Here is an email I recently sent to my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN which I think would be helpful for everyone to see so you understand the horrors of Parental Alienation and why I will never stop fighting to end it so others never have to go through this terror and horror. This email also shows how horrible so many in America have become to allow this when they have the skills, education, experience and power to STAND UP AGAINST IT and refuse to JOIN OUR REVOLUTION TO END IT.

from: Sara Hassman <>

to: Mark Hassman <>
date: Sat, Jul 28, 2018 at 9:56 AM
subject: A very important email

Dear Mark,
I am sending you this email because I need you to send me some of my money and assets including my part of our retirement assets you have stolen from me from our divorce as our divorce judgment from May 7, 2010 proves along with letters and many income and expense declarations you along with your law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM signed under penalty of perjury as well as PHILIP SEASTROM personally.

In his declaration PHILIP SEASTROM personally swore that his family law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM had a “formulated litigation strategy” to reduce my spousal support AND have restraining orders granted against me and swore “all were granted.”
In his letters, SEASTROM & SEASTROM’S intent or as stated “offer to compromise” was to have concealed and unadjudicated assets of the community estate which was reasonably under your control due to all of you financial and investment education and experiences.

As public and other records show, you were not only copied in on these documents but PAID FOR these legal services. It only takes two to have a CONSPIRACY, but why would you want to do this to me and our children? Why do you want to profit off of us? I never fathomed that you were this Greedy and Crooked.

It was also reasonable for me to TRUST YOU during our marriage of over twenty years which you swore was very successful for many years. In addition, you owe me a fiduciary duty to treat me honestly and fairly in all matters related to our divorce as I have repeatedly stated in legal documents which are also part of public records.
However, with YOUR:

• Harvard business school education; 
• Public Accountant license and; 
• decades of having Chief Financial Officer positions where you have earned many millions of dollars for negotiating many agreements; 
• you know or should know that both:

1) the restraining and stay-away orders granted against me and           

2) the reduction of my spousal support have never been proven to have any legal basis or purpose but are CHARACTERISTIC of carrying out the TERROR AND TORTURE OF PARENTAL ALIENATION. You know you never even provided financial documents to prove your personal net worth which is legally required BEFORE spousal support can be modified as it was on April 2, 2014 when you swore you were “insolvent” and needed to reduce my support to zero and now 700/month because this is all you swore you can afford. 
• However, you also know that you have been able to afford to purchase a condo, several luxury automobiles and many other luxuries while illegally NEVER REPORTING TO THE COURT that you have been employed whereby you are no longer “insolvent” and can only afford to pay $700/month when the court-ordered spousal support in our divorce judgment orders you to pay $4300/month. Why have you never reported to the court that you are now employed and can RESUME paying me my court-ordered spousal support of $4,300/month?

Mark, you knew enough to give the court your new address and send a proof of service to me and other interest parties this information; why have you not reported to the court that you are no longer unemployed and now have a job which is paying you more than a quarter of a million dollars a year whereby you are financially able to pay my court-ordered spousal support of $4,300/month?

Mark, as you know or should know, all of these documents are part of public records in many courts of law as well as with the IRS and other government agencies.
As our joint tax returns and many other documents prove; our community estate at the time of our divorce which was under your control was worth many, many millions of dollars. How could you be so Greedy and Crooked to keep it all for yourself AND brainwash our Children against me?

Mark, need I remind you of your 2/27/2011 email to me, which is also part of public records where you swore that I was an “integral part of the positive upbringing of our three children;” aside from our collaborative divorce parenting agreement dated 11/1/2008 where we agreed to have shared parenting with “50/50 distribution of time?”

Thus, as reasonably expected, I NEED my money and assets I have been illegally and criminally deprived of since May 7, 2010, the date our divorce judgment was reviewed, signed and then filed by JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR for many reasons. 

The first reason I need my money is because since I have not communicated with our children for over ten years now and do not even know where they are and YOU refuse to tell me; I need to return to my private therapy TO HELP ME COPE. I am really worried about Michael, has he COMMITTED SUICIDE which many children suffering from Parental Alienation do as facts have proven? 
Is this why you have refused to give me our children’s current contact information and instead have maliciously and criminally claimed that I, not you, AM A CRIMINAL for not filing a form when requesting this information? As you know this is a moral inversion. As you also know and MALICIOUSLY PLANNED; I cannot afford to pay private investigators to find our children as I am barely financially surviving myself as YOU MALICIOUSLY PLANNED.

1) cause me severe financial problems and;
2) alienate me from our children… then immediately send me some of my assets and income from the community estate which you know you have deprived me of and also send me our children’s current contact information and I can take it from there as I am sure OUR LOVE will enable us to renew our MOTHER/CHILD companionship which as you swore was an “integral part of their positive up bringing?” 
To keep it simple Mark, to begin, just send me the many thousands of dollars of our DELAYED TAX REFUNDS which you and whom you illegally claim is your lawful wife MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY stole from me as your tax returns prove which IRS can verify. If you doubt my words, call IRS and they will verify this. 

Then REPORT TO THE COURT, as you did with your change of address, that you have been gainfully employed and are now earning over a quarter of a million dollars and can RESUME paying me the court-ordered spousal support of $4,300/month.

The second reason I need my community assets and income under your control Mark, aside from needing to return to therapy to help me cope with the very well-documented Parental Alienation which has been going on for ten years now; I have a wonderful recommendation, but as of yesterday I am no longer employed in my job as a licensed caregiver as I was for the past three years.

For the past three years, I have been taking care of a woman who has Parkinson’s disease and her family as court documents state; tending to her personal needs, taking her on walks and also grocery shopping, cooking and carrying out other chores for her and her family. Her husband is retiring so they plan to travel and also he will be able to assume my responsibilities so I am no longer needed. Thus, I am presently diligently looking for work and need my assets and income of our community estate so please diligently and responsibly send them to me so I can tend to my BASIC financial needs.
Why would you want to destroy me financially instead of giving me my legal interest in our community estate as the law requires?
Why would you want to destroy me emotionally instead of giving me our children’s current contact information so we can renew our once beautiful and enriching companionship?
***This is not the MARK HASSMAN I knew and loved and married. What has happened to you? WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU?

If you try to claim that by sending you this important email that I am in violation of some invalid restraining order or stay-away order; please for your own sake, think twice because as you know or should know, it is a MIRACLE I have survived all of the emotional and financial acts you have maliciously inflicted upon me as I have GOD walking by my side. The facts do not lie even if you do. 
****So please change your ways and RECTIFY the harms you have criminally, unlawfully, immorally and maliciously inflicted upon me and also our children whom I beautifully raised and instilled within them my beautiful values and character as my life proves I live by and you have acknowledged.

Mark also, I will be posting this on my website and facebook page so others can learn from this which is all part of living a life making GOD’s world a better place for honest, loving, law-abiding people and exercising my Constitutional Right to Free Speech. 
If you choose, please see the street art from a famous artist I will post along with this email which is very relevant. His name is “Mr. Brainwash” and this piece of art is named “Love to the Rescue.” 
Don’t be angry and commit more illegal and immoral acts; rectify what you have done and look into yourself and your own choices. Stop blaming ME for all of your problems and unhappiness and also teaching our children to do the same. Remember, Truth, Love, Justice and Equal Rights will continue to prevail with GOD by my side. 

You especially should know that I am a MIRACLE because you know how sick I was from all of your acts of Parental Alienation.

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