Here is a beautiful example of the Israeli compassion, bravery, independence and wisdom I have experienced living in Israel along with: 1) An EMAIL LIST of some EVIL AMERICAN PREDATORS including shamefully MY RELATIVES, MY OLD CLASSMATES and MY PROMINENT AMERICAN JEWISH BRETHREN. Note, JEWISH SUPREME COURT JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBURG and some others are not on this list; 2) Their BRAINWASHING TECHNIQUES secretly used for decades to promote Parental Alienation; 3) What ANY compassionate person with a sense of responsibility for Humanity and Justice can DO to promote OUR REVOLUTION to end the many crimes which comprise the terror of Parental Alienation.

My lawsuits and other irrefutable facts in American public records, online and elsewhere prove that for the past twelve years since 2007 when my very well-documented situation of Parental Alienation began; those on this email list and others like JEWISH SUPREME COURT JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBURG have been receiving my website and Facebook posts, legal documents or other Parental Alienation information.    

          However intentionally, maliciously, repeatedly and with great evil they have been ignoring Parental Alienation while SECRETLY WORKING TOGETHER as a cult/conspiracy/criminal organization/ family/ team/ collective group with the SECRET PURPOSE of profiting from creating and/or promoting this terror, torture, abuse, oppression, coercion, racketeering, obstruction of justice, perjury and malicious prosecution which all comprise the many crimes of Parental Alienation. The IRREFUTABLE FACTS in American public records, online and elsewhere prove those on this email list and others too are all part of the evil “conspiracy of silence” in America and Worldwide.

I wanted to publish this EMAIL LIST OF MANY AMERICAN EVIL PREDATORS because I have been receiving some comments about what people can DO to SUPPORT OUR REVOLUTION to help end this terror of Parental Alienation for millions currently suffering and also for future generations; WHETHER OR NOT THEY HAVE A LOT OF MONEY OR HOLD A POSITION OF AUTHORITY AND POWER.

ANY PERSON who has compassion and a sense of responsibility to help others and make our world a better place as GOD intended (called Tikkun Olam in Hebrew) can easily contact (while at home, in a coffee shop or anywhere) RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS AND OTHER LEADERS IN HIS OR HER COMMUNITY AND ELSEWHERE, including those on this email list.

Just ask them to HELP not IGNORE those suffering from the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation by using their education, skills and positions of authority to:

1) Reunite the children and/or grandchildren of all ages with their alienated parent or grandparent… Just ask these leaders to contact the alienated children/grandchildren and have a discussion about WHY the alienation began and WHY it still continues. Not only is this compassionate, it is reasonable and responsible too. Any one of these leaders can and SHOULD WANT TO act as a mediator and arrange a telephone call or meeting between the children/grandchildren and the alienated parent/grandparent to try to reasonably resolve the Parental Alienation.

***Remember, many Religious and other Leaders in society have very keen and sophisticated NEGOTIATION SKILLS and PUBLIC RELATIONS SKILLS and SHOULD WANT to help end this terror of Parental Alienation.

        I have a compassionate and courageous ISRAELI JEWISH FRIEND who is horrified by Parental Alienation and very wise beyond her years. After looking at some of the photographs of my life in American which clearly illustrate my loving, enriching Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son companionship and their many accomplishments which were OBVIOUSLY INFLUENCED by HOW I RAISED THEM WITH MY VALUES as their full time stay-at-home Mother; my ISRAELI JEWISH FRIEND demanded that I give her my children’s names immediately so she could try to find them on Facebook. She emphatically wanted to ask them “WHY the alienation began and WHY it still continues.”

            My entire life proves that I live by the values of honesty, compassionate, love, family, collaboration, equal rights and justice for all which I taught my children and wise, aware people see this.  My ISRAELI JEWISH FRIEND was upset we could not find my children on Facebook. She along with therapists, other professionals and other reasonable, objective people have CONCLUDED THAT MY THREE CHILDREN HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED AGAINST ME because it is UNNATURAL for children to alienate their loving Mother for twelve years now and not even try to contact her to see how she is and tell them how they are.  

      IN SHARP CONTRAST, when the Parental Alienation began TWELVE YEARS AGO in 2007 and SINCE THEN; I could not get:

1)My American Jewish RELATIVES who attended my children’s Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah, celebrated the Jewish holidays with us, are considered “family,” and claim to be religious Jews too;

2) My American Jewish BRETHREN including RABBIS AND OTHER JEWISH LEADERS who also claim to be religious Jews and are considered “family;”

            TO EVEN AGREE TO CALL my children as my Jewish therapist recommended so that they could question the beginning of this sudden, unreasonable and irrational Parental Alienation and help end it immediately;

 3) I also have not been able to get FOR THE PAST TWELVE YEARS; these American Jewish RELATIVES (some in influential positions too) along with American RABBIS and other AMERICAN JEWISH LEADERS to give lectures/sermons, publish articles, have discussion groups, classes and other educational events about the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation.

STILL IN GREAT CONTRAST, I told my ISRAELI JEWISH FRIEND that I wanted to include her beautiful actions and character in a website and Facebook post but I would not use her name. She said that she did not mind if I used her name because she is PROUD to be associated with me and to be part of OUR REVOLUTION to end Parental Alienation.

***This example (and there are many), clearly illustrates WHY I BELONG IN ISRAEL.

I love living in AKKO, ISRAEL in northern Israel along the Mediterranean Sea. I live in the naturally beautiful Old City of Akko which is also spiritually beautiful because the residents DO NOT JUST TALK about being able to live in peace. Instead, here in Akko, Israel for many generations the JEWS, ARABS, CHRISTIANS, MOSLEMS and others HAVE BEEN LIVING TOGETHER IN PEACE. Daily, they GRACIOUSLY HELP EACH OTHER in positive ways. They have been EXTREMELY WELCOMING AND HELPFUL TO ME, much more than my own JEWISH AMERICAN relatives and brethren.   

These Israelis who live and work in Akko, Israel really treat me like family. They treat me like the family I never had as a child because that “family” illegally used my social security number to evade taxes and I had to sue them TO AVOID BEING IMPLICATED IN THEIR TAX FRAUD SCHEME; and like the family I lost due to the PARENTAL ALIENATION. My three now ADULT children still refuse to contact me, DESPITE MY MANY ATTEMPTS TO CONTACT THEM, thereby keeping the Parental Alienation alive.

***AKKO, ISRAEL is truly a remarkable place because it has for generations represented a THRIVING EXAMPLE of peace, love, happiness, courage, strength and collaboration of many cultural and religious groups for the rest of the world to acknowledge and copy.

I believe the secret of the Akko residents’, seafarers’, traders’ and business people’s happy, peaceful and enriching way of life is that they understand the IMPORTANCE of living a simple life where FAMILY, HONESTY, LOVE, RESPECT AND COMPASSIONATE are much more important than material things. In other words, they do not yearn for fancy cars, large homes and other expensive material possessions. They yearn for HAVE TIME for walks along the Mediterranean Sea under the sunset or moonlight while listening to and seeing the beautiful waves, birds and their fellow residents; family dinners; sharing their meals with those they love and enjoy being with and having enriching conversations. In other words, they live a simple life of FREEDOM, LOVE, KINDNESS, COMPASSION and TIKKUN OLAM (healing the world in Hebrew).  I truly belong here and I am so grateful to be here among this amazing people with diverse cultures and religions.

Now back to HOW YOU CAN HELP end this terror of Parental Alienation:

After you have contacted THE RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS AND OTHER LEADERS IN YOUR COMMUNITY AND ELSEWHERE, including those on the email list below:


Once more and more of this irrefutable evidence is amassed with SPECIFIC EXAMPLES of HOW AMERICAN LEADERS are handling the epidemic problem of terror, torture, abuse, oppression, coercion, racketeering, obstruction of justice, perjury and malicious prosecution which all comprise the many CRIMES OF PARENTAL ALIENATION; there will be MANY OPTIONS AVAILABLE for those of us who reasonably and responsibly want to end this terror now and for future generations too. In other words….

****It will become very clear if AMERICAN, JEWISH, CHRISTIAN and OTHER LEADERS support the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION which promotes freedom, family, love, equal rights and justice for ALL or if they stifle our efforts to enforce these values.****        

Judaism, Christianity and other reasonable religions also support these basic American values. With more evidence from all over America as to how these leaders ACT towards THE IDEA OF ENDING PARENTAL ALIENATION; we will more quickly resolve this MODERN SLAVERY of Parental Alienation.

Now, if the HACKERS employed by these evil predators disengage my Facebook page thinking they can avoid the exposure of the truth regarding their evil behavior, then just email me at: (which appears on my website too).

Know that whatever these evil predators do; we will find a way to communicate and expose the truth, with GOD walking by our side…I and many of you reading this have ALREADY been able to communicate and expose the truth for about twelve years now, despite the evil and criminal ways of these evil predators in powerful positions. Remember, it is a MIRACLE of GOD that I and many of you reading this HAVE SURVIVED YEARS OF THIS TERROR and are STRONGER because of it.

Here are just a few of the BRAINWASHING TECHNIQUES used by these EVIL PREDATORS creating and/or promoting Parental Alienation which are similar to those used by evil predator ADOLPH HILTER during the HOLOCAUST. The following ILLUSTRATES how evil predators BRAINWASH VULNERABLE CHILDREN and their OTHER VULNERABLE PREY:

-We are all part of the SAME FAMILY/TEAM with COMMON GOALS and WINNERS NEED DISCIPLINE and must SACRIFICE. We want to turn you into a WINNER and YOU ARE LUCKY we found you.


-Then you can RECRUIT others to become part of our winning team. You will be able to teach the new recruits and have them OBEY YOU. But, right now, you must LEARN HOW TO BE A WINNER AND HOW TO RECRUIT other people whom WE WANT and THEY ALSO WANT to become part of our winning cult/conspiracy/criminal organization/family/team/collective group. These include those who are insecure, lost people looking for companionship and a feeling of belonging, without caring about the actions and purpose of the group they belong to.

Independent, brave, confident and reasonable people are not those we want to recruit because they will not UNDERSTAND our ways. They think they are superior to us. (This is a moral inversion because it is the evil predators who think they are superior to everyone, even other evil predators in their cult/conspiracy, which is one reason they ultimately destroy themselves).

– First I want to teach you OUR SPECIAL HANDSHAKE/SALUTE. Whenever you see a fellow member of our team, you must salute them.

-Our motto is:  SACRIFICE AND DISCIPLINE. You are also ORDERED TO SAY THIS MOTTO whenever you:  salute a fellow member you pass; at meals; meetings; classes; and all events.

-Second, you are ordered to ONLY ASSOCIATE WITH MEMBERS OF OUR TEAM everywhere you go. Thus, you will never be alone. (This is especially appealing to socially insecure victims who crave love, appreciation, recognition and a sense of belonging).

-Remember, others are INFERIOR to us and WILL NOT UNDERSTAND what we do. They are a waste of your time so you are ordered not to associate with them and you MUST OBEY us, your wise and experienced leaders. Then one day, you will become a winner because you will be a wise and experienced leader too who will teach NEW MEMBERS how to SACRIFICE AND DISCIPLINE themselves for OUR WINNING CAUSE.

However, first you must PROVE TO US, your wise and experienced leaders, that you are capable of being a leader by SACRIFICING AND DISCIPLINING YOURSELF. Remember, one day YOU WILL BECOME A LEADER IF YOU FOLLOW OUR ORDERS NOW OF SACRIFICE AND DISCIPLINE.

-Third, what we discuss is SECRET for only OUR TEAM TO HEAR. You are ordered not to have discussions with those who are not members and NEVER CRITICIZE OUR TEAM AND WHAT WE DO.  YOU MUST REMAIN SILENT IF YOU DO NOT LIKE SOME THINGS because as a NEW RECRUIT you do not have a CLEAR UNDERSTANDING of how your wise leaders  are turning you into a WINNER for our important cause. Be grateful and follow their orders.

-**** If you disobey any of these orders you will be ALIENATED from our team, lose all your friends and family, be all alone in the world and we will make life very difficult for you TO TEACH YOU A LESSON AND PUNISH YOU.

You are ordered to HIDE THE TRUTH and use the secret techniques we teach you to HARM THOSE WHO ARE EXPOSING THE TRUTH about our cult/conspiracy/criminal organization/family/team/collective group.

There are many more brainwashing techniques used including those of INTIMIDATION and ALLOWING SEXUAL ABUSE but these examples give you an idea of how these evil predators operate, profit, abuse and expand their control.

Lastly, the email list below includes defendants whose email addresses I have and who do not have fraudulent civil restraining orders against me so I cannot contact them and also Jewish Leaders and Jewish Organizations in California and Nationally including those from THE JEWISH JOURNAL and ALSO MY MOTHER, Helene Penn Dorf, (since my mother never sent me my sister’s email address; I asked her to please forward my emails to her, Ruth Penn Carliner, as it may be helpful for her to be informed). This email list also includes LAW FIRMS REPRESENTING THE EVIL PREDATORS and SONY COMMUNICATIONS and others who have made contributions to the State of Israel, Jewish causes or Jewish Organizations claiming they support Judaism WHILE PROFITING FROM PARENTAL ALIENATION.      

For example, Sony Communications made a donation to the State of Israel to rebuild a forest near Safed, Israel which was destroyed during the second 2006 Lebanese War. Disgracefully; Sony’s actions PROVE it cares more about the destruction of trees than the destruction of lives, families and love due to the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation. It refuses to even acknowledge this

So, keep peacefully fighting for Freedom, Love, Family, Equal Rights and Justice for All by promoting OUR REVOLUTION to end Parental Alienation. Never give up by remaining silent. Here is the email list of these evil American predators. Contact them and post what transpires.

Danielle Berrin <>,,,

“Brian T. (” <>,,

Steve Murow <>,, (He is another one of my evil Jewish attorneys who took my legal rights away and is a father too. He claims to love his Mother and is sad that she passed away but keeps promoting Parental Alienation. Can you believe how evil he is!!!)

“” <>,

Marshall Cole <>,

Paul Kramer <>,

“Joan E. Trimble” <>,

Dale Kiken <>,

Bob Andrews <>,,

“” <>,

Rabbi Daniel Nevins <>,

“” <>,,

“” <>,

“Jay Sanderson, The Jewish Federation” <>,

“” <>,

info <>,

Creative Arts Temple <>,

“Scott Minkow, The Jewish Federation” <>,

Jewish Community Relations Council <>,

Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors <>,

Mendel Schwartz <>,

Los Angeles Times <>,

“” <>,

mitchell wohlberg <>,,,

Elissa Sachs-Kohen <>,,

Helene Penn Dorf <>,

Glenn Weinberg <>,,

“” <>,

Emory University Media Relations <>,

“” <>,,

“” <>,

“Kremen, Richard” <>,,,


Mark Schaeffer <>,,

David Suissa <>,,

Golnar Fozi <>,

Bettina Yanez <>,

“Paul A. Moote II” <>,,

Wayne Resnick <>,,  (this is my Jewish attorney who stood silent as my legal rights to custody and visitation were taken away without any tests or evidence that I am anything but an honest, loving, law-abiding person as I have been my entire life despite their lies and schemes. She is a mother too. Can you believe how evil she is!!!)

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States and all over the World.

-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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