Here is a post from 2016 which continues to prove the intentional criminal, illegal and malicious behaviors of my defendant and others involving kickbacks, shell corporations and MOOTE Limited Liability Corporations.

Kickbacks and the use of Shell Corporations such as Limited Liability Corporations to transfer the kickback payments and secret email accounts with fictitious names set up by RABBI DAVID WOLPE, used to communicate information regarding this highly sophisticated scheme is what the accounting practices and other information appear to show.

This kickback scheme involves ALL THE DEFENDANTS in my lawsuits which include; Judges, Law Firms, Executives, the Court-Appointed Therapist, non-profit Schools, Bank of America, Religious Organizations and their clergy including not just RABBI DAVID WOLPE and others from Sinai Temple but also PASTOR RICK WARREN of Saddleback Church and others too.

None of the judges, law firms, executives, BANK OF AMERICA and others used due diligence to disclose this fraudulent, criminal and illegal scheme because they are receiving KICKBACKS as the facts appear to show more and more each day.

It appears they have a “secret pact” or conspiracy to use 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit agreements to steal the assets from loving, law-abiding Mothers at the time of divorce WHILE making her so devastated, terrorized and tortured from their malicious acts of Parental Alienation that she can’t see straight let alone figure this out and hold them accountable. I was very lucky because I recovered and figured all this out AND I am holding them accountable too.

It appears they are also using debt obligations like the LLC Guaranty MARJI KNITTER and her husband MJ KNITTER personally extended to my husband for about a quarter of a million dollars even though he is “insolvent.” There is also the student loan fraud scheme and the real estate scheme.

However the Knitter’s attorney PAUL KRAMER, failed to perform due diligence and also appears to be receiving kickbacks along with many other lawyers.

The very sad part about this is that MY ADULT CHILDREN seem to be receiving kickback too which is comprised of MY money that should have been distributed to me. 
Thus, they seem to be involved in this scheme of stealing from their own Mother. This is what their father, my corrupt husband MARK [F] HASSMAN is encouraging them to do and they have become greedy, immoral and corrupt to go along with this instead of getting away from all of these people and doing what is moral and just by exposing this horrible truth AND also ending the Parental Alienation.

No wonder the photo on this page of my husband MARK [F] HASSMAN with his mistress a.k.a the High Priced Call-Girl from the Dr. Phil Show shows his face is red which appears to be HIS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. He already had a heart attack and appears to have one foot in the grave.

As my wise and wonderful Grandfather Ben taught me; Work will never kill anyone, it is pressure brought on by doing corrupt and immoral acts so a person does not have a clear conscience.

But, corrupt and immoral people think they know everything and usually will not be reasonable and change; thus, they destroy themselves.
I will post more details as they become part of public records. This is why many in the Establishment refuse to acknowledge Parental Alienation; they are receiving KICKBACKS to remain silent it clearly appears.

They also try to silence me by hacking me but I have Freedom of Speech whether they like it or not. Please note, most of the material facts are already part of public records.

Well, have a wonderful evening knowing Truth and Justice are prevailing, Big Time as the facts show.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based on my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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