Here is an email I just sent as I was recommended to do. I have a feeling that my eldest son is being used again for some new scheme, but I hope not. I hope he realizes he needs to come forth with the truth so he, as now a 30 year old adult is not incriminated as part of this horrible CONSPIRACY SPONSORING THE TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION. He has signed documents under penalty of perjury and appears to have made fraudulent transfers and committed other crimes.


date: Sep 25, 2019, 10:56 pm

My email address was blocked from

Accordingly, all of my defendants and others whom I am sending this post to and ANYONE READING THIS; please forward this post to Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg at Beth Tfiloh Synagogue at the email address  which is from their website. Remember, ignorance is not defense of the law and sponsoring Parental Alienation is TERRORISM as any reasonable person knows. Here is my email.

Shalom from Israel Rabbi Hier, Rabbi Wolpe and Rabbi Wohlberg:

It was recommended that I email all of you to help me obtain the following documents so I can perform the mitzvah of Aliyah, returning to OUR HOMELAND ISRAEL, to live as a Jew per the sacred Law of Return.



You married me; I attended your synagogue and Hebrew school; had my Bat Mitzvah there; and my mother and other family members have been very active members for decades. However you NEVER SENT YOUR ORIGINAL LETTER which I have attached, which the State of Israel needs so I can make Aliyah. Also, the State of Israel NEEDS THE WORDING AS FOLLOWS: “I, Sara Hassman, was born to a Jewish mother,” not, I am Jewish by birth. Thus, I am making this request once again.

****It was recommended that I also ask the following influential Rabbis to please send me an ORIGINAL letter WITH THEIR SIGNATURE stating that “I, Sara Hassman, was born to a Jewish mother:”*****

—-RABBI DAVID WOLPE of influential SINAI TEMPLE in Los Angeles.

Rabbi David Wolpe, you know me personally since I consulted you in your office at Sinai Temple regarding:  a) Coping with the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation from the Jewish perspective and; b) Helping me remove my MINOR SON from Cate School who was being abused there as photos and emails I showed you prove.

Rabbi David Wolpe, if you have any doubt that I was born to a Jewish mother, please consult RABBI MITCHELL WOHLBERG and/or refer to his attached letter he emailed me.

—- RABBI MARVIN HIER the most influential Rabbi in American who SPOKE AT PRESIDENT TRUMP’S INAUGURATION.

RABBI MARVIN HIER as Founder & Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles which has become one of the foremost Jewish human rights agencies in the world and since you received an award as co-producer and co-writer for Genocide, a documentary on the Holocaust; it is clear YOU UNDERSTAND the TERROR OF THE EPIDEMIC PROBLEM OF PARENTAL ALIENATION which is why I fled to Israel and want to make Aliyah.

Rabbi Marvin Hier please note that I FLED AS A REFUGEE TO ISRAEL to avoid being put in jail again based on FRAUDULENT, MALICIOUS AND BASELESS CRIMINAL CHARGES that I violated some restraining order when I peacefully emailed my “ex-husband” for our children’s contact information so we could reunite in time to celebrate the Jewish High Holidays together.

Rabbi Marvin Hier, if you have any doubt that I was born to a Jewish mother, please consult RABBI MITCHELL WOHLBERG and/or refer to his attached letter he emailed me.

ALL OF YOU PLEASE send your ORIGINAL letter with your signature stating that “I, Sara Hassman, was born to a Jewish mother,” to:


II.   CONTACT JEWISH JUDGE LON F. HURWITZ to have the fraudulent, malicious and baseless restraining and stay-away orders on my criminal record EXPUNGED.

He can be reached at (657) 622–5566. He is a judge of the California Superior Court, County of Orange.

Jewish Judge Lon F. Hurwitz INITIALLY GRANTED THESE ORDERS which were then renewed and expanded by himself and other judges without any legal or rational basis and in violation of Constitutional and other laws, while my Jewish lawyers stood by and breached their fiduciary duty to represent me honestly and zealously.

These fraudulent, malicious and baseless restraining and stay-away orders along with perjury, lies and schemes were used to put me in jail twice, once for 7 days and once for 14 days.

As you know, in order to make Aliyah, I need a clean criminal record which I had for my entire life until the time of divorce when these fraudulent, malicious and baseless restraining and stay-away orders were requested and granted against me.

ONCE THESE fraudulent, malicious and baseless restraining and stay-away orders ARE EXPUNGED from my record, will you please:

  • Let me know and
  • Send me a copy of my clean record which I can give to the State of Israel so I can make Aliyah.

You can send me the copy to the same address listed above.


Rabbi Hier, Rabbi Wolpe, and Rabbi Wohlberg; as my divorce judgment proves on its face; I did not receive ANY assets, not even any savings or retirement accounts from my marriage of over twenty years which is legally still ongoing due to this fraudulent, invalid and unconstitutional divorce judgment.

As you know, I am not a Slave and therefore I am entitled to my legal interest in my marital assets and income. HOWEVER, SINCE I DID NOT RECEIVE ANY MONEY OR ASSETS and have been barely surviving financially, I cannot afford to obtain this certified divorce judgment with the apostille affixed.

Rabbis, since it is my understanding you have discretionary funds and other funds and Rabbi Hier, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has been noted to be one of the most profitable Jewish organizations by the Jewish Daily Forward; can all of you work together and you arrange to have this document certified by the court and then have the apostille affixed and sent to me at the same Tel Aviv address? Judge Lon F. Hurwitz can help you obtain my certified divorce judgment from his court, California Superior Court, County of Orange case #09D002792 which was filed on May 7, 2010.

 This should not take much time and Judge Lon F. Hurwitz can probably expedite this for you too. Please just email me to let me know when you have mailed it.


I do not have a major credit card and money orders and money grams from Israel can only be sent to individuals, not companies. Thus, would you please order this for me? I believe Vital Records of Maryland can help you or any other organization you choose. My mother, who is the only person who can order this online for me refuses but maybe you can convince her to change her mind, especially you Rabbi Wohlberg since your attached letter states she is “highly respected in our Jewish community.”

Rabbis, if you need any additional information please email me at I hope you choose to take a few minutes to help me obtain these documents needed to perform the mitzvah of Aliyah.

L’Shanah Tov to you and your families and I hope you DECIDE TO diligently help me REUNITE with my family which means MY THREE CHILDREN ***Why haven’t any of you tried to help us begin communicating after eleven years now when Judaism promotes Family, Love, Equal Rights, Freedom and Justice AND I, Sara Hassman am known for MY honest and compassionate values and character which my children could greatly benefit from? The High Holidays are a time for reflection and positive changes and Tikkun Olam which I know all of you know. Please for the sake of my children and myself, practice what all of you so beautifully preach by helping us reunite.

Toda Raba from Israel,

Sara Hassman

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.

-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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