Here are: 1) more personal updates and photos from my wonderful life in Israel and also 2) more legal updates regarding how alienated children are turned into criminals by this Parental Alienation Conspiracy which does not care if these vulnerable, brainwashed, and abused alienated children are sent to jail because of what they were forced to do. (This includes vulnerable young adult children).

First, I have so many wonderful personal updates about my new life in Israel that I will only list those from the past day since I do not want this post to become too long.

Yesterday, I had time to relax, read, exercise and have a picnic on one of the terraces here at the naturally beautiful and relaxing Zman Midbar Eco Spirit Lodge for Peace in the Judean Desert. This is near the historic sites of the Dead Sea, Masada, the Caves where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered and others.
The first photo is of my terrace view. See the mountain in the background with a flat top which we call the tabletop mountain? The famous fortress of Masada is behind this mountain; about 15 minutes away.
Now see the white line going across the desert mountain in the foreground? This is a trail used by hikers, camels and donkeys. Two people riding their donkeys on this trail stopped by the terrace when they saw me. They were grazing their donkeys on the desert plants and I had the opportunity to talk with them and pet their sweet, well trained donkeys.
I am learning so much about many different cultures and ways of life and having a lot of fun too. 
When was the last time you sat on a terrace to relax and some kind people on donkeys came by?

When these kind people on their donkeys left; the camels came at the camel crossing which I love to watch. The second photo is a great picture of the happenings at the camel crossing, with the beautiful blue sky and another mountain view in the background.

The third photo is of me with my favorite camel right behind, smiling. Camels always look like they are smiling and my favorite camel is the white one. He always waits for me by the trail to give me a kiss (nudge) on the cheek and I give him a hug and say “hello” and “how are you” in Hebrew. Fun, fun, fun.
Also, notice my new and improved desert hat which I brought from Los Angeles. I have enhanced it by weaving into it some desert twigs and vines which make it stronger against the strong desert winds and more beautiful too. I have been getting compliments and plan to wear it when I go on my Camel Desert Trip next month.

The last photo is of one of the camels standing on the mountain here at Zman Midbar Eco Spirit Lodge for Peace in the amazing sunlight with the beautiful blue desert sky. You will need to click on this photo to see this entire beautiful desert wilderness as you also need to do to see the other photos.
By the way, I met the Shepard who not only is a camel and desert expert; he runs a family business where he takes people on Camel Trips and exposes them to the way of life of OUR ANCESTORS. 
My friend at Zman Midbar Eco Spirit Lodge for Peace told this Shepard, Expert and Businessman that I wanted to go on one of his Camel Trips. So when he was in the area yesterday; he came by in his Jeep, (not on one of his camels), to meet me and enjoy some of our delicious fresh herbal tea which I and others make. He was very nice and will pick out the perfect camel for me to ride among the 21 he owns. He is an expert in breeding and training camels and donkeys and has many very impressive degrees in this profession. If you want to join me or go on your own Camel Trip, check out his impressive website with many photos too at: 
Can you understand why I love my new life in Israel? What I just described is only from the past day too. There is so much more.

Now for the important legal updates:
Here is a recent email I sent to my defendants and those aiding them, many whom are very influential in America and Israel, whose email addresses I have and who have not threaten me if I send them emails. They are listed at the end of this post:
from: Sara Hassman <>
Aug 22, 2019, 1:10 PM
Sure you don’t want to come forth with the truth and save yourself.

Responding to a comment: No, I haven’t heard from my ex-husband MARK HASSMAN yet…Can you believe the arrogance to not even willingly send $24 and a little more for my criminal record for this sacred cause of helping me make Aliyah WHEN PUBLIC RECORDS PROVE: 1) he stole millions of dollars from me since he, a Harvard Chief Financial Officer and Certified Public Accountant, controlled our community estate and 2) alienated our children from me too with lies and many schemes including fraudulent, criminal and malicious restraining orders which are common tactics used in Parental Alienation situations? 
EXPECT evil predators to think: 1) they are above the law and 2) can hide from the truth as they incriminate and destroy themselves and each other more and more each day. [End of my response but continuing with the sent email]

Remember, our choices determine our destiny.
Below is the link to a song by one of the favorite singers of my wise, honest and compassionate beloved GRANDFATHER BEN. I would take heed if I were you; this clearly includes: MY MOTHER, HELENE PENN-DORF, MY SISTER RUTH PENN CARLINER AND RABBI MITCHELL WOHLBERG OF BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION.
You know my beloved Grandfather Ben is disgusted with all of you and everyone else in this horrible conspiracy of terror. Each one of you could easily help me end this terror. (Please note: MY BELOVED GRANDFATHER BEN IS also the Grandfather of my sister, the Father of my mother and was a very righteous and well-respected member for many decades of senior Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg’s Synagogue called Beth Tfiloh Congregation which is one of my defendants.) 
Here is the link to the powerful song sung by one of my Grandfather’s favorite singers:
[End of Email]

THE FOLLOWING IS PART OF AN EMAIL I RECEIVED THIS MORNING from a very wise, compassionate and dear friend and her husband I met in Israel which I want to post.
I HOPE: 1) her words of wisdom; 2) which are shared by her husband; 3) along with my uncontroverted evidence referred to below…..
ENCOURAGES those in this evil and criminal Parental Alienation conspiracy and those aiding them to JOIN OUR REVOLUTION to end this TERROR IN AMERICA, ISRAEL AND IN OTHER COUNTRIES which have not already criminalized this emotional abuse, brainwashing and racketeering. 
Also, I HOPE this information also ENCOURAGES MY OWN THREE (3) CHILDREN TO EMAIL ME HAVING HONEST INTENTIONS, yes HONEST INTENTIONS, so we can begin to end the Parental Alienation going on for eleven (11) years now. No games or schemes or lies anymore.
Here are her words of wisdom:

” Remember that Goliath didn’t win..little David did because God was with him. God will vindicate truth and truth will win in the end Sara.. somehow.. only He knows..but it will happen.
It’s like the enemy of our souls has created a war to weary the good soldiers..we all need to stand firm in these days against all the untruths and misjustices that he fires at’s not of God it’s only pure evil.
Your heart is so precious Sara & you have been given such great strength by God to come through all that has been thrown at you from every side. You have a clean slate in all this & He honours you and your fight for righteousness. The righteous will shine as stars forever while those who perpetrate ungodliness will not prevail.
As we always felt since we met you Sara..God has a BIG plan for you and He will reveal that to you as you seek Him and we know you want to live in a way that will glorify Him..the good path..the best path..the only path.”
[End of her email]

Here are my comments supported with uncontroverted evidence:

****** MARK and ALL MY OTHER DEFENDANTS in this Parental Alienation conspiracy and THOSE DISGRACEFULLY AIDING THEM*****

Admit the brainwashing; emotional abuse; and the Parental Alienation lies and schemes which should mitigate the damages for our three children, even our eldest son Stephen who has the most to mitigate. 
Maybe Stephen has become a menace to society as an educated adult in America who lacks empathy and has
NO REMORSE that he should not be spared but, our other two (2) children definitely should be. 
AS OVERWHELMING UNCONTROVERTED EVIDENCE PROVES: since the day our three children were born until the time the Parental Alienation began about 18 years later, as their-full-time stay-at-home Mother; I instilled in them honest and righteous values WHICH I EXEMPLIFY MYSELF, DAILY.

Thus, reasonably expected from my love, honest Motherly guidance and example; our three children became loving, compassionate people who made many worthwhile accomplishments. This is supported by uncontroverted evidence in public records, in their school reports and by their sports and other activities they participated in with my encouragement and efforts.
THEIR GOOD VALUES AND RIGHTEOUS CHARACTER CHANGED once I was alienated from their lives with malicious, fraudulent and criminally issued restraining orders, stay-away-orders and ALSO illegally denied my fundamental rights to Custody and Visitation by those in this Parental Alienation conspiracy and those aiding them.

MARK and all others in this Parental Alienation conspiracy and those aiding them; I HOPE you now agree to help end this terror because: OVERWHELMING UNCONTROVERTED EVIDENCE PROVES you intentionally, maliciously and horribly beyond words TURNED my three wonderful children into criminals who currently HAVE NOT SHOWN ANY empathy or love FOR THEIR LOVING, LAW-ABIDING MOTHER WHO RAISED THEM WITH AN ABUNDANCE OF LOVE AND CARE. 
*****The overwhelming facts prove that PARENTAL ALIENATION has become your SYSTEMATIC WAY OF PROFITING which is why Parental Alienation has become an epidemic problem in America, Israel and worldwide; now even at the Mexican border.
As any reasonable, compassionate person knows, especially JEWS and others who were victims of Adolph Hitler and the Holocaust… WITHOUT THE HAND OF GOD; I could have never survived all this terror especially since my health, my strength and legal skills returned so I could peacefully use our legal system to expose the Truth of this EPIDEMIC PROBLEM of PARENTAL ALIENATION in America, Israel and other countries. 
My actions are examples of Tikkun Olam which is a very sacred Jewish COMMANDMENT.     GOD commands Jews to use their education, skills, and experiences to help humanity in honest and compassionate ways as he intended. (GOD commands this of people of other religions too.)

Here is the list of those I sent the email above to along with many other emails over the past eleven year when this Terror of Parental Alienation began for me and my family. 
The majority on this list are Jews or Jewish organizations and should ESPECIALLY know better than to alienate children from their loving Mother or Father so they can profit as Adolph Hitler did. 
Shamefully, the majority on this list also have the education, skills, resources and influence to end this terror but have been refusing:

Danielle Berrin <>,,,
“Brian T. (” <>,,
Steve Murow <>,,
“” <>,
Marshall Cole <>,
Paul Kramer <>,
“Joan E. Trimble” <>,
Dale Kiken <>,
Bob Andrews <>,,
“” <>,
Rabbi Daniel Nevins <>,
“” <>,,
“” <>,
“Jay Sanderson, The Jewish Federation” <>,
“” <>,
info <>,
Creative Arts Temple <>,
“Scott Minkow, The Jewish Federation” <>,
Jewish Community Relations Council <>,
Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors <>,
Mendel Schwartz <>,
Los Angeles Times <>,
“” <>,
mitchell wohlberg <>,,,
Elissa Sachs-Kohen <>,,
Helene Penn Dorf <>,
Glenn Weinberg <>,,
“” <>,
Emory University Media Relations <>,
“” <>,,
“” <>,
“Kremen, Richard” <>,,,
Mark Schaeffer <>,,
David Suissa <>,,
Golnar Fozi <>,
Bettina Yanez <>,
“Paul A. Moote II” <>,,
Wayne Resnick <>,

Please see: for the photos.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World. 
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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