Here is MY SOLUTION to End the Worldwide Epidemic of TERROR called Parental Alienation as I feel: 1) SADNESS NOT HATRED for MY JEWISH BRETHREN and their Followers who are benefiting from TERRORIZING millions while living in a world without LOVE; 2) Even as we Jews celebrate Passover which is a holiday of LOVE and FREEDOM for ALL.

PASSOVER THIS YEAR IS ESPECIALLY MEANINGFUL TO ME SINCE I am living in Eilat, Israel which borders Egypt where Moses parted the Red Sea to bring the Israelis out of Slavery. 

As one of the most popular books known to mankind called the Bible explains; Moses proved to the world that CHILDREN and their MOTHER (or Father):

  • Which must be PROTECTED BY THEIR BRETHREN through their ACKNOWLEDGMENT followed by their DILIGENT EFFORTS to put an end to lies, abuse, theft and other acts of TERROR brought against them including Parental Alienation;
  • Because BRETHREN and others KNOW such behavior is FORBIDDEN in Judaism, Christianity and all other reasonable religions which COMMAND that Mothers and their Children be PROTECTED from TERROR; not used to PROFIT thereby WILLFULLY BRINGING TERROR UPON THEM or SILENTLY STANDING BY watching this TERROR destroy their LOVING COMPANIONSHIP.
  • In addition, Jewish teachings repeatedly warn Jews from practicing the ways of the Egyptians which they witnessed when they were Slaves in Egypt. In other words, JEWS MUST always help others, including Mothers and their Children, lead a life of FREEDOM  AND  LOVE not slavery, abuse and TERROR.

[Experts have proven and any reasonable person knows; Parental Alienation is a form of TERRORISM which is one reason HITLER separated loving Mothers and Fathers from their Children. Also, people are not born TERRORISTS; they CHOOSE to become one and so SADLY LIVE A LIFE VOID OF LOVE].

  • Accordingly, it is not only reasonable but also RIGHTEOUS and COMMANDED that: religious and other leaders and their followers and the organizations they control BEGIN NOW using their knowledge; experiences; power; and influence to HELP END the WORLDWIDE EPIDEMIC of TERROR called  PARENTAL ALIENATION and STOP claiming that their actions promoting this TERROR are acceptable because they are considered “politics” and “business as usual” since this TERROR has disgracefully been going on for many generations.
  • Simply put; according to the teachings of Judaism, Christianity and all other reasonable religions; the World rests upon Truth, Justice and Love which will bring forth PEACE. Accordingly, a person is respected and considered RIGHTEOUS who BRINGS PEACE among people but is greatly respected if he/she establishes peace among Nations.
  • In addition, history has proven that the RIGHTEOUS are masters of their loving and honest passions and their deeds are their monuments but; TERRORISTS are slaves to their greedy, destructive passions and need monuments to advertise their false accomplishments.


  • Judaism teaches that the greatest of heroes is the one who TURNS AN ENEMY INTO A FRIEND.

Thus, I AM PROPOSING, especially since many worldwide are dying from the CORONAVIRUS  PLAGUE; that Religious Leaders, their Followers and Reasonable, Compassionate People proudly use their knowledge; experiences; power; and influence to HELP CHILDREN OF ALL AGES who have been suffering from the well-documented WORLDWIDE  EPIDEMIC OF TERROR CALLED PARENTAL ALIENATION begin to COMMUNICATE with their alienated MOTHER (or Father).

****All this involves is sending an email from the comfort of your home or office to ANY religious leader or person.  For example, below is a list with email addresses of those who have been promoting this TERROR for me and my three children as overwhelming evidence proves.

        Just simply ask those on this list to contact my children and compassionately discuss with them their reasons for alienating me from their life for the past twelve (12) years when countless documents and other evidence prove I raised them with a lot of LOVE and helped them THRIVE in many positive ways.  Please do the same for others you know who are suffering from this TERROR.

      THEN, these Children along with the alienated Mother or Father and hopefully, those who have been promoting this TERROR can JOIN TOGETHER to help end this TERROR throughout the WORLD.

***Thus, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER I LIVE TO SEE THE END OF THE Worldwide Epidemic of TERROR called PARENTAL ALIENATION; I have succeeded in laying the FOUNDATION for future generations to continue where I have left off; once we have leaders and a society which value Truth, Freedom, Love, Peace and Justice for All and PROUDLY ACT to PROTECT these values, as past generations bravely did.  Do you think the Coronavirus Plague is GOD’s way of restoring Humanity and creating Leaders and Societies which proudly live by and enforce these important values of  Truth, Freedom, Love, Peace and Justice for All?

I am learning and experiencing so many wonderful things here in my new life in Israel. End the Parental Alienation and come join me.

Here is the email list:

Mark Hassman<>

Rabbi David Wolpe<>

Howard Lesner<>

Danielle Berrin <>,,,
“Brian T. (” <>,,
Steve Murow <>,,
“” <>,
Marshall Cole <>,
Paul Kramer <>,
“Joan E. Trimble” <>,
Dale Kiken <>,
Bob Andrews <>,,
“” <>,
Rabbi Daniel Nevins <>,
“” <>,,
“” <>,
“Jay Sanderson, The Jewish Federation” <>,
“” <>,
info <>,
Creative Arts Temple <>,
“Scott Minkow, The Jewish Federation” <>,
Jewish Community Relations Council <>,
Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors <>,
Mendel Schwartz <>,
Los Angeles Times <>,
“” <>,
mitchell wohlberg <>,,,
Elissa Sachs-Kohen <>,,
Helene Penn Dorf <>,
Glenn Weinberg <>,,
“” <>,
Emory University Media Relations <>,
“” <>,,
“” <>,
“Kremen, Richard” <>,,,
Mark Schaeffer <>,,
David Suissa <>,,
Golnar Fozi <>,
Bettina Yanez <>,
“Paul A. Moote II” <>,,,
Marlo Van Oorschot <>

On a lighter note, see the photo from my Passover Seder with people from the Ukraine also in my villa.  I enjoyed making the chopped liver, charosets, the horseradish for the gefilta fish, the salad with my homemade vinaigrette dressing while my Ukrainian friends made a Passover crepe and grilled salmon on the barbecue in the garden. Everything was delicious and also very meaningful and fun. Did you know that since pita bread is very popular here in the Middle East that there is Passover pita bread which is also very good?  Since Israel restricted Passover travel due to the Coronavirus Plague, others could not come but hopefully next year they can.

Like I said; I am learning and experiencing so many wonderful things here in my new life in Israel. End the Parental Alienation and come join me.

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As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.

-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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