we were walking and eating our ice cream we passed many people eating ice cream too and we asked each other what flavors they ordered. One woman ordered a pumpkin special with all kinds of chocolate candy bars mixed in. We had so much fun.

Then I was really so thrilled. My friend’s Mother who is 92 years old, made me a heart origami sculpture which is the photo attached.
At 92 years old she wants to use her hands more so decided to do origami and I was lucky she thought to make a sculpture for me. My daughter used to do origami but now, I have no idea what she does. Neither she nor the others listed above care to even help us reunite and just continue to keep us and my sons also alienated from Me.

My Daughter and my Sons are all adults now and have their own free will to do as they please. Obviously they want to keep harming themselves and depriving themselves of a Mother’s love, kindness and compassion. 
They also know that as a reasonable Mother should; I set boundaries that we must treat each other with civility, respect and be reasonable, not make ultimatums. This is all part of living in the world of Love, Compassion and Honesty.

Regardless of what my Children choose to do using their own free will; I am very grateful I have met many wonderful people who DO CARE ABOUT ME and I CARE ABOUT THEM TOO. I hope everyone reading this is as lucky as I am and has made nice friends too. 

Also remember, I never let my father, mother, sister, relatives or any of those mentioned above pull ME down with them to their corrupt level and their very low standards. 
I LIVE IN THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF LOVE, COMPASSION AND RESPECT holding my head up high knowing I am doing what is moral and fighting for Equal Rights for All. I am very proud of myself.

As always none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences including facts about those in the Establishment.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org

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There is a wonderful alternative:

CHANGE and live in the world of love, compassion, honesty and respect, where there is FREEDOM. With awareness comes change.


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