Here is an email I sent which proves OUR REVOLUTION is thriving and many positive things are happening. Also, think JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR will be removed from the Bench or will she keep trying to criminally and illegally abuse her authority as a judge by “punishing me” for peacefully using our legal system to enforce Justice?

from: Sara Hassman 

to: rebecca galvan <[email protected]>,

[email protected]
date: Wed, Apr 4, 2018

Dear court appointed Attorney Brian Baron and Attorney and Guardian Cheryl Walsh,

I do not understand this ridiculous filing I just received by my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN who, as overwhelming actionable evidence proves he has a PATTERN of lying, cheating, deceiving, committing perjury, malicious prosecution, obstructing justice and other very serious crimes and immoral acts. He did not state any legal points or reasonable issues. So have both of you ACCEPTED THAT I HAVE FIRED YOU? What is the status?

As you should clearly understand from my legal filings, website and facebook posts and my other deeds that I am quite capable of UNDERSTANDING the legal and factual issues and for both of you to continue to testify in court that I don’t and therefore need a guardian is OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, PERJURY and other very serious crimes too. It appears that BOTH OF YOU, as JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR’S court-appointed professionals are ALSO part of this CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY and RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE to promote my FRAUDULENT AND INVALID DIVORCE JUDGMENT along with other crimes which commonly accompany the terror, torture, abuse and oppression of Parental Alienation.

ALSO, there was no legal and rational basis for declaring me a VEXATIOUS LITIGANT by JUDGE SILBAR to begin with since I have a 1st Amendment right to use the legal system to address my very serious grievances. She claims I was disruptive in her courtroom but this is not my demeanor and ALSO, I am allowed DUE PROCESS OF LAW, which she refuses to provide to me. No surprise…just look at all the transcripts for the past ten (10) years and you will see SHE HAS VIOLATED MY LEGAL RIGHTS and should be REMOVED FROM THE BENCH. Yes, REMOVED FROM THE BENCH.
I should not be declared a VEXATIOUS LITIGANT for trying to state facts ON THE RECORD because she has a PATTERN of denying me DUE PROCESS OF LAW as              TEN YEARS of transcripts clearly prove.

So, do both of you still reasonably and objectively think:
1) I need a guardian because I don’t understand the laws and the facts or
2) Instead, doesn’t JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR HAVE A JUDICIAL OBLIGATION TO REMOVE HERSELF FROM THE BENCH because she cannot be impartial and does not follow the LETTER AND SPIRIT OF OUR LAWS as the transcripts FOR THE PAST TEN YEARS PROVE from California Superior Court in Orange County case #09D002792?
3) Both of you are attorneys so you are quite capable of understanding these issues. If not, should BOTH OF YOU be appointed guardians to help you figure out the laws and the facts? Let’s be truthful here.

Court-appointed attorney Brian Baron when I first met you after the first hearing where you recommended to Judge Silbar that Cheryl Walsh be appointed as the transcript will reflect, YOU stated to me:
1) Mark Hassman’s pleading was incorrect because restraining orders should not have been addressed. Remember, you told me BEFORE the hearing that you were not representing me for any restraining order issues because it was not worth your time to be paid $300 as a court-appointed attorney and then be sued by me like Judge Silbar’s other court-appointed attorney Bettina Yanez. This court-appointed attorney Yanez, ALSO APPOINTED BY JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, did not question: a) the VALIDITY of the restraining orders and; b) when MARK HASSMAN did not carry his burden of proof to prove any validity as California Appellant cases G054665 and G055120 prove of which oral arguments are scheduled for April 19, 2018; soon.

2) I told you BEFORE this hearing when I first met you and where you suggested to JUDGE SILBAR that GUARDIAN/ATTORNEY CHERLY WALSH be appointed; don’t worry about it then if you are only representing me for the ALLEGED contempt matter as MARK HASSMAN’ S pleading ONLY PROPERLY stated. His pleading PROPERLY STATED this alleged contempt matter was for some form I did not file when requesting my children’s current contact information as a loving, law-abiding Mother who has not seen them for over ten years now. ***I am in contempt and should be a felon for not filing a form when the court clerk told me I did not need to as my “Points and Authorities” document which MARK HASSMAN claims he is responding to explains with very clear court letters in the Appendix.

3) As the transcript will reflect, JUDGE SILBAR ADMITTED that MARK HASSMAN incorrectly filed his pleading and overlooked it AS SHE HAS A PATTERN OF DOING. Check the transcript if you doubt my words. Anyway, AFTER THE HEARING you said you were on “my side” and understood my grievances. I responded “great.” What does being on ‘”my side” mean to you, Attorney Brian Baron? You know you have a fiduciary duty to represent me truthfully and zealously.

Also, now are you representing me on the validity of this vexatious litigant status too? Please advise I do not understand what MARK HASSMAN’S response is reasonably requesting since I thought I was being held in contempt for NOT FILING A FORM when requesting, as a loving, law-abiding Mother, my children’s current contact information. MARK HASSMAN and JUDGE SILBAR should WANT me to have this information and any reasonable, compassionate person especially a parent, should understand. What are they hiding?
***So do you and JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR just pick and choose what you represent me for regarding the false allegations by my lying, cheating still legal husband MARK HASSMAN who has nothing better to do than OBSTRUCT JUSTICE, COMMIT PERJURY and MALICIOUS PROSECUTION even though CHERYL WALSH you stated in our court cafeteria meeting that “he had moved on with his life” but you insinuated that I had not. I responded that “he had moved on with all of my money and assets.” Remember? Then you ridiculously and inappropriately asked me if I went to the zoo, had friends and did things like that to which I responded ‘yes.’ *** Why were you asking me these questions to begin with since they do not relate to the ALLEGED Contempt matter? Then I asked you ‘whose side are you on?’ Remember? Why BRIAN BARON, as my attorney did you not object to THIS LINE OF QUESTIONING by court-appointed GUARDIAN CHERYL WALSH? 
WHAT WAS THE PURPOSE OF THIS MEETING in the court cafeteria after the hearing in Judge Silbar’s court and AFTER CHERYL WALSH, MY court-appointed guardian met with MARK HASSMAN and his mistress MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY for about 30 minutes in the court hallway while ATTORNEY BRIAN BARON and I waited in the court cafeteria? 
I asked both of you this question before and both of you refused to answer. Will you answer now, will I have to sue both of you and put you on the witness stand in order to force you to answer? Bring it on; I am used to peacefully fighting evil and crooked people as I told you at our court cafeteria meeting. I told you that I sued my crooked parents, sister and their attorney and PROUDLY changed the kiddie trust tax laws.

Further, Appendix N of my said “Points and Authorities” document contains an email I sent you Brian of my crooked mother’s telephone number which you requested. How does this relate to my ALLEGED Contempt matter which you stated in an email to me is the ONLY issue you are representing me for?
I am sure a jury would love to hear your answer along with my mother. How is this being on “my side” as you said you were and also have a fiduciary duty to be as my court-appointed attorney? It seems like you Brian Barons are part of the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE, and NOT ON MY SIDE which is the side of truth, justice, love, freedom and equal rights for all. Shameful.

So now what? I have fired both of you for VERY OBVIOUS and REASONABLE reasons. What is the status? PLEASE ADVISE ME. Also, as I informed both of you, MARK HASSMAN and his mistress MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY have SPLIT-UP and are no longer living together. However, both MARK HASSMAN and his mistress MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY have sworn REPEATEDLY that they are legally married:
I. in court under oath, 
II. on documents under penalty of perjury;
IV. and JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR ALSO AGREES they are legally husband and wife as transcripts prove.

The laws and legal documents prove my marriage contract has not been legally dissolved which MARK HASSMAN and his attorney PHILIP G. SEASTROM know as this was part of his family law firm’s “formulated litigation strategy” as his PERSONAL declaration signed August 4, 2015 states which is at Appendix L of my said “Points and Authorities” document.

One more issue, MARK HASSMAN stated in his response to my said “Points and Authorities” document which included my Appendices the following very incriminating statements because they prove MARK HASSMAN’S INTENT to violate the law and obstruct justice. 

First, MARK HASSMAN lies again on page 2 under number 4 because the said cases on appeal do not involve any issues about a form I filed or did not file. They are clearly about HIS lack of carrying HIS burden of proof of proving the restraining orders were valid in the first place. His attorney PHILIP G. SEASTROM PERSONALLY swore that requesting these [invalid] restraining orders were part of his family law firm’s “formulated litigation strategy.” As the transcript and documents from these appellant cases prove; [case numbers G054665 and G055120], MARK HASSMAN HIMSELF stated the elements he needed to prove. However, as the transcript also proves; he did not carry HIS burden AND my court-appointed attorney NEVER OBJECTED and I was criminally and illegally held liable for violating restraining orders that were NEVER PROVEN to have ANY validity. (I hope this helps many of you reading this because this is a common Parental Alienation scheme so they can claim we are felons when THEY are the evil criminals).

Continuing here is what my evil criminal, lying, cheating but still legal husband MARK HASSMAN wrote in his ridiculous response in pertinent part:
1) On page 3, number 6; he is so delusional, irrational and unreasonable because he thinks he can OVERRIDE the law and all the court clerks and the ORDER by the judge which is at Appendix O which states I do not need to file any form. Note, this is just ONE example, there are many. However, MARK HASSMAN thinks he can make-up the law as he stated the following on his said response which he signed “under penalty of perjury” on April 2, 2018: “Petitioner (this is him) believes that Respondent (this is me) should fill out the correct form ahead of time and have it ready for the Court to accept at the pre-trial hearing scheduled on May 9, 2018.” Really, this is not the law.
So what else is new? Evil predators, terrorists, narcissists and the like think they can make-up laws and treat people as slaves and never be held accountable. This is very common as many experts have proven.
2) But it gets worse for MARK HASSMAN and all those who are part of this CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY and RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE because on page 3, number 8, he has the AUDACITY to state: “Respondent actually does not have any choice or say in approving or accepting the appointment of the guardian ad litem.” 
So in other words, is MARK HASSMAN stating that even though I am clearly capable of understanding the laws and the facts and do not need a guardian to help me; I don’t have ANY choice and he and this CONSPIRACY AND ENTERPRISE can just Obstruct Justice and waste taxpayers’ money by unlawfully and maliciously having one appointed for me? I am sure his statement will go over very well before an appeals court, a jury and others like the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT. 
**** Also, WHY should he, the judge and anyone else WANT me to have a guardian if it is unnecessary? What is the TRUE purpose of this guardian…to say I am incompetent and must be a felon too so they can then keep all the assets they have STOLEN from me as PROVEN by my divorce judgment reviewed, signed and filed on May 7, 2010 by JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR?

3) Lying, cheating, deceiving, evil and immoral MARK HASSMAN goes on to state under penalty of perjury on page 3 number 9 that I, the Respondent: “is extremely deliberate, calculated, well-planned out and very much in control of wanting to achieve justice as she perceived it to be.” First, it should be respected that I want to ACHIEVE JUSTICE. Second JUSTICE IS NOT AS I PERCEIVE IT TO BE; stop lying for once, if you can. JUSTICE is FOLLOWING THE LAWS. Specifically, California Property Law and the U.S. and California Constitutions support equal rights and justice for ALL. This means a LEGAL AND VALID DIVORCE JUDGMENT must establish the agreed upon NET WORTH of the community estate, its agreed upon DIVISION, and its agreed upon DISTRIBUTION. 
It is quite simple and reasonable and my lying, cheating, deceiving and immoral but still legal husband MARK HASSMAN, his attorney PHILIP G. SEASTROM and JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR know this was never accomplished and therefore my divorce judgment needs to be revised so that it COMPLIES with the laws so that I am legally divorced and it is not a delusion.
So, where do both of you stand and what is the status of this May 9, 2018 hearing in Judge Claudia Silbar’s court? Please advise. [End of email]

I have so much more to explain but this post is getting long so I will continue my comments regarding MARK HASSMAN’S ridiculous, incriminating and criminal response next time but know that OUR REVOLUTION is prevailing, as truth, love, justice, freedom and equal rights for ALL are prevailing as GOD is by our side.
Also, if you didn’t see the comment I posted regarding what appeared to be a white surveillance truck parked outside my apartment building for weeks; it was moved the day after my post appeared on my website and facebook page. ANOTHER VICTORY!!! 
***So, what do you think these evil predators, terrorists, liars, abusers and criminals will do next?
Time will tell but OUR REVOLUTION will continue to prevail because we support Truth, Love, Freedom, Justice and Equal Rights for all. This is what GOD supports because he supports making his world a better place, not one filled with evil predators, terrorist, torturers, oppressors and others who try to harm loving, law-abiding people.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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