Here is a wonderful Israeli Desert story but first I want to explain what is happening in my family which may be happening in yours too.

America is getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July holiday which represents Freedom, Equal Rights and Democracy. However IN AMERICA Parental Alienation is considered a PERMISSIBLE FORM OF TORTURE AND ABUSE as my lawsuits in California and in American Appeals Courts clearly prove. It has gratefully and reasonably been deemed a crime in many countries.

Thus, as reasonably expected, Parental Alienation still remains an epidemic problem in America today.

Now, from what I understand, my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN does not have much to do with our three children. In other words he is not seeing them often, not providing them with much parental guidance and not providing them with love and care either. Adults, especially young adults as my children are now, should receive guidance, wisdom and other care from their parents (both parents) until the day they die. HERE IN ISRAEL and in many other countries, children of all ages, including adult children, frequently see their parents and also can be relied upon to help them when needed. Family is very important here in the ISRAELI CULTURE, more than in America.

It is my understanding that MY STILL LEGAL HUSBAND MARK HASSMAN JUST WANTED TO MAKE SURE THAT I COULD NOT SEE OUR CHILDREN BECAUSE OUR CHILDREN HAVE BEEN RAISING THEMSELVES SINCE THE DIVORCE ELEVEN YEARS AGO. He just communicates with them regarding my stolen assets, my stolen retirement accounts and income, fraudulent student loans and other financial issues. 
MARK HASSMAN does not want me to provide any love, care or guidance to our children as a parent should do, even a parent of adult children. I can understand why when a parent, such as MARK HASSMAN USES THE CHILDREN to commit white collar and other crimes, which appears to be the situation here in my family. Some of this is already part of public records too.

My still legal husband MARK HASSMAN also appears to continue to make our children fearful to contact me by HOLDING THEM FINANCIALLY HOSTAGE AND the divorce judgment proves he stole my legal share or interest in the assets, savings, retirement and investment income which should have been distributed to me but never was. Therefore, I cannot help our children financially as much as he can but; I can still help them in many important motherly ways and I am very resourceful too.

Doctors, therapists and other experts have proven, A PARENT WHO LOVES HIS (OR HER) CHILDREN WOULD NEVER CREATE OR PROMOTE PARENTAL ALIENATION. They would want the children to receive LOVE, GUIDANCE and CARE from both of their divorced parents.

Here is the wonderful camel story:
A mother camel could not find her baby so she started to cry. When all the other mother and female camels realized what had happened; they cried too hoping the baby camel would hear all of them and return. This continued for a few minutes and then the Bedouin shepherd went off on his donkey to find the baby camel. He did and when he returned, the baby camel ran to drink some milk from his mother and all the other camels circled around him. They were very happy and my friend thought the camels were all praying together in a circle. They looked like they were very grateful the lost baby camel had been returned to their herd.

Have a wonderful day and never forget about the importance of LOVE and *****how we must stand strong to enforce our legal right to love our children. We must not allow the American Government, nonprofit organizations and other Government agencies to take away OUR SACRED RIGHT TO LOVE OUR CHILDREN. 
**Being forced to live without Love is not Democracy or even humane.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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