Here is more irrefutable proof of the existence of the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY and RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE to promote the terror, torture, abuse and oppression of Parental Alienation which the FEDS are looking into. As I asked early this week in my September 2, 2018 post; who is “Laurinda Hogbin?” This is not a joke but a very serious matter and I have emphasized the very important words and sentences in the incriminating comments below especially at the end.

Do you think this person is REALLY an alias being used by: 

1) ONE OF MY ALIENATED CHILDREN; 2) a RABBI or 3) someone else trying to break out of a CULT which promotes Parental Alienation?
Here are some of this person’s comments in pertinent part LEADING UP TO THE very incriminating comment I RECEIVED LAST NIGHT FROM “ARNAULD.”

Laurinda Hogbin: Asking me to be loud and proud about what I’m doing is like asking one of the stops on the Underground Railroad to yell from the rooftops that they’re sneaking slaves to freedom. Not everyone is meant to be the voice of a rebellion. Some are the hands and feet.

Parental Alienation Solutions: I am sure there are facts and stories you can expose that would help others. 
Some people try to play both sides and pretend to be “helping” when they are paid spies for evil predators while pretending to be “helping” the cause. Everyone loves a winner and silent people often try to “position themselves” to befriend the “winner.” 
As Eli Wiesel and other Holocaust survivors and other heroes have written; Silence only helps the evil predators, not their victims.
Try to think of a story you can expose which would help others. Also, haven’t you ever approached a religious leader, religious person, judge, lawyer, business person, therapist or someone in your area and asked them to help End Parental Alienation? If not, why? 
You must have to do what you claim to be doing. Please post the details as this would be very helpful to OUR REVOLUTION. It is necessary to multi-task and have many perspectives proving what the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AND RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE is doing to shamefully promote Parental Alienation. 
Even just referring to the book “The New Rabbi” which is on my website where the evil belated RABBI GERALD WOLPE began Parental Alienation in the Jewish community is helpful. See the chapter proving this on my website. 
It is also helpful to let others know that his evil, idiot, malicious son RABBI DAVID WOLPE follows in his father’s footsteps by promoting Parental Alienation.
Horrifically recently at SINAI TEMPLE where 
RABBI DAVID WOLPE is the senior rabbi, a “Parenting Center” was named after his horrible father RABBI GERALD WOLPE who started and promoted Parental Alienation in the Jewish community.
It is important for people to understand how Jewish Rabbis and other Jewish leaders and their members lie to make themselves seem righteous when they are disgusting evil predators. Don’t you reasonably and objectively agree? Can you admit that you are wrong or are you a narcissist or are you controlled by a narcissist and have to obey?

Parental Alienation Solutions: I don’t Trust people who say they ONLY work behind the scenes because they often have ulterior motives and secrets. This time period in our lives is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to use our skills and PROUDLY help others so we can rid society of many horrible problems existing today. Will there ever come a day when you can PROUDLY tell others about your secret agenda?
Do you have any expected date as to when you can proudly share what you have been doing to help

Laurinda Hogbin: I know as much about the date that my work will be done as you know about the date you will win.

Parental Alienation Solutions: I have ALREADY WON. The rest is just setting the record straight. Only arrogant delusional idiots keep fighting me in court as I continue to incriminate them more and more as the facts clearly speak for themselves. This is all part of justice and changing the laws as I did in 1985.

Laurinda Hogbin:  If you already won, why is there still parental alienation?

Parental Alienation Solutions:  For the same reason SLAVERY still exists in this country even though the 13th Amendment prohibits it. We need to KEEP exercising our 1st Amendment rights to redress our grievances so the evil, crooked judges and those who work with them will be forced to USE REASON and not authority and follow our laws and acknowledge the facts. 
The laws and the facts are out there in public records too, due to many of us who support                      OUR REVOLUTION. These judges and those working with them are so evil they want to ignore the truth as they incriminate themselves more and more. 
There are several steps to restoring Love and Equal Rights to Humanity. I have done a lot so far and I have been very successful and I am thrilled. 
Aren’t you? There is more to be done which is being done as I write this. Plus, many important hearings are scheduled soon too.
The truth and also the evil predators and their conspiracy keeps becoming clearer and clearer but they are too arrogant and delusional to care. They will be shocked one day when they have lost their power and are legally and reasonably punished for all their malicious and criminal acts. This is how justice works.

Laurinda Hogbin:  You asked me if there was a date when I’d be done. Is there a date when you’ll be done?

Parental Alienation Solutions:  Yes, I should be done soon after my oral argument on September 27, 2018. There are some other possibilities too but right now, that is the most probable.
I will be setting a legal precedent which will incriminate those who continue to carry it out including all the crimes which commonly accompany this terror.
Then the “pieces must be picked up” to help alienated Children of all ages and their alienated parent heal using a lot of love, compassion and honest guidance. 
They will no longer have to be fearful of the evil predators who have been abusing and terrorizing them because I am reasonably and responsibly holding them accountable by PROUDLY and PUBLICLY exercising my 1st Amendment rights to redress my very severe grievances they have and continue to cause. 
This is all part of obtaining Justice.

This is why OUR REVOLUTION is so important because we will be HEALING millions in our society who have been abused and terrorized while PROHIBITING policies which promote this terror. Thus, religious leaders, judges, law firms, the court-appointed therapist, nonprofits, schools and all other honest organizations, leaders and their members should support OUR REVOLUTION now.

Laurinda Hogbin:  It sounds like you don’t know a date when parental estrangement will be over and you can rest. If that’s the case with you, why are you questioning me about whether I have a date when my own work will be done?

Parental Alienation Solutions: First helping others is a WAY OF LIFE; it is not about “rest.” Second, I wonder when you will not have to be so secretive about what you are doing and can PROUDLY expose publicly how you are helping others. This would be a real motivation to many, I am sure. Let me clarify…you can always take vacations and have fun with those who LIVE IN THE WORLD OF LOVE. 
Also, it is important to ALWAYS help others reach their beautiful potential and help them in other positive ways with the skills and education and experiences you have been blessed with.

Laurinda Hogbin: There are so many types of activism that don’t involve publicity, but it seems that publicity is the only kind of activism you value.

Parental Alienation Solutions:  As the famous Holocaust survivor, activist and author said, along with many others; silence only helps the evil predators. 
Plus, people are generally silent about things they are ashamed of and when they PLAY BOTH SIDES. These are just the facts and what history has proven. 
That is why I asked you if you knew when you could proudly disclose what you are doing to help others suffering from Parental Alienation. Want to meet and tell me privately and confidentially?


Laurinda Hogbin:  I’ve told you over and over that it’s dangerous to disclose what I’m doing. The people who spirited Jews to safety didn’t talk about it until the war was over. 
Why can’t you understand that?

Parental Alienation Solutions:  The people who spirited Jews to safety also worked with others doing the same. Their JOINT EFFORTS worked beautifully. 
YOU KNOW OR SHOULD KNOW I WOULD NOT DO ANYTHING TO JEOPARDIZE OR UNDERMINE YOUR EFFORTS BUT I am not sure I can say the same about you since your responses are unreasonable. SECRETS only help the evil predators.

Laurinda Hogbin: I ALREADY COLLABORATE WITH OTHERS. You’re so focused on publicity and so disrespectful of my own need to stay quiet that I’m not convinced you won’t let something slip. (note: Evil predators love to put words in your mouth and say that you did and intended things which you clearly did not as I explain more in my next comment).

Parental Alienation Solutions:  I am focused on EXPOSING THE TRUTH, not protecting the evil predators with keeping truth a secret. I am glad you collaborate with others. 
WHO? MAYBE WE CAN ALL COLLABORATE TOGETHER with the goal of ending Parental Alienation sooner rather than later.


from: Sara Hassman <[email protected]>
to: [email protected]

date: Sep 7, 2018, 10:45 PM
subject: Re: Arnauld de La Grandière also replied to Laurinda Hogbin’s comment on Parental Alienation Solutions’s…
See Laurinda, I told you she wasn’t ready. You should have listened to the Circle, they’re going to be pissed you went ahead with it. Call me when you see this, we need to talk about Imhotep ASAP.

Parental Alienation Solutions: Do not even think about trying to SHAME ME with condescending comments like the one from Arnauld. If you stop making excuses and expose the Truth, you will be much better off. Stupid and evil predators usually will never change and love to blame others.[End of comments]

Who is this “Circle” referred to the Fed and others want to know? 
Like I have always said and history has proven; if you give evil predators enough time and rope, just watch them hang themselves and each other. 
I am thrilled with all of this truth being exposed; especially in time for the Jewish High Holidays. 
Remember, GOD and also my beloved, wise and compassionate


whom I had the honor of clerking for, are all walking by our side promoting


Here is a very appropriate song in many ways. Evil predators often try to tell you what you want to hear as they are harming you behind your back so THEY can profit and benefit in other ways; again harming you without your knowledge but trying to make you feel special and important by being “charming.” All lies and premeditated schemes.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
:: Parental Alienation Solutions ::
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children)

The Fab Four performing at the Oktoberfest in Fort Dodge, IA.




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