Here is an update of what has transpired thus far regarding THE REFUSAL of so-called JEWISH LEADERS and OTHER JEWS to easily help me, SARA (PENN) HASSMAN the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to end Parental Alienation because they are illegally, immorally and horrifically REFUSING to help me: 1) Accomplish the sacred Mitzvah of Aliyah which is returning to Israel, my birth place to live in accordance with the sacred and cherished LAW OF RETURN which they SHOULD WANT TO DO , can easily do and also; 2) FOR THE PAST ELEVEN (11) YEARS begin communicating with my children ALSO WHICH THEY SHOULD WANT TO DO and can easily do.

My daughter’s BIRTHDAY is this week, on May 23rd but none of them care about our criminal and illegal Parental Alienation for the past 11 years and that Parental Alienation is an EPIDEMIC PROBLEM in America, Israel and throughout the world. 
They also do not care to REASONABLY AND COMPASSIONATELY FOLLOW the leaders of many European Countries, Brazil and others who have CRIMINALIZED Brainwashing, Emotional Abuse, Abuse of Power, Modern Slavery including using 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit tax loopholes with the evil,malicious intent to steal a loving, honest Wife’s and Mother’s marital assets and also USING THE ALIENATED CHILDREN to commit crimes.

******I, SARA (PENN) HASSMAN the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to end Parental Alienation RAISED MY CHILDREN as their full-time stay-at-home Mother. I KNOW THEY HAVE HONORABLE VALUES AND CHARACTER and TRULY WANT TO DO WHAT IS REASONABLE, LOVING AND MORAL. This is how I raised them and how they lived until the time of divorce in 2008 when the very well-documented Parental Alienation began.*****

Very regretfully, the following recent emails along with the one in the preceding post entitled: “Here is the email I just sent to my mother in response to the email she sent me which I copied below,” prove what I have just stated.

In addition, RABBI MITCHELL WOHLBERG has been refusing to return telephone calls and emails regarding the Mitzvahs of making Aliyah and helping me begin to communicate with my children after 11 years of Parental Alienation by using his education, skills, experiences and influence of which he has a legal and moral obligation to do as a Senior Rabbi in America and as he should WANT TO DO as an honorable person.
Also, Tikkun Olam, which is helping God heal the world, is a JEWISH COMMANDMENT and the Torah repeatedly states that Jews cherish Love, Family, Equal Rights, Freedom and Justice; not their destruction.

Instead, disgracefully overwhelming facts in public records in California and United States Appeals Courts prove; RABBI MITCHELL WOHLBERG and ALL OTHER RABBIS AND RELIGIOUS LEADERS AND ORGANIZATIONS IN THE UNITED STATES have been refusing for DECADES to follow the law and instead have been CREATING AND PROMOTING THE TERROR AND TORTURE OF PARENTAL ALIENATION, which include the many CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY which comprise this terror. 
These crimes against humanity include but are not limited to:
A Fraudulent Divorce Judgment where the honest, law-abiding Wife and Mother (or Father) is deprived of receiving her fifty (50) percent legal interest in the marital assets under the crooked husband’s control and of receiving her other Civil and Constitutional Rights.
• Specifically, the fraudulent, criminal, illegal divorce judgment IN PUBLIC RECORDS proves, this evil husband (MARK HASSMAN) with a Harvard business school degree and with years of financial, tax, investment and Chief Financial Officer experience just stole all the marital assets after twenty (20) years of marriage WITH THE COOPERATION OF law firms and their lawyers; judges; the court-appointed therapist; Jewish and other religious and nonprofit organizations including 501(c)(3) “charitable” organizations, all with the knowledge and consent of their leaders and members. AS PUBLIC RECORDS IN CALIFORNIA AND UNITED STATES APPEALS COURTS PROVE:
• Jewish law firms and their lawyers, judges and non-Jewish ones too CRIMINALLY AND MALICIOUSLY denied the loving, law-abiding Wife and Mother, (me,
SARA PENN HASSMAN) of her Civil and Constitutional Rights to custody and visitation.
• Jewish law firms and their lawyers, judges and non-Jewish ones CRIMINALLY AND MALICIOUSLY allowed RESTRAINING ORDERS to be granted and even renewed against her WITHOUT any legal or rational basis. This clearly proves their evil and CRIMINAL MALICIOUS INTENT to prevent the loving, law-abiding Mother from seeing and being with her children EVEN THOUGH the husband/father MARK HASSMAN swore that his Wife and Mother of their children SARA PENN HASSMAN was an “integral part of the positive upbringing of our children.”

Clearly, RABBI MITCHELL WOHLBERG AND ALL OTHER RABBIS AND RELIGIOUS LEADERS AND RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS IN THE UNITED STATES know or should know that: Racketeering, Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, Modern Slavery, Fraudulent Divorce Judgments, Criminally Granted Restraining Orders, Abuse of Power, DESTROYING Love, Family, Equal Rights and Freedom are ALL prohibited by the Laws in America and also the Torah.

With all of this being said; here are the recent emails which are self-explanatory and prove what I just stated. Also remember, any ONE of these leaders, organizations and individuals can fervently join OUR REVOLUTION to end this terror by coming out PUBLICLY against Parental Alienation; helping me accomplish the Mitzvah of Aliyah and; helping me begin to reunite with my children. 
Specifically, any ONE of them can easily help me gather the required Aliyah documents and also contact those who know how to contact my children and begin to help us communicate after 11 years. All this can be done with the use of a computer and a telephone and from the comfort of their home or office. Here are the emails:

from: Sara Hassman <>
Helene Penn Dorf <>
date: May 16, 2019, 10:19 PM
subject: Letter needed for the Ministry of Interior of The State of Israel

Dear Rabbi Mitchell Wolhberg and also my mother Helene Coplan Penn-Dorf,

I want to make sure all of us understand that the Ministry of Interior of The State of Israel needs an ORIGINAL letter from you, Rabbi Wohlberg, with your original signature, not a copy. Mom, your email to me stated that you thought this was done. 
Rabbi, this letter must state that: “I, Sara Penn Hassman, was born to a Jewish mother.” 
Rabbi Wolhberg, with all of your years of experience as the Senior Rabbi of such a large and influential synagogue, I am sure you are aware of what I just stated but I just want to make sure since the prior copy of your letter emailed to me said that I was “Jewish by birth.”
Thus, soon Rabbi Wohlberg would you please write this letter and email me a copy so I can make sure it is correct this time. Then I will give you my address of where to mail the original with your signature so I can take it to the Ministry of Interior here in Israel. 
As both of you know, making Aliyah is a MITZVAH and therefore I hope both of you help me provide the necessary paperwork to The State of Israel so I can complete it. 
Many thanks and as we say on Thursday and Friday in Akko, Israel to everyone we pass by, “Shabbat Shalom” and also מה שלומך. I hope both of you are בסדר.
אני לומדת עברית

Sara Hassman <>
to: Helene Penn Dorf <>
date: May 18, 2019, 11:26 AM
subject: Fwd: Delivery Status Notification (Delay)

Dear Mom,
I just received this email notice of being non-deliverable which I am forwarding to you now. This notice was received a few days after I sent it which seems strange. Usually a returned email is received moments after it is sent. 
Mom, I am referring to my email I sent to BOTH YOU and RABBI MITCHELL WOHLBERG, which is being forwarded to you again now, regarding Rabbi Wohlberg’s required letter for the Mitzvah of making Aliyah. 
Anyway, since your email you sent me said you were going to talk to Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg anyway ABOUT THIS REQUIRED LETTER; would you please make sure he understands that: 
1) I need his original letter sent to me in Israel with his signature (not a copy) and; 
2) that it must state: “I Sara Penn Hassman was born to a Jewish Mother”;
3) as the email which was just returned to me clearly explains which I am forwarding to you now again; 
4) including emailing me a copy first so I can make sure it has the proper required wording this time that: “I Sara Penn Hassman was born to a Jewish Mother”? 
Mom, YOU ARE THAT JEWISH MOTHER. To make it easy for you; you can show him this returned email.
Also Mom, I haven’t heard back from you as to whether you are going to order my CERTIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE WHICH ONLY A MOTHER (or father) CAN ORDER ON HER DAUGHTER’S BEHALF and my father is deceased as you know. You established a CHARITABLE FOUNDATION in his memory with RABBI MITCHELL WOHLBERG, the Senior Rabbi at BETH TFILOH SYNAGOGUE in Baltimore, Maryland.
So as my mother and as Jew who is active at a synagogue and in other religious activities as a Jew; will you please let me know soon, today if possible, if you will order this REQUIRED CERTIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE which is needed so I can complete the MITZVAH OF MAKING ALIYAH? As I explained in my email to you a few days ago, my birth certificate can be ordered on-line and it costs less than $100. You will then have it in a few days. Then Mom I will give you the Israeli address to send it to me. THIS IS ALL I AM ASKING OF YOU; my mother who even signed her email to me “love.” 
Mom, please PROVE TO ME, YOURSELF, THE WORLD and of course GOD that now after 30 years you really do have LOVE IN YOUR HEART BY DOING THIS SIMPLE TASK FOR ME which will help me make the SACRED MITZVAH of Aliyah which is returning to my birth place of Israel to live in accordance with the sacred and cherished LAW OF RETURN. 

Very sincerely and with great hope after 30 years of being alienated for defending my good values and character which you tried to take away from me,
Your daughter Sara

[End of emails]
Attached is a photo of a Happy Birthday wish for my daughter who has been alienating me for the past 11 years even though I raised her with a lot of love and care and taught her many important lessons. WITH MY MOTHERLY NURTURING, my daughter thrived in many positive ways and we had a wonderful Mother/ Daughter companionship as overwhelming evidence proves.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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