Here is just one of many reasons I love my new life in Israel among loving, caring, responsible people who are PROUDLY VOCAL and NOT SILENT when their ISRAELI LEADERS REFUSE TO UPHOLD DEMOCRACY. An unprecedented CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS started yesterday here in Israel.

It is very interesting to witness this and also compare it with Americans who comprise a silent, uncaring and irresponsible society as my overwhelming facts prove.
In addition, the Israeli media is much more objective and informative than the American media and the comments made by the Israelis are more reasonable, informative and passionate; there is not indifference to many important issues.
Likud and Blue and White are Israel’s two most powerful political parties and they have been fighting to have their party member become the next Prime Minister but; neither has the votes to form a coalition.
Likud is trying to have Israel’s current and longest serving Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, (who has been indicted on criminal charges of breach of trust, bribery and fraud), to remain Prime Minister while the Blue and White Party supports Benny Gantz as Israel’s next Prime Minister.
Netanyahu and the Likud party strongly support the ultra-religious and a nationalist or patriotic government which encourages self-governance over Israel.
On the other hand, Gantz and the Blue and White party are defined as representing all citizens on the political and religious spectrums and have the support of the mainstream media, academia, and the legal system.
THIS ISRAELI CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS began, Wednesday, March 25, 2020; due to the unexpected resignation of the Speaker of the Knesset (Congress) Yuli Edelstein of the Likud party, along with his comments. Edelstein announced that he was resigning from his INTERIM position as Speaker of the Knesset so that he wouldn’t have to carry out the High Court’s order to hold a vote to elect his replacement. He then shut down the plenum session and the Knesset.
Beginning; on March 17, after Edelstein (illegally???) closed the Knesset; Israeli politician Yair Lapid of the Blue and White party who is a former TV news anchor, journalist and author informed his half a million social media Israeli followers that “AS OF TODAY, YOU NO LONGER LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY.”
[Sound familiar? This is what my lawsuits from the past twelve (12) years have proven about America regarding the epidemic problem of terror called Parental Alienation. My divorce judgment ALONE proves this too from California Superior Court case #09D002792 Sara Hassman v. Mark F. Hassman et. al.].
Continuing with this Israeli constitutional crisis:
Politician and former TV news anchor, journalist and author Yair Lapid went on to explain that Israel is no longer a democracy because:
“The judiciary (court) was closed four days ago. The legislature was closed today, illegally. And the previous Knesset speaker, who wasn’t elected to the position [in the current legislature], closed the Knesset AFTER REFUSING the call of a MAJORITY of 62 Members of the Knesset (MKs) to pick a new speaker to replace him.”
The disgrace of all this, as I understand, is that the Israeli leaders cannot make necessary financial and other decisions desperately needed during the Coronavirus Pandemic because Likud party interim Speaker of the Knesset unilaterally closed the Knesset.
The Likud party said that the Blue and White party “decided to hijack the Knesset from 2.5 million right-wing voters” because; “With unprecedented destructiveness, ignoring all existing norms in the Knesset’s history, they (Blue and White) decided to form no fewer than six temporary committees, in all of which they gave themselves a majority and put their representatives at the head. That flouts the Knesset’s seat distribution and accepted practice throughout 22 [previous] Knessets.” Blue and White wanted to move forward and start addressing some of the issues presented by this Coronavirus Pandemic.
However, as expected, Likud would not cooperate with Blue and White’s “thuggish and undemocratic” new Knesset committees.
Edelstein was basing HIS REFUSAL TO HOLD AN ELECTION FOR HIS REPLACEMENT on Knesset bylaws which say a new speaker doesn’t have to be chosen UNTIL a new government is approved.
Can you believe all these LEGAL AND POLITICAL MANEUVERS especially during this coronavirus plague/war?
Edelstein’s behavior is definitely NOT within the best interest of the State of Israel especially during this emergency time. Accordingly, these are the legal and political questions being asked here in Israel as “The Times of Israel” and others have reported:
Has Likud hijacked and suspended Israeli democracy and now are openly defying the orders of the Israeli’s highest court?
Was Blue and White’s aggressive takeover of the Knesset, including the unprecedented monopolizing of the powerful committee chairmanships, “taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to change the rules of the game to prevent half the public from expressing itself politically,” as Likud claimed?
Edelstein spent the past week and a half trying to convince the Israelis that the Knesset’s Statute explicitly allows him to set the plenum’s agenda which includes refusing to hold a vote on electing his replacement.
****But EDELSTEIN IS CLEARLY and FOOLISHLY MISSING THE POINT because his delay is detrimental to Israelis and the State of Israel during this time of emergency because the leadership is not able to address important issues.
MANY ISRAELIS AGREE THAT Edelstein didn’t break any law in refusing to convene the plenum. But Edelstein critics are saying that he violated the INTENT of the law and upended a fundamental democratic norm long practiced in the Knesset.
IN OTHER WORDS: Edelstein is the FIRST INTERIM SPEAKER IN ISRAEL’S HISTORY to explicitly claim that he has the powers of a regular elected speaker and can act on those powers.
The High Court acknowledged that Edelstein was not violating the Knesset Statute, but insisted that his interim role did not allow him to resist the will of the MAJORITY in the newly elected parliament. Thus, the court said that in acting as he has, even if it is within the technical bounds of the rules; he was UNDERMINING the “fabric of democracy.”
However Edelstein said: “The High Court decision assaults the sovereignty of the people and of the Knesset. The High Court decision UNDERMINES the foundations of Israeli democracy.”
The Times of Israel reported that Professor Yuval Shany, vice president of the Israel Democracy Institute and a legal scholar at the Hebrew University said:
“The essence of the position [Edelstein’s interim Speaker position] and its justification was always purely functional. He didn’t have a say in how the Knesset functions except to fill that vacuum. ONCE A MAJORITY COMES ALONG AND SAYS it’s decided on a new speaker, then a new speaker is selected.”
Further, it was reported in The Times of Israel: “No interim speaker in Israel’s history believed they were permitted to behave as Edelstein has over the past two weeks, to refuse to hold plenum votes EVEN WHEN A MAJORITY OF THE NEWLY-ELECTED KNESSET DEMANDED HE DO SO. Edelstein broke longstanding Knesset tradition, reimagined an institution never before used in the way he used it — and in doing so PREVENTING THE KNESSET FROM GETTING TO WORK AMID AN UNPRECEDENTED NATIONAL EMERGENCY.” As an interim speaker, Edelstein was just a powerless placeholder.
However, some argue that this constitutional crisis began not with Edelstein’s resignation but with the High Court’s order that Edelstein call an election for speaker even though there is no law requiring him to do so.
THE QUESTION IS: Was it reasonable for Edelstein to believe the High Court’s decision to hold an election was illegal especially when the majority of the Members of the Knesset (MKs) agreed to the election?
****In other words, was it reasonable for Edelstein to disregard the High Court’s decision AND the majority of the Members of the Knesset (MKs) AND is this just more corruption and political maneuvering?
Sometimes, like currently, an Israeli election is not won at the ballot box, but in the COALITION MANEUVERING that follows which is what this is all about. Specifically,
Gantz is maneuvering to take control of the Arrangements Committee in order to advance laws that would remove Netanyahu from the race.
Netanyahu, in turn, has thrown up parliamentary barricades in Gantz’s path, to slow his advance.
Here are just two of many reasonable comments to the article from the Times of Israel which prove how Israelis are fed up with “politics” and this political maneuvering along with Professor Shany’s wise comment:
First comment:How many citizens will take the new corona virus directives seriously on the day that Yuli Edelstein has openly defied the Supreme Court and “the law”? We will pay dearly for this path to anarchy!”
Second comment: Are there any other fine politicians queuing up to resign?
As Professor Shany of the Israel Democracy Institute and a legal scholar at the Hebrew University said:
“When two sides don’t agree, you go to court. What the court decides is what you do. That’s the ‘abc’s’ of the rule of law.”
He went on to say that a court can be wrong but you have to obey even if it’s wrong. A citizen can’t say he has the privilege of not obeying a court because he doesn’t agree with it.” THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I LEFT AMERICA; not even the U.S. Supreme Court would agree to even grant me my Constitutional Right to Due Process of Law to hear the irrefutable and overwhelming evidence of the EPIDEMIC PROBLEM OF TERROR CALLED PARENTAL ALIENATION going on in America for decades where American “leaders,” their “colleagues,” “friends” and “supporters” are PROFITING at the expense of Democracy, Love, Family, Freedom, Equal Rights, Liberty and Justice for ALL.
AT LEAST TODAY HERE IN ISRAEL in 2020; people are VERY VOCAL when they think their Leaders and the Supreme Court erred and are harming the country.
I am so grateful to be in Israel living among these reasonable, kind, caring and responsible people who want to live in a Democratic country and are NOT AFRAID to use their education, skills and experiences to PEACEFULLY fight for this way of life; just as I am.
I love my new life here.No photo description available.
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As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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