Here are some recent emails I sent to SONY ENTERTAINMENT and my old friend who established the HARRY AND JEANETTE WEINBERG FOUNDATION along with a PERSONAL UPDATE on my wonderful and enriching move to Israel as I acclimate to this sacred country.

I am currently living in Akko, Israel on the Mediterranean Sea which is comprised of both Jewish Israelis and Arab Israelis. Anyone who wants to believe the lies and myths about these groups without having experienced living among them is just being ignorant. I have made friends among both the Jewish Israelis and Arab Israelis and have had very enriching religious discussions over Middle Eastern meals and desserts they have prepared for me in their homes and also brought to me.

So discard any myths or prejudices you have because the Arab friends I have made are very kind, clean people just like those WHO LIVE AS Jews, Messianic Jews, Christians and followers of other reasonable religions WHO WANT TO LIVE IN PEACE AND HELP OTHERS. We have the same basic beliefs of using our special skills, education and experiences to help ourselves and others thrive in positive ways so we can all live in peace. We just differ as to what prophet or messenger we believe delivered this message.

I am not talking about those of any religion who act as terrorists promoting Parental Alienation and other acts of terror, torture, abuse, oppression, coercion and racketeering. They just PRETEND TO BE RELIGIOUS for political, selfish, greedy and other misplaced and dysfunctional purposes. They are making very serious problems for the rest of us as current events along with the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation continue to prove daily.

I am convinced that all of us who live promoting love and peace as our religions command us can happily live together in peace once the world no longer has these evil types who CLAIM to be religious but are nothing but terrorists as overwhelming facts prove. With that being said, here are two recent emails I sent although; I have not received any responses which irrefutably prove these points. Evil predators and terrorists apparently think they can continue to profit from harming others and disobeying GOD’s cryptic commandments of: not cheating and not stealing.I fear for them as they apparently think they are not only above the law but are also above GOD. See attached photos of these donations and also one of me at the Lebanese border talking to an Israeli soldier if I have not been hacked again by these so-called American Jews. Here are the emails:
from: Sara Hassman to: date: Feb 15, 2019, 11:01 AM

Shalom LIsa Gephart,

I was very impressed with the gracious donation Sony made in Sefat, Israel to help rehabilitate the forests of Galilee that were destroyed by fire during the 2006 Lebanese war. I have attached a photograph representing this donation. In your very impressive position of Senior Director of Sony Corporation of America Corporate Communications; I reasonably think you or one of your staff members are aware of the movies your competition releases including Fox’s movie “Red Sparrow” which grossed $151 million worldwide. “Red Sparrow” is about the Russian indoctrination, brainwashing, abuse, terror and fear techniques used to force innocent people to carry out criminal and immoral acts because they are EMOTIONALLY and FINANCIALLY terrorized just like those suffering today in AMERICA from the EPIDEMIC PROBLEM OF PARENTAL ALIENATION.

Many countries, but not the United States, have already CRIMINALIZED Parental Alienation which includes but is not limited to the horrific crimes of: emotional abuse; sexual and physical abuse; manipulation; brainwashing; racketeering; obstruction of justice; abuse of process; malicious prosecution, conspiracy; perjury; money laundering; oppression and coercion. In other words, Parental Alienation involves the destruction of LOVE, FAMILY, FREEDOM, EQUAL RIGHTS and JUSTICE FOR ALL. These are the sacred values America, Israel and Judaism were all founded upon and promote. I haven’t seen my children for over eleven (11) years and was illegally and criminally denied custody and visitation.

NOT ONE AMERICAN JEWISH Organization, Leader, Member or Follower will help me reunite with my children and receive the legal interest in my community estate from my divorce which evidence proves was stolen and redistributed to them. This is an epidemic problem in the United States and many other countries and is destroying humanity. As many doctors, therapists, authors and other experts of Parental Alienation have proven; these Russian techniques used in the “Red Sparrow” are very similar those used by evil predators and terrorists who carry out and/or promote acts of Parental Alienation in America.“Red Sparrow,” also proves that a brave, wise, reasonable and compassionate WOMAN WILL PREVAIL AGAINST EVIL PREDATORS and TERRORISTS.

***Thus Lisa, SINCE SONY WAS VERY CONCERNED ABOUT THE DESTRUCTION OF TREES IN GALILEE will Sony also help me bring awareness to the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in America which is destroying not trees but FAMILIES, LOVE, LIVES and HUMANITY?Also Lisa, I do not know if you are also a Mother too. Regardless, Parental Alienation is similar to what ADOLPH HITLER did during the HOLOCAUST when he ripped children from the arms of their loving Mothers and Fathers. This is pure evil. Lisa, please feel free to read the posts on my website and facebook page cited below to give you more insight into this epidemic problem of terror in America and worldwide.
I hope I hear back from you or one of your staff members soon. Sabbath Shalom, Sara

from: Sara Hassman <>to: Glenn Weinberg <>date: Feb 21, 2019, 12:41 AMsubject: I saw a plaque yesterday in Israel regarding the “significance assistance” of the HARRY AND JEANETTE WEINBERG FOUNDATION and thought of you.

Dear Glenn,

PLEASE CHANGE BACK as the plaque I saw yesterday in Akko, Israel regarding the HARRY AND JEANETTE WEINBERG FOUNDATION exemplifies American and Jewish values of Love, Family, Compassion and Kindness.I can’t believe the heartless person you have turned into ever since you received your inheritance from you uncle and aunt and set up the HARRY AND JEANETTE WEINBERG FOUNDATION in their memory.

When I knew you Glenn including in law school; you fervently supported truth, love, family, equal rights and justice for all; not destroying these sacred values which both America and Judaism are founded upon. Your brothers Don and Joey also supported these values along with Sharon. I never knew either Debbie well enough to understand what they stood for but; I should reasonably be able to assume that if they married men who supported these values as the essence of their character then they would also. This is especially true since all of you claim to be: 1) Americans; 2) who support living a Jewish life and; 3) have children who you have educated with Jewish teachings. Therefore, it is only reasonably that you, your brothers and their wives should compassionately want to ERADICATE the evil epidemic problem in America, Israel and other countries around the world of terror torture, abuse, oppression and racketeering called Parental Alienation.

*******What am I missing? Why aren’t any of you supporting ENDING PARENTAL ALIENATION with all of your power, influence and resources?******How would each of you like to be alienated from your children, for eleven years now like me, whom you raised with a lot of love and care, AS YOU KNOW I DID?

Just to clarify Glenn, PARENTAL ALIENATION COMMONLY INVOLVES MANY CRIMES including but not limited to: emotional abuse; sexual and physical abuse; manipulation; brainwashing; racketeering; obstruction of justice; abuse of process; malicious prosecution, conspiracy; perjury; money laundering; oppression and coercion.I THOUGHT OF ALL OF YOU YESTERDAY as I was walking in the Old City of Akko, Israel and saw a plaque above a day care center stating that with “significant assistance,” the HARRY AND JEANETTE WEINBERG FOUNDATION of Baltimore, Maryland built this Day Care Center. I have attached a photo of this plaque to this email. So do all of you refuse to help END Parental Alienation while providing day care in Akko, Israel to families whom you plan to terrorize, torture, abuse and oppress with acts of Parental Alienation?

******** In other words, you get to know these families and then promote divorce working with one spouse/parent and rip the children from the arms of their loving, honest spouse/parent you are not working with while profiting from this terror? This is what the facts prove.

If not, you would reasonably and fervently join OUR REVOLUTION of which I am the VOICE, and help us END this terror. As the famous Holocaust survivor and author ELI WIESEL said; remaining silent only helps the predators, not their victims. Glenn, why are you remaining silent when YOU, AS LIKE ME, have the education, skills and experience to help END PARENTAL ALIENATION? However, I no longer have the resources. My millions of dollars of resources have been stolen and redistributed as my divorce decree and other documents in public records prove so I do not have the resources to help end this terror. Glenn, why do you keep refusing to help me? Why not provide the resources and START WITH JUST A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS by requesting just three documents I need and have the apostille affixed and then send all of them to me in Israel so I can MAKE ALIYAH which is my JEWISH BIRTHRIGHT and a MITZVAH, as you should know.

Glenn, I only need the following documents: 1) my certified birth certificate (under Sara Penn) which can be ordered on line as I am sure someone on your staff can do. I was born in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins Hospital downtown;2) my certified divorce decree/judgment from the Superior Court of Orange County, California, case #09D002792 , case name: Mark F. Hassman v. Sara Hassman which can also be ordered on line;3) the original letter from Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg, whom I know you know, which states I was born to a Jewish Mother. Rabbi Wohlberg already wrote this letter and Arlene Abramson, his secretary emailed me a copy. However, I need the original and the apostille affixed as they know. I am sure BETH TFILOH has an apostille agency it routinely uses so Rabbi Wohlberg and his secretary Arlene or someone on their staff can assist you.PLUS ANY FUNDS ADVANCED WILL BE REIMBURSED by the STATE OF ISRAEL, once I make Aliyah.
Glenn, will you please just help me gather these three documents I need to make Aliyah, have the apostille affixed and then send them to me in Israel. I would be very appreciative and you will be reimbursed too.Please.Sincerely your old friend, Sara

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States and all over the World.-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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