Here is a beautiful email I wrote to my children which is more evidence of the man-made domestic terrorism of Parental Alienation as the facts clearly speak for themselves to those who have the COURAGE to LISTEN, FOCUS their THINKING not obedient MIND and act REASONABLY.

from: Sara Hassman <[email protected]>

to: Stephen <[email protected]>
date: Thu, May 8, 2014 at 1:23 PM

Dear Stephen, Julie and Michael, (Stephen, please email to Julie and Michael),
This is my Mother’s Day gift to all of you. I have figured out why our family fell apart and have the plans in place to help all of you realize what has happened, why and what you need to do to heal so you can return to the beautiful, kind, respectful, happy people you truly are.
You will realize that around the time of the divorce, you were taught and shamed into adopting dysfunctional behaviors. This is not your fault as you were made to believe if you did not acquiesce; you would face financial and other repercussions. Now, you will be able to hold your head up high and be proud standing up to the dysfunctional ways of those who have created and perpetuated parental alienation. This will enable you to return to the happy, fun, kind, respectful people you truly are; that is if this is what you choose to do which is not only reasonably; but also rational.

Your father and I had a relationship which resembled a healthy partnership; for about 20 years we were very collaborative, discussed things and worked them out peacefully. Then he changed and became dictatorial and demanded that I just obey him and not use my mind, heart and soul and do what I know is reasonable. This is slavery which was abolished years ago as inhumane. I would not tolerate this and developed seizures because the man I loved for many years was demanding I do things that were not in my best interest or any of your best interests either and was unreasonable. This is emotional torture, as well as betrayal of trust and other horrible behaviors.

I hope in all of your relationships you demand that people treat you with respect and do not ALLOW yourselves to be treated as a slave or in other disrespectful ways. Choose to demand that people treat you respectfully and civilly as our laws of freedom and individual rights demand.

Stand up for your rights or you will be full of shame and live a very unhappy life with a lot of anger and will even try to harm and shame others. As I told you; you have free will and the choices you make in life determine the person you will be and whether you have good character or horrible character. With all this being said:
I have lived every day of my life trying to help each of you and myself which represents the love of a mother. A loving mother does not just forget her children and leave them floundering without any guidance.

First, I had to figure out why each of you and your father all of a sudden started to treat me disrespectfully and even apologizing for me when I have a right to express my intelligent thoughts even if you disagree. This is free speech and also, who gave you the right to apologize for me or anyone else? You don’t own me as people are not property but; narcissists believe people are their property and to be used to their benefits.
Ever since all of you all of a sudden started being disrespectful to me, cussing and being unreasonable and I developed seizures; I didn’t understand this sudden change. When I separated from your father and all of you also chose to “divorce” me, I diligently engaged in therapy with several qualified professionals in an effort to understand what happened and why. All of them concluded that a situation of emotional abuse was created called Parental Alienation.
They explained it to me; I read books and did other things to educate myself. They did and now I have learned to predict what you, your father, your step-mother and others will do.

Stephen, Julie and Michael all of you fit the pattern of behaviors of those who have Stockholm Syndrome. All of you including your father, step-mother, your father’s business partners, people at Cate and others all fit the pattern of those who are filled with so much shame and cannot love or treat others kindly unless by doing so you benefit in some way.

All you have developed the behavior of shaming others (Julie you try to do this to me) and act in other unreasonable, angry, harmful ways instead of trying to reasonably figure out as responsible adults, the reasons for your anger, unreasonable, shaming behaviors and also your desire to want to harm me instead of trying to reasonably be collaborative and civil. Giving orders and ultimatums is not reasonable or collaborative; this is acting like a dictator because you are demanding things; not trying to be civil and discuss what you want and why. People with narcissistic tendencies behave this way which includes parents who create parental alienation as well as those who aid them.(like a step-mother, business partners etc.)
I have intentionally developed contacts in Hollywood to help me educate society about parental alienation and I have used my education, skills and experiences as an attorney and business person to do the same. I believe you will begin to see the truth of our situation which is similar to the situation of millions of others who are also suffering from parental alienation.

Stephen, Julie and Michael; as adults, you will have choices to make; will you face the truth and follow the good values I know you have? Or, will you choose to be untruthful, disrespectful and continue behaving with unreasonable, uncivil, dishonest behaviors while displaying your anger and shame.

As adults; the choice is yours but; as your mother you can never, ever, ever blame me for not trying to tell you the truth and educating you. As adults, if you choose to go through life angry and always blaming others; you will be a very angry, unhappy person full of shame.
I love you very much and I am hopeful all of you will make the right choices and return to the kind, respectful, compassionate, honest and happy people that I know all of you truly are.
Love always,
Sara Hassman
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
:: Parental Alienation Solutions ::
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).

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