Here is a very telling email I wrote in response to the one I received which shows how crooked attorneys and other crooked people and organizations try to BIFURCATE ISSUES so they can try to hold honest people in contempt. They do not want to EVALUATE THE TOTALITY OF THE EVIDENCE because then their criminal activity will become apparent and be exposed. It is a common scheme used by criminals and immoral people and organizations.

Here is the email:

from: Sara Hassman 
to: Rebecca Galvan <>
date: Fri, Apr 6, 2018 
subject: Re: Marriage of Hassman

Dear Court-appointed attorney Brian Baron, who was appointed by Judge Claudia Silbar,

In response to your email today that you are ONLY representing me for the contempt matter for case 09D002792 where a pre-trial CONTEMPT hearing is set for May 9, 2018 at 9am in department C63 before JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR. …In all seriousness Attorney Brian Baron; I think YOU need a guardian ad litem so YOU can understand the laws and the facts.

Specifically, in order to be held in CONTEMPT for allegedly not filing a vexatious litigant form [for requesting to be given my children’s current contact information]:
1) when I was told it was not necessary and even Appendix O of my Points and Authorities document explains one reason, there are others;

2) even though MARK HASSMAN continues with his PATTERN of committing crimes including but not limited to MALICIOUS PROSECUTION along with JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR who has the same PATTERN OF CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR as my FRAUDULENT AND INVALID DIVORCE JUDGMENT she reviewed, signed, filed thereby sanctioning on May 7, 2010 as public records prove. 

Further, since May 7, 2010, crooked JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR has enforced this judgment, criminally reduced my spousal support requested by crooked MARK HASSMAN and HIS crooked LAW FIRM SEASTROM & SEASTROM and has ignored community assets that were concealed and never adjudicated including but not limited to active corporations in California, Delaware and Pennsylvania and a Federal 401K profit sharing plan and many others.[Judge Silbar never ordered that my FRAUDULENT AND INVALID DIVORCE JUDGMENT be revised so the net worth is completely and accurately established and all the family, property, contract, constitutional and other laws are complied with; not violated.]

3) IN ORDER TO REPRESENT ME FAIRLY AND ZEALOUSLY as my court-appointed attorney; YOU must FIRST establish that the vexatious litigant designation I was declared by JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR is valid.
Legally and Reasonably; I cannot be held in contempt of an invalid designation since I was never provided due process of law and therefore have been legally and reasonably trying to rectify my said FRAUDULENT AND INVALID DIVORCE JUDGMENT as I have a legal right to do pursuant to the First Amendment of the US Constitution; the California Constitution; California property, contract and family laws and other laws, codes and cases as YOU KNOW OR SHOULD KNOW.

4) Just like with restraining orders; You have to prove they are valid BEFORE you can be held in contempt of violating them.
If not, how can you legally, zealously and diligently represent me for this baseless contempt matter? 
*******Is this the secret illegal plan of the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE; to ignore that I should have never been designated a vexatious litigant by crooked JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR in the first place?

Please advise so I can come prepared and plan all those I want to subpoena as witnesses for the trial. I hope crooked JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR will not quash my subpoenas this time as she did when I subpoenaed PHILIP G. SEASTROM for the restraining order cases on appeal to explain why he swore on his PERSONAL DECLARATION that requesting [baseless] restraining orders against me; a loving, law-abiding Woman and Mother, was part of his family law firm’s “formulated litigation strategy.” [end of email]

So have a great weekend knowing that OUR REVOLUTION to end FRAUDULENT AND INVALID DIVORCE JUDGMENTS and other acts commonly associated with the terror, torture, abuse and oppression of Parental Alienation is thriving as we continue to expose OUR RIGGED LEGAL SYSTEM and all the criminals involved in promoting it.

Keep sharing and spreading the truth so others know what to EXPECT from these crooked, evil predators and those aiding and abetting them so they will not fall prey like many of us reading this have. 
******Understand that Truth, Love, Freedom, Equal Rights and Justice for ALL will continue to prevail and that GOD is by our side.

Comment by Parental Alienation Solutions : Yes, their backs are up against a wall and we will see if they continue to abuse their positions of authority or if they agree to revise my fraudulent and invalid divorce judgment and dismiss these baseless cases. They should WANT me to have my children current contact information and should WANT to help us reunite. What are they hiding…that they are using and abusing my children and turned them into criminals who have stolen MY assets? Disgraceful beyond words.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).

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